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DJ Rue is a woman making moves in the music scene

Photo Credit: LeoSage Images

Photo credit: LeoSage Images

You’ve all heard the songs where they mention the DJ: “DJ won’t you play this girl a love song,” “Go DJ, that’s my DJ,” or “Hey Mr. DJ. Everybody’s ready to party.” DJs are the engineers who bring the life to the party with their creative mixes, being the crowd’s hype man, and even mic tosses here and there. We’ve heard a lot about male DJs in the industry; however, women are making their way onto the scene and they did not come to “play.” OneDJj in particular who is fairly new to the scene is Erin Rue from Detroit.

Rolling out was able to attend a few of her events and speak with her about her style.

Where did the name DJ Rue come from?
It’s pretty simple. Rue is my last name; it’s French and sounds cool. Come on and say it … “Rue!”

What inspired you to start djing? 
I’ve been doing vocal and music arrangement for over 10 years. I come from a musical family of sound engineers, vocalist, and producers that have paved the way for me to be where I am now. I guess you can say I fell into mixing and cultivating sounds.

When did you start djing?
I professionally started DJing two years ago.

Please describe your style of djing
I can describe my style of djing in one word — nonconforming. My set will be different every single time.

What is the missing element you feel your style of play brings to your audience that they can’t get anywhere else?
The diversity of sounds that I bring to each set. No matter what I play, by the end of the night, you will download a song that you’ve never heard from my music library.

What skills are critical for any professional DJ?
Being organized, having personality, being client focused, and having knowledge of the history of music are very important skill sets for a DJ.

How do you incorporate new technology into your sets?
This is the beauty of knowing that not all DJs are the same. I try not to have a busy set, although I do offer my own sound, lighting, effects, and karaoke.

Finish the sentences
Practice/research is important because …
… if you don’t do these two things you will get left behind.

The best way to move a crowd is …
… crowd read!

That odd track that I throw on to catch the crowd off guard is …
… Journey, Don’t Stop Believing or J J Fad- Supersonic.

What social media platforms do you use to engage your audience the most?
I use Facebook and Instagram the most. You can follow me on Facebook at Rue Styles (DJ Rue) and Instagram @thedj_rue.

What are two of your favorite albums to listen to when you’re not in the booth?
Brandy- Full Moon and Confessions– Usher

Name three DJs who have inspired you.
Kiss the DJ, Storm the DJ, and Jam Master Jay

Name a track that gets you motivated.
Janelle Monae- “Tightrope”

Is it hard being a DJ and a mother? How do you balance the two? 
I will say that it takes a firm balance. There are days where I have to master downloading music, practicing, and working on my brand while also meal prepping, doing homework with my 6-year-old, and just simply providing that undivided time. My sleepless nights of working on my brand definitely pay off.

If you had to give advice to a new DJ, what would the three most important things be?
Save your money. Also, if a mentor or teacher isn’t available to you, read and research; basically teach yourself. Lastly, don’t let anyone box you. Choose your style and own it.