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Hair 101 with Urban Upscale Luxury Extensions’ CEO

Photo Credit: Wayne Grace

Photo credit: Wayne Grace

Most women want flawless hair, whether it’s real or bought. For those rocking extensions, it can be difficult to find good, lasting hair. Urban Upscale Luxury Extensions is a hair extension brand and company out of Detroit. CEO Fallen Turner started this business in the beginning of 2017 because she wanted to help women with their everyday hair troubles and questions.

Rolling out caught up with this busy boss and mother of two (one on the way) to learn a little about the hair weave industry.

What made you start a hair business?
I had this idea years ago. As a woman, I wear extensions because they are convenient for me. My hair is not permed or relaxed so when I’m on the go, I’d rather have extensions in so I can flat iron it as much as I want to or brush it and I don’t have to put all of that stress on my real hair.  I wasn’t happy with the quality of hair I was getting at the local beauty supply store. That hair is processed hair and synthetic and doesn’t last. You have to go back 2 to 3 weeks later after getting your hair done to get more. I did my research and thought I should start my own hair business.

How does your hair company differ from other hair companies?
My company is different because we provide raw, virgin hair. Our hair is of a Remy grade; the direction the hair is aligned in. Your hair grows from the root to the tip. A lot of hair companies don’t weft their hair using that rule and that causes tangling or matting. Ours is wefted like your real hair and is unprocessed.

What is the price range of your hair?
They are the average hair prices. They are about $80 and up.

How long does the hair last?
If you take care of the hair it could last for years. You don’t have to worry about the hair being stripped either because it is raw, virgin hair. Now you still have to take care of it. Use heatless styles if possible because you can still cause the hair heat damage.

Can the hair be colored?
Any time you add any type of chemicals to hair, you could possibly cause damage, but it is fine to color. I just recommend a professional coloring the hair.

What’s the difference between a closure and a lace front?
A closure is usually a 4 by 4 piece that you put in the front of your hair and you can make a middle or side part with it. A frontal is usually a 13 by 6 piece that goes from ear to ear. With a frontal, you can part it whatever way you like and it goes 4 inches back. You can also put your hair in a high ponytail with a lace front.

What’s the difference between a lace closure and a silk closure?
A lace closure is just made of lace and sometimes people will bleach them so the knots can be transparent to have a flesh tone appearance. Silk closures are made of silk and already have that flesh tone color.

What’s the difference between Peruvian, Brazilian, Malaysian, and Indian hair?
You want the truth? There is really no difference. It is all Indian hair. Most of the hair comes from donor centers in India. Some companies steam process the hair and that is how you get the patterns. Some Chinese companies buy the hair in bulk and manipulate it in some type of way. But like I said, most hair is from India, but people market it how they want it.

What styles does your company sell?
We do offer some steamed processed patterns. The most popular, which is not steamed, is the natural wavy. We also sell straight, body wave, exotic curly, and two new patterns are on the way.

How many bundles do women need to order when getting a full weave hairstyle?
It all depends on the length. The longer the hair, the more bundles you would need. If you want a quickweave, that is 26 inches long then you would need more bundles. If you get a quickweave bob with just 14 inches of hair, you may only need 2. If you get a sew in, you would need 3 or more.

What other products do you sell?
As of right now, I only sell hair brushes. I have some other hair care products and mink lashes coming soon.

What does the future hold for Urban Upscale Luxury Extensions?
I want to expand, sell hair products, and I want to open up a store front. Those are some short terms goals that I would like to have by the end of this year. I’m building my brand.

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