Erica Dixon says police harassed her in recent arrest

Photo Credit: Instagram - msericadixon
Photo Credit: Instagram – msericadixon

Social media was buzzing this past week when video footage of former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Erica Dixon being arrested hit the web. Although initial reports claim that Dixon was arrested for disorderly conduct, Dixon claims that she wasn’t acting inappropriately and that it was the cops who were harassing her before her arrest.

For those unfamiliar with the story, initial reports claim that Dixon was pulled over for speeding and was given a traffic ticket for the crime. She thought the matter was over and drove off after being given her license and the ticket, but the ticketing officer chased her down, called back up and then arrested her for allegedly trying to flee the scene.

However, Dixon recently sat down for an interview with Streetz 94.5 and explained that the cop who pulled her over began to mistreat her as soon as he recognized her as a famous reality star.

“He stopped me he said I was speeding. Okay fine, write me my speeding ticket. I give him my license and he says, ‘Ms. Dixon!’ […] So he says, ‘Step out the car so we can talk,'” Dixon recounted of that night.

“’Ma’am get out the car!,’” Dixon continued. “Okay, so I get out the car. […] 10 minutes go by and [I] start to see people recording. So I’m like, ‘At this point I feel like you’re harassing me. Can you please call your captain? And he was like, ‘I ain’t calling no got dang body.’”

Dixon says that the cop made her wait outside of her car for several minutes before giving her license back. However, he then demanded that she stay put. However, Dixon says she tried to explain to the cop that she needed to use the bathroom and she tried to drive to a nearby gas station to use the restroom. That’s when things went downhill for Dixon.

“So he comes back, ‘You got a ticket for speeding.’ Fine. He gives me my license and gives me my ticket. Then he says, ‘If you drive off, you’re going to jail,'” Dixon explained.

She continued, “I get back in my car, I pull around to the gas station. I pull up to the pump, I’m like ‘I have to use the bathroom,'” said Dixon to the cop. “So I pulled around and before I knew it he was back at my window, banging on the window. ‘Get out the car you’re going to jail.’”

According to Dixon, what happened next is what was recorded in the now viral video of her getting arrested.

Dixon then explained that even after she was taken to the police station, the arresting cop allegedly found out that he mishandled the arrest.

“What’s crazy is when you took me to the jail, they was telling him he didn’t do something right and ‘we can’t take her.’ So he was trying to fix whatever he did. And then another cop was like, ‘Well, whatever he was trying to do it’s not gonna stick.’ And he was like, ‘I’ll make it stick.’ So it’s kinda like you were just harassing me,” Dixon explained.

What do you think of Dixon’s arrest and harassment allegations? Let us know in the comments.

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