Official explains why county gave 3,000 condoms to #ATLOrgy party

Cidney ’Total Liberation’ Green (Photo source : Provided by Cidney G for rolling out)
Cidney ’Total Liberation” Green (Photo source: Provided by Cidney G for rolling out)

Today is the birthday of the latest person to hit social media stardom, Cidney “Total Liberation” Green, who turns 27. She became infamous on Black Twitter when it was announced that her party would be a slumber party geared toward swingers in a safe setting. Soon the hashtag ATLOrgy was born and comments were hilarious and sometimes brutal at the thought of a group of people getting together to presumably, have consensual sex in a private setting.

Word of the party reached the desk of Darryl Richards, STD/HIV prevention program coordinator for the Dekalb County Health Department in Georgia. With a population of close to 800K, DeKalb is the fourth largest county in the state. Richards decided to become involved from a public health perspective, in Green’s party.

Is it true your agency gave condoms and lube for the #ATLOrgy event?

Yes, our program did supply a variety of condoms and other items such as lubricants, dental dams and free HIV testing cards to give to anyone who wants one if they want to know their status. These items are available to anyone who wants them. This is according to the CDC guidelines, [through] which we are funded.

How did you become aware of the #ATLOrgy event?

One of my staff members saw this trending on social media and brought it to my attention. Since this was happening in Atlanta I gave her the go ahead to reach out to the organizer.

What was your first reaction?

My first reaction was, “This would be a good opportunity to conduct a screening and do some education.”

What was your impression of the organizers when you contacted them? Were they receptive?

I didn’t speak to the organizer directly. According to my staff member who did speak to the organizer, she stated that the organizer was extremely receptive to the information that was given. The organizer was receptive to receiving materials to prevent the spread of infection. The organizer and her associate also sat through demonstrations to educate them on how to use the materials properly.

Why was it important for the DeKalb County Board of Health to become involved? Did you inform your counterparts in other metro agencies?

The DeKalb County Board of Health Prevention Program isn’t involved with this event.  We’re simply giving condoms and other materials and education to a group or organization just like we’ve done with others. It is important that we reach out to groups or events such as this to educate about the risks involved with unprotected sexual practices and offer free HIV screening and prevention education.

Just because you wear a condom is that a guarantee that you can’t get or transmit an STD?

Nothing is 100 percent. Using a condom serves as a barrier which can help decrease a person’s chances of contracting an infection.

What should be the three things you should do if your condom breaks at the #ATLOrgy?

If a condom is deployed correctly it will decrease the chances of it breaking or coming off.  If the condom does break or come off, the correct thing to do is have a full panel of tests for any STI’s and HIV. If negative, some of the tests should be repeated in three months.

What would you like to say in closing to people who may engage in what some would call risky behavior?

I would like to see people properly protect themselves and others. This means that they should be tested and screened regularly to ensure that they’re healthy.

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