Samuel Rosario beating teen (Photo Source: Springfield Police Department)

Samuel Rosario beating teen (Photo Source: Springfield Police Department)

Springfield Illinois Police Officer Samuel Rosario is now in trouble after a body cam was released by his department. Rosario and another officer were responding to the scene of a domestic dispute that became heated when a 19-year-old male engaged Rosario in a series of verbal insults. The teen called the officer a “b-itch a—N-word’ and told Rosario to go back to Mexico.

But Rosario was having none of that back in February of this year and responded back to the disrespectful teen in a totally unprofessional manner. He is heard saying, “No, you watch what you say. You watch what you say. You watch what you say, kid. I don’t know who you think you are talking to, but (bleep), you don’t talk to me like that, you understand that? I’m here to help you. I’m here to help you, and all of a sudden before I even got here, you like [expletive].”

Rosario later challenges the teen to “throw hands” and shockingly the cop engages in a physical altercation with the ten, beating him while he is on the ground. He tells his partner not to arrest the teen as he is beating the hell out of him as family members watch in disbelief. Rosario was charged with one count of official misconduct and two counts of battery for his lesson to the teen after his partner turned him in to internal affairs.

But according to his lawyer, Dan Fultz, the officer should be given a break because he had reached his limit as a human being over the verbal insults. Fultz stated to media, “He has his limits, just like every other human being, He responded to a call while he’s trying to gather information, this kid keeps interrupting him making comments, making derogatory comments, and I know it’s become the new national blood sport to criticize the police, but everybody has their limits and he reached his.”

Rosario, a veteran and decorated officer since April 2015, has pleaded not guilty and is now free on bond. The police department says Rosario has been stripped of his powers and is on unpaid administrative leave.

The graphic video can be seen on the next page:

Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  • Jason

    So is this an assault? What happens if I view this officer as assaulting my son? Do I get to shoot him or jump on top of him and defend my son? Interesting. I predict that the near future will start to see entire neighborhoods coming to the defense of citizens being assaulted by officers. Interesting times to come in these streets. “Nobody came to help you.” Let’s wait and see what the future holds. The entire profession or policing needs to be torn down and rebuilt correctly as it has it’s roots in the days of the enslavement of African people.

    • SpiceGirl

      you my brother would be beat down if you did such a thing….smh….I do believe there will be a day when that happens…Citizens being assaulted by 5 0 and the neighborhood jumps in to help…..its coming. Yes the WHOLE profession needs to be rebuilt. We need to get rid of ALL bad apples…its soooo many of them…it’s not even funny.

    • SrAgri

      “The entire profession or policing needs to be torn down and rebuilt correctly…”
      I can partially agree with this statement. It needs rebuilt. However, police do provide a critical service to the public (at least most do), and society would not function well with out them. Society would suffer greatly from having the profession of policing “torn down”.

      “…as it has it’s roots in the days of the enslavement of African people.”
      This isn’t true at all. Policing as we know it today started in Europe well before the era of the African slave trade.

      Every country in the world has police, and every country in the world has the same issues with police and corrections officers – some people cannot handle authority well.

      • Jason

        To use an analogy most can follow. The house of policing with it’s leaking roof, moldy ceilings, caving foundation and lead pipes needs a GUT rehab as simply putting new furniture in it won’t sell.

        Ok. I should have stated that policing in the southern U.S. has it’s roots in the enslavement of African people. I am not speaking on the entire profession of policing as it has existed in the entire history of the world. That of which I speak is the policing which has a history in this country of violating the rights of Black people BOTH enslaved and free. There has and will always be 2 different histories regarding interacting with the police in this country. Those are the average White person’s history and that of Black society. The negative association with police that many Blacks have won’t change unless the current policing system is rebuilt.

        • SrAgri

          Historically, the police were the agents for the enforcement of Jim Crow laws in the south.

          However, the majority of negative interaction between police occurring these days occurs in large urban areas, many in the northern US. The event above happened in Springfield, Illinois, which is nowhere near the southern US.

          FWIW, though, this event seemed to be more of a personal matter between the officer and the victim than a matter of racial discrimination. The victim provoked the officer verbally, and the officer lost control of himself and crossed the line.

          • Jason

            We agree, but they didn’t start out as “police”. They were slave catchers (hillbillies looking for a check).

          • SrAgri

            There were police (or, more often, sheriffs), but their main job was still to police, even if they didn’t do so impartially. The slave catchers were more akin to bounty hunters, but that gets into a whole other area of unconstitutionality…


      You’re already lost. The parent had absolutely no control over her 19 year old grown man of a son. She did a poor job of raising him and that is the problem. The police is not the problem, it’s the lack of good parenting.

      • Jason

        Anyone that call themselves a law enforcement professional should not stoop to the level of a 19 year. I would expect the “police officer” to be a bit more mature. No wonder this country is having the problems it has with the police and how they deal with certain communities. In terms of parenting – the cop’s parents obviously were idiots also.

        • Giselle

          I applaud the officer! I guess everyone has their own opinions on how they decide to see things but that boy deserved that whooping! There’s another video of the same boy showing his respect to the officer and so did everyone in that neighborhood. He gained the cooperation of the people as well. I bet you that boy learned a valuable lesson that day. Now a days everyone hears about police officers shooting killing and beating people to death, which sadly has become a norm. So thank you officer for not ruining this boys life!

          • Jason

            “Police officers” acting like common thugs in the street is the reason why they have never had a good relationship with the Black community. When an officer of the law things that you and yours need disciple – I bet you won’t be so quick to approve of this type of behavior. An officer of the law should be able to walk away from a smart ass teenager.

      • Jose A Rios

        i totally agree with you she sat there and listen to her son telling the cop all these things

    • benjie wagner

      “… needs to be torn down and rebuilt correctly”.
      i’ve noticed that ghetto people, white trash, and some 3rd world immigrants think that the government has unlimited $ to spend on them. in reality, the $ comes from taxpayers.

      • Jason

        I think your list of entities who think “that the government has unlimited $ to spend on them” is incomplete. You forgot about Ford, Nike, GM, Intel and Alcoa. The system needs to be reformed, but it can’t happen unless it is gutted.

    • Collins Frank

      And don’t forget us poor white trash. And the native americans too…they treat the poor bad too, regardless of race. we need to find common ground, if we are to win the fight against police brutality and oppression.

      • Jason

        I hear you Collins Frank, but here is my issue wth the “poor white trash” and “native americans” = Blacks only hear you speak of coalitions when you are being treated like Blacks. When you are not treated poorly by your own(let’s not forget the source of your “poor” treatment) – ***crickets*, OR you forget that you are poor and native while crapping on Black people.

      • Supamanx2

        The problem is the “rich” whites lead the disenfranchised, lower class whites to believe that they’re on their side. When in all actuality they have more in common with the average black person. If learned to fight together, theres strength in numbers.

  • Carlitosway617

    I think it’s crazy how so many people try to justify an unarmed man getting killed by police cause he wouldn’t comply, but everyone is against the one cop that gave a man the chance to put his money where his mouth was.

    • FD76

      Interesting point. I watched the video, and felt both people behaved awful. Not sure I have a clear picture of exactly what happened, but ended up thinking that while both people were behaving poorly, a cop has to maintain his composure at all times and doesn’t ha e the luxury of “reaching his limit”, as his lawyer puts it, at least while in uniform. Also, u have to wonder, especially in this day and age, while he gave him a chance so to speak, did he really? How many would actually fight back, thinking about those shootings? Not to mention some who would suggest that might be exactly what they want, to have the citizen escalate the situation. (I’m not suggesting that was or is ever the case, but some would)

  • Carlitosway617

    To be ? real, I think the kid deserved it! At least the cop didn’t go on a power trip and shoot an unarmed man. He gave him the hands for being a smart ass “tough guy” and didn’t have him arrested after. He showed up cause they called him and the kid started talking sh!t to him. I’m the last person to ever justify police brutality, but that’s not what I saw in this video. I saw a fake tough guy given the chance to prove himself and he got his ass whooped for his mouth moving faster than his hands could. I can’t say I’m mad at him.

    • Giselle


  • Key

    How can you complain about this?! The cop didn’t shoot him and gave him the opportunity to man up without any consequences! Guys now days talk a big game about “if you didn’t have that badge on” they would do something. Well he got his chance and couldn’t put up. I 100% believe cops have gone too far lately with killings and racial profiling, but how do you criticize a man who gave the guy a solid opportunity!? And even then didn’t arrest him!! That’s the way it should be handled as men, you wanna talk a big game by all means back it up. If you can’t, take your ass whooping and move on!! This cop didn’t deserve to be let go he gave the guy what he wanted. Cops are quick to turn someone in for throwing hands but won’t tell on anyone for shooting a person? They got this stuff backwards!!

    • withnail.87

      Dude, first of all it’s never a fair fight with a cop. If he did fight that cop and was winning, the partner would have jumped in, maybe even shot him. Even if he just fought back and didn’t win, he would be arrested for assault of a police officer which is a felony and go to prison. But that’s beside the point. He’s supposed to be a professional, a police officer, not a gangster. Why is he going around challenging kids to fist fights? Hes behaving like a common criminal.

  • Lickzy

    The reality is the officer could have easily shot and killed that kid and said “I felt my life was in jeopardy as I thought the guy was going to attack me with his broom”. We’d have another man killed by the hands of police under disputed circumstances, another riot and the same song and dance.

    Though his conduct was not professional, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that this officer saved that kid’s life on more than one front:

    A) not shooting him dead which would have been fully justified given the circumstances

    B) teaching him a value life lesson

    C) hopefully fostering change in that man’s behaviour for the better

  • disqus_dGZxBjnnY3

    I get a kick out of the people on here who comment like the cop gave him a chance to get into a fight and didn’t just shoot him. What type of chance did the kid have? If he would of beat the cop do you not think he would be in jail or dead? And what if he just wanted to tell the government thug what he thought of them and didn’t want to fight at all? He had no choice he was going to be attacked…and by someone who is heavily armed. With back up standing right there. So do you think you are living in a free society if a state official can beat you if he doesn’t like what you say. I guess you people like to have statutes forced onto you as law and have government goons murder thousands of you. More then every first world country combined! Keep telling yourselves you are free!

  • withnail.87

    He was on the force less than 2 years but you call him a “veteran officer”?

  • Collins Frank

    ‘I know it’s become the new national blood sport to criticize the police, but everybody has their limits and he reached his.” And if that is to justify this, then they sure the fuk have reached their limits too!

  • Collins Frank

    “I know it’s become the new national blood sport to criticize the police, but everybody has their limits and he reached his.” The police are suppose to defuse situations, they are trained in this yet they act on emotions and take personally. He was so unprofessional and that scares me, he carries a gun. The young man did nothing but complain of a re-occurring situation. Even if he is viewed as rude and obnoxious, , he didn’t break a law and the cop couldn’t control himself even with the body cam. that should scare people . If we allow bad, or if you perfer, incompetent cops to get away with any of this , then of course the people will get pissed and rise up, if they don’t they will be conqured by the new world order and militarized police. Stop being on this side or that side politacally and look at the individual issues and then the bigger picture…research, , we will only gain our freedom if we come together against corruption and brutality and nwo plans to get us all to hate each other. watch out people, NWO is attacking from both sides, stop and think, stop being angry with each other just for a moment and look at the plan to conqur and divide

  • OfficialDre_P

    This is bullshit. He didn’t kill him use a weapon. He gave this kid what he needed.

  • OfficialDre_P

    If you don’t know this story you can’t comment. The kid wanted and agreed to this. He asked for it and got man handled.

  • jason42175

    Damm, but still her deserve that ass whooping for all that talking and not being able to back it up, give that cop a medal some people need to get their ass kick for running their mouth like that.

  • anon_64

    Watched the video. Kid kept telling the cop to do something, and eventually the cop did. I suppose he could have just arrested him instead, but if the kid had an ounce of sense (he thinks he “won” so clearly he doesn’t), he’d have thanked the cop for giving him the ass kicking his missing dad never did, and be glad he doesn’t have another count on his record.

  • Jose A Rios

    You’re already lost. The parent had absolutely no control over her 19 year old grown man of a son. She did a poor job of raising him and that is the problem. The police is not the problem, it’s the lack of good parenting. the cop told the parent these as well IT ALL STARTS AT HOME IF YOU CANT BE A PARENT AND TEACH THEM THEN YOU SHOULDNT HAVE CHILDREN

  • Adam Stubbs

    This officer is still a human being wearing that uniform and not a single person on here knows exactly what was happening in that officers life or mind. REAL criminals are out on the street committing crimes over and over and over, with no justice. This officer makes one mistake and now everyone is ready burn him?

    The ‘young man’ embraced this officer when he returned to apologized a few hrs after. What does that tell you?

    Help this officer and his family, they shouldnt be suffering when others are committing murders and slowly killing people/families with the distribution of drugs.