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Auntjuan Wiley, executive director of AIDS Walk South Dallas, INC, talks about the vision of the seventh Annual AIDS Walk of South Dallas. It is important that the community and churches do more than talk about HIV/AIDS. All must get involved, educate, and help break down HIV stigmas and barriers in South Dallas.

Auntjuan Wiley is breaking down HIV barriers in South Dallas



Tigner is Media personality, Inspirational & Motivational writer based in Atlanta, Georgia

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  1. nosey rosy on April 6, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    that part of dallas is the poorest and run down area of the city its like gilliagan island and blacks are the cast aways , they are not that prolific overthere blacks just stand around at car washes drinking and crackheads are every corner in south dallas , HOOD CLUBS IS NORMAL THERE … and theres a murder every week over there and oakcliff , they have a ton of sex offenders too … they have 200 churches in that little area and blacks still dont go to them . go to any church you see 24 people on a sunday. so man bums under the bridges right there off martin luther king. black are sleeping out side on the ground in
    little tents. a lot are crackheads , crazies and hiv, drug infested. people ride by all day seeing these people and keep going . HIV IS NOT THE ONLY crisis in dallas co . THE WHITES WHO ARE MAJORITY ON CITY HALL MOVED 300 BLACKS FROM UNDER ONE BRIDGE DIRECTLY DOWNTOWN . AND RELOCATED THEM TO SOUTH DALLAS UNDER MARTIN LUTHER KING UNDER PASS . SOUTH DALLAS RESIDENTS DO NOT STAND UP TO THE CITY HALL COUNSEL ABOUT THAT CRISIS , IT SMELL LIKE POOP , AND THE HOMELESS AND SICK ARE THERE SLEEPING EVEN IN THE COLD AND HEAT . THE HOMELESS SHELTERS WILL NOT LET THEM IN DISCRIMINATING AND LETTING ONLY THE working class in the shelter forgeting the mental ill under the bridge . if this man want somehting to do for his area blacks . ask them to bring their family home , and open doors to them. once your family shun you in dallas you will end up homeless , crazy or not , its sad how these people get treated .. and city officials know obut this too.. DALLAS IS THE MOST RACIST CITY YOUR GONNA LIVE IN ,, WHITES IN WHITE AREAS BAN BLACKS FROM APPLYING FOR HOUSING . .. THE ONLY AREA OF DALLAS POOR BLACKS CAN LIVE IS SOUTH DALLAS , OAKCLIFF AND SOME OF WEST DALLAS . SAD … THE MAYOR IS FLAKY AND SELF OBSORBED , THE POLICE IS RACIST AND MISTREAT BLACKS ALL THE TIME . DALLAS IS NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO GO … OR WANT TO LIE ABOUT blacks are like underground slaves.