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The Table of 10 wants to plan your wedding

Photo Credit: Treasure Smith of Steed Media

The Table of 10 ladies at the Brides, Brunch & Bubbly event (Photo credit: Treasure Smith for Steed Media

Wedding season is approaching and as that time comes, the stress increases for couples trying to find the perfect venue, the best DJ, the most elegant flowers and everything else to make this day perfect. The Table of 10 is a group of women from the metro Detroit area who specialize in event planning and wedding services. The Table of 10 consists of Sheree Jackson of Design Luxe Events– the planner, Sarena Harris of Fancy Flash Photobooth — the photo booth specialist, Cassandra Ward of Cassandra Ward Beauty — the makeup artist, Shaleena Cole of LeoSage Images — the photographer, Le’Trice Penn of Lepenn Designs — the stationery designer, Amber Kirkland of The Velvet Touch Event — the florist, Shania Matthews of Couture’d Cakery — the baker, Nik Renee Cole of Fork Knife & Food — the chef, LaToya Cunningham of Posh PR & Events — the PR professional, and DJ Rue — the DJ. These women held an event for brides and grooms at the Rochester Community House in Rochester, Michigan to introduce themselves and their new business.

The event was called Brides, Brunch & Bubbly and the attendees were able to receive great information on wedding prices as far as centerpieces, photography, flowers, stationary and everything else that comes along with it. The PR professional, LaToya Cunningham, says, “This inspiring and educational brunch targets low, medium and high-end brides and allows couples to learn and engage with wedding industry vendors in a warm, yet exciting environment, and under one roof.” DJ Rue spun on the 1s and 2s as ladies enjoyed freshly made mimosas provided by Sumptuous Spirits, viewed products from various vendors, and ate brunch provided by Fork Knife & Food. There were also party favor pictures to take home provided by the Fancy Flash Photobooth. Couture’d Cakery provided delicious cupcakes and specialty dessert treats and the ladies gave away thousands of dollars in giveaways and gifts.

Rolling out sat down with the Table of 10 to receive more information about their business and get some of those unanswered questions every bride and groom yearns to know, answered.

How did you ladies come together as the Table of 10?

Sheree: One of my past brides requested my assistance with finding all of her vendors for her wedding day. Due to her busy schedule, she requested to be provided quotes for only the top industry professionals. In doing so, I began to think of how amazing it would be to have this information at hand– A collaborative group of women, in the wedding and event industry as a one-stop shop. We would be the “go-to” professionals in the metro Detroit area. With a myriad of talents I came up with the name Table of 10. We can produce anything from a professional conference, small scale intimate wedding or a small intimate wedding; we are the top wedding and industry professionals in metro Detroit.

Where did the idea for Brides, Brunch & Bubbly come from?

Le’Trice: I came up with the idea and brought the idea to the group and we decided we wanted to do it. It came from a want and a need to bring something like this to the metro Detroit area because people are doing stuff like this all over in different places and we weren’t having events like this for our area. We just have the standard bridal show so I thought it would be a good idea to have experts in the wedding industry host an event that wasn’t a simple bridal show. It came from inception and we birthed it and brought it forward. We’re so excited about how it turned out. We want our couples to know that it’s more than a show, it’s an experience.

How many times a year do you plan on having events like Brides, Brunch, & Bubbly?

Le’Trice: This event will possibly be a once a year event. We’re looking at doing it earlier in the year to catch the brides before wedding season starts. We plan on hosting more events in the future that would be geared toward business.

When is wedding season?

Cassandra: Wedding season is May through November.

Amber: Throughout the year you have what we typically call booking season and wedding season. Usually, you book during October 15th Sweetest Day to February 14th Valentine’s day. That is the time people are usually getting engaged and begin looking. They stretch that until May and then wedding season starts.

What are some things a couple should consider when choosing a wedding venue?

Sheree: Always make sure the venue you’re considering can handle the total number on your guest list. Be clear on whether the venue will allow you to execute the wedding plan you have in mind. Confirm if the venue offers a discount for reserving a date in an off-season or Sunday through Friday. Verify how many weddings will be hosted on your wedding day.  And confirm the amount of additional fees for add-on’s such as cake cutting, early set-up and/or, etc.

What types of props do you use for the booth at the reception and what’s the weirdest request you’ve received?

Sarena: We provide a variety of hand held props with popular wedding sayings, over-sized balloons, hashtag signs, and custom made frames. The strangest request we have received is for a cut out of a couples’ dog. Obviously they couldn’t bring him to the reception but they wanted to include him, so we made it happen!

What’s the ideal “face” for a bride?

Cassandra: My ideal face for a bride is timeless. You want to be photographed as a beautiful Blushing Bride. I would recommend that you choose a neutral color palette, with gold or bronze tones. You’ll want to steer clear from trendy looks, such as bright colored eye shadows or dark lip tones, keeping in mind that you will have an amazing lip embrace with your new husband. Lastly, when you look back at your wedding photos 10 years from now, your first thought should be, “I was absolutely stunning,” not “why did I choose a bright color palette for my eyes,” or dark vampy tone for lips.

What scenery do you prefer to take pictures in or by?

Shaleena: It’s really hard to choose. I adore taking photos outdoors because I like to incorporate nature and natural light. I feel like there is a certain freedom associated with being outside. I’m also completely in love with beautiful architecture and modern spaces. If I had to choose…I’d say outdoors, but I am versatile and can take photos in either environment.

What do you think of online invites on social media? What are important details that should be on the stationary? Is it appropriate to add a dress code to the wedding invitations?

Le’Trice: I definitely don’t agree with invites on social media. We’re moving towards a generation that cares less and less about paper. Everything is text. Text and don’t call me even when it comes to dating. We want to move away from that and go back with the tradition. Just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean it’s boring. They may think it’s not worth the money, but it really is. Leave social media to your hashtags and your websites. Invitations and thank you cards should be paper. You can use the phone or email to mail back the response for the wedding attendance, but everything else should be paper. As far as the wedding invitations, you need to include the who, what, when, where, and why. The names of the parents who are hosting should go on the invite as well. Your venue and if it is an adult only reception should also be included. Other details that should be provided are whether you will have a separate reception or not, if there will be a cocktail hour, your wedding website, hashtag, and wedding responses. Pictures of the bride and groom are suggested for the save the date or thank you card. Lastly, it is very appropriate to put the dress attire on it. You can set the tone on how your guest should come dressed for the wedding. If you’re having a very formal black tie wedding, you need to have black tie on that invitation. People need to know what they need to wear or purchase to wear to the wedding. It helps your guest and it helps you to make sure they show up the way you want so your pictures will look the way you want.

Is there a difference in price between fresh and silk flowers?

Amber: On average silk flowers can be equal to, or in some cases, more expensive than their fresh counterparts. This is mainly due to the costs associated with the manufacturing of silk flowers.

I heard everyone goes to the reception for the food. What is an inexpensive yet tasteful dish a couple could order for the wedding reception?

Nik: Pasta is always a great inexpensive option that goes a long way. You can always play with sauces, meats and in-season vegetables. I love using fruits and vegetables when they are at their peak season. They add so much life and brightness to a dish and they don’t break the bank either.

What’s the most creative cake you’ve ever made for a wedding?

Shania: The most creative cake I’ve ever made for a wedding had one side as a superhero and the other side was a bride.

What types of PR services can you provide for weddings?

LaToya: I am the PR Professional at the Table. As the publicist, I work to create messaging and content for social media, develop a press release and pitch your story to the media to secure placements. As your publicist, I would craft a story that would relate to the modern day bride in hopes to secure placement with outlets like Munalucha bride, the Coordinated Bride, Black Brides 1998, or even The Knot! With a team of professionals like the Table of 10, coordination with your photographer and planner, the decor and design details of the day will make the difference between getting published and not getting published. Publications love a well-planned out and detailed wedding with a strong emotional story through the images.

How do you create the mixes for your weddings and how does your djing style differ from each wedding you’ve done?

DJ Rue: It starts with me asking what does my bride and groom want; I want to know their vision for their day. Tell me what type of ambiance or feel do you want for your wedding or reception? Tell me what you do and don’t want to hear. It changes every ceremony because all my couples are different. The families and cultures are different.

Why should people hire The Table of 10?

LaToya: We are your one-stop shop for vendor selections for your upcoming wedding or special event.

Le’Trice: We are all experts in our field so we bring the knowledge, the experience, and the expertise. We help prevent mistakes from happening and we work well together; we are a team.

Sheree: Why not?

For more information, please visit

Photos credit: Treasure Smith for Steed Media, except where noted otherwise.




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