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K. Michelle blasts Loni Love and Angela Yee

Photo Credit: K. Michelle's Instagram (@kmichellemusic)

Photo credit: Instagram – @kmichellemusic

K. Michelle has always been one of the girls from the reality TV scene that’s ready to rumble when it comes to throwing shade and some of the hosts of “The Real” got a reminder of that this week when K. Michelle blasted Loni Love and Angela Lee over a recent segment about Yee and K. Michelle’s feud.

For those who don’t remember, in March of 2016 K. Michelle appeared for the last time on Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” and she berated radio host Yee for inflaming rumors that she slept with Soulja Boy. Naturally, the shocking interview went viral and K. Michelle and Yee have yet to do an interview with each other since.

Well, this week Yee appeared as a guest host on “The Real” and her co-hosts asked her to share who she thought her most surprising guest was on “The Breakfast Club.” Before Yee could answer though, Loni interjected and said, “what’s the singer’s name and she started going off?”

Loni then asked “was it Keyshia Cole?” before Yee replied, “No, it wasn’t Keyshia Cole. It was K. Michelle.”

“It was surprising for everyone. The label was like ‘what’s going on?’ The guys were like, ‘what’s happening?’ My whole thing is this and this is how I am in real life. if you start talking to me crazy, I’m not engaging in that. I’m just not saying anything,” Yee explained.

Host Jeannie Mai then added, “You better than me. Let crazy look crazy!”

Well, once K. Michelle got wind of the new “The Real” segment about her she, of course, was not happy and she went on Twitter and blasted both Love and Yee about it.

“U should shut yo heavy neck a– up playing with me @lonilove UR NOT FUNNY. The only thing funny about you is your struggle a– face ham hock,” K. Michelle wrote in a tweet to Love.

K. Michelle then took shots at Yee. “And Angela haven’t you had enough d—s in your mouth by now to shut up? I don’t play with media.I’m not wrapped to [sic] tight. Stay from over here,” she wrote.

“I’m not a show called ‘The Real’ I am the real. Stop playing with me, like u played and got Tamar fired. These are NOT the type problems u want,” K. Michelle wrote, before adding, “I’m always minding my business and then out of nowhere my Gangsta is tested! No I’m not the one. Never have been and never will be. Ever.”

Well, it didn’t take long for Loni to see the tweets and she began trolling K. Michelle on Twitter.

“Come on #TheReal and say it girl…now don’t you trot to @wendywilliams first!!!” she wrote, as well as, “Come on @kmichelle we can get this trending!!!! #thereal #hamhockneck #roastbeefneck #loniloveontheropes.”

“Roast beef you didn’t talk this much when Tamar got fired,” wrote K. Michelle to Love, who responded, “Now you know that’s not true … and since she is gone you can now come #thereal.”

Well, what did you guys think of this beef between K. Michelle, Loni Love and Angela Yee? Let us know in the comments


  1. nosey rosy on April 22, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    well dam kmichelle is hood , loni better stop sittin up on the view coming after hoodies , cause they gonna roll up all their weed and blast , i bet angela regret saying that , cause the real dont need no drama . , i dont know who got tamar fired i doubt if it was lonnie , ,them executive was tired of vince acting like he was intitled to rule the show . bringiing that kid on all the time . and swearing he was promoting vince and tamar reality .. he is a show off like tamar is people dont like show offs the public was not feeling vince all up in the way .
    tamar had a lot of enemies and those girls on that panel was not one of them . LONI WOULD NEVER SABATAGE TAMAR AND FOR WHAT? people felt like cause they came out holding hands it was phony and loni was never a hugh friend of tamars before the show … they were real friends . tamar went with the rumors and turned on all of them . tamar set her self up for failure . vince helped her and because he is a manager , he should of know tamar was gonna be axed . and really those girls could have bought her back if she hadnt don that

  2. neec on April 23, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    Kmichelle get your bad body ass somewhere and sit down. You always in something. And she isn’t going to do anything to anybody.

    • Guest on April 24, 2017 at 9:39 am

      All of her messiness outshines her God given talent

      • Shanise Moss on April 24, 2017 at 6:07 pm

        Yes just go out there and sing and get paid. Even when she was on the show every week she was in something with someone on there. It’s to much noise around her.