Get motivated with Charles A. Brown; character and words are powerful

Charles A Brown (Photo Credit: Alan Muller)
Charles A Brown (Photo Credit: Alan Muller)

Motivational speaker Charles A. Brown has a passion for helping high school, college and professional athletes. He is dedicated to helping them achieve their dreams.

In 2013, he created a speaking platform, No Quotes, which is a social movement that promotes substantive character and supports purpose and responsibility.

His mission has caught fire in his Knoxville, Tennessee community, where he has led a host of speaking engagement, while continuing his work in the criminal justice system and private investigations.

Here, the Wilmington College graduate shares why he loves enlightening others.

What is your day-to-day like at work?
With my No Quotes brand, I constantly attempt to remain relevant in the thought process as it relates to promotion of character over words, within all aspects of life. These very notions have been clearly seen and embedded in my mind over 20 years of experiences within the criminal justice system.

What inspires you to show up at work every day?
To be a concrete cog of communication as it relates to the betterment of society as a whole. Sometimes, we need visual triggers to ignite cerebral change. My NQ logos provide the visual trigger, which leads to these positive social conversations. My definition of the movement, suggest we should lead by positive example, rather than quick unsolicited words. As my tags line says; Why Speak, Be…

How did you determine your career path?
I’m an ex-athlete, who received an opportunity to get a private liberal arts education. Initially, I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I discovered my path through criminal justice, and the abilities to communicate as an advocate. An advocate is a person who assist in the plight of others. Brand No Quotes assists in further developing the mindset of the individual. Be it educationally, sports, or any other aspect of life.

What industries connect to your career choice?
The whole form of sports/educational technology has greatly increased my need to be an advocate. Presently, in our communities sports and educational opportunities go hand to hand. Often, our youth are given passage to education, but a great deal seem to concentrate on the athletic portion as their means towards economic support. On a much large scale (grammar, middle, high schools, as well as collegiate study) there needs to be an ingrained cerebral mindset, focused on achievement both on, and off the fields of play. Brand No Quotes provides this bridge of communication, that is constantly discussed in association with today’s youth and sports. The notion of Brand No Quotes is both socially and psychologically accessible to all who accepts the philosophy.

Describe the future skill sets that are essential to future business leaders and innovators.

Business leaders and innovators have to strive to cerebrally connect with their target audiences. Regardless of the product, referencing goods and services, determining and/or receiving a mutual understanding between the buyer and seller. Regarding No Quotes, the logos are attractive, clean, and classy. However, the meaning of the brand is both substantive, and real in society. Tell me, what educator, coach, or employer would not want their students, athletes, and employees to be leaders by strict and positive example? Visual trigger, leading to desired mindset.

Define innovation methods you apply to your business and life.
Initially, I always want to know and understand the tasks at hand. I learn by actually listening to the community as a whole. In all communications, what’s key is actually listening to a view which may indeed be different that yours. This is where the cerebral connection occurs.

Describe goal setting methods you use and how do you evaluate your success.
My personal motto is “Everything I Do, Requires Some Sort of Thought.” If enough thought is put into a task or endeavor, hopefully I’ ll uncover the potential deviations and or pitfalls in relation to my paths. Referencing my No Quotes brand, I’ve legally trademarked my idea before even letting any thoughts out. This was done in protection of my thoughts, and potential brand cultivation.

Who do you consider your peers in your field? How have they supported you? What best practices have they shared?

With No Quotes, I’ve had the opportunity to visit with a Jordan brand executive in Beaverton, Oregon (Nike Complex), and I’ve had a sit down in New York City with Daymond John. Collectively, these gentleman shared that my character model is appealing, and understood my message as a professional and innovator. This further assisted my mindset, and it continues to keep me grounded, relevant, and real within the subject matter.

Name your favorite role models for success in two different industries.
In the legal community it would have to be Barack Obama. His entire mantra was built on intelligence, character,dDepth, and communication. Referencing brand cultivation, Daymond John. A gentleman from humble beginnings who had an idea, then communicated this idea to the masses.

Names three books that changed how you saw life and that you recommend to others.
Makes Me Wanna Holla by Nathan McCall, Why I Love Black Women by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Callus On My Soul by Dick Gregory.

Describe why lifelong learning is important to you.
When I was a child I was told that the simplest of tasks requires some sort of experience. As I grew, I began to realize that regardless of the book knowledge you receive, often times common sense leads to the best decisions. I strive to learn from each and every life altering experience in the hopes of not repeating the same mistakes and/or behaviors. As an adult, I should not be drawn to the same ideology and tendencies as when I was an adolescent. I should recall prior business and/or personal occurrences, and use this knowledge and experience towards a desired outcome. These tools are not found in books, but attained through lifelong experience.

Describe the voice of success that you hear in your head.
Chuk B. (as I often refer to myself) are you doing everything you can do to be successful in life? As I continue to age, this model continues to be defined. I’ve played college athletics and graduated. I’ve been employed in my field for over half my life, and created a personal practice from these experiences. I’ve become a child of God, been married almost 18 years, and been blessed to have 2 beautiful daughters. Still, that voice of success tells me to lead and assist others through my life experience. Not that I want people to act like me, but to suggest to young people that it’s good to fathom what can possible be. The media and sometimes society says we don’t measure up , but I know this is a LIE. My post collegiate accolades shocked them, not me!

Community success based on what you do in the community means what to you. Being the same person in the community, that I am at home. Always, always remaining consistent. My words, insight, actions, and character must stand for something both in the community and at home. I’m active in the legal community as a professional, and a community mentor (100 Black Men, Austin East High School, Pellissippi Community College, Vine Middle School, Young Black Achievers, etc.). Mentoring in the street, also means mentoring at home. I’m a mutual breadwinner, and supporter of my career oriented spouse, and our children. As I did in athletics, I attempt to carry the baton both in the community, and at home. Hopefully, together we all can win.

Technology plays what role in your daily life?
The ability to access information at a quicker pace defines today’s technology. In the pursuit of problem solving, I have been able to develop access, and contacts with others all around the country. This insight keeps me consistent and relevant in daily endeavors

What software and technology tools have made the biggest difference in your life?
Regarding software, my smartphone has allowed me to interact with three different emails, actually accessing three potential sources of income.

Define your personal culture.
At present, I’m a middle aged African American male that currently resides in East Tennessee. The Knoxville African American percentage is at best 11 percent of the Knoxville population. I’m married to an African American female. We probably reside in one of the most diverse (middle/upper) communities in the area (Fountain City, Tennessee). This being said, there may be four or five Black families in our subdivision.

How does music impact and influence you?
Music has always been a way for me to both focus and relax. I’ve always been a Ballad type dude. To me, supreme quietness is actually deafening. I’ve always used music as a way to study, or assist in daily work endeavors. Now, partying is a much different issue. I’ve always appreciated R&B, as well as hip-hop. Growing up, I always understood lyrical content, which I think maybe lacking today. This is a constant conversation I have with my 12-year-old daughter. Even now, certain jams have the ability to return me back to times of my childhood, collegiate experiences, and even present day life.

Music is huge.

Describe your favorite vacation spot.
We like water. The Caribbean, Gold Coast.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
Stop the endless hate and jealousy of people within the Black culture, as well as people in general. Today, people “hate” folks for either speaking differently, being successful, or just daring to be different. Envy is my definition of self-hate.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
I need to be more tolerant . I have the ability to forgive, however, I find it more difficult to forget. Regardless of the individual, past negative experiences keep me away from that acquaintance. I love very hard, and I know forgiveness is a spiritual, and sometimes very difficult for me. After I’ve sought and understood the truth of a specific issue, I can admit when I’m wrong. It’s really difficult to be around people who truly believe that they are always correct. This is a constant prayer of mine.

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