With Party Politics, Atiba Madyun is doing what no elected official ever has

Atiba Madyun (Photo Credit: Party Politics US)
Atiba Madyun (Photo credit: Edward C. Jones)

Atiba Madyun is president and founder of Party Politics US, a data collection firm that analyzes varying American demographics. A public affairs consultant with over 20 years of experience building coalitions and strategic partnerships for corporations and nonprofits, Madyun has specialized knowledge and expertise in legislative strategy, communication, partnerships, outreach and education.

Today, he provides lobbying, training, branding, marketing, communication and social media outreach, multicultural outreach and strategic partnership services. As a television and radio political analyst, he has given analysis on this year’s election. Madyun has also been published in the Huffington Post and The Guardian.

Here, he discusses Party Politics US.

Why have you become an Independent with our political system?
Our political party system is antiquated. It’s out of step and line with Americans. Particularly, the working middle class and the poor. To side with one political party today, means divorcing yourself from any good policy ideas that may come from the other side. How do we make progress that way?

The truth is there are good ideas on both sides of the political aisle. And to find those, we have to be courageous enough to first look for them. Then we have to be able to say to others did you see that. What do you think? Could we add that into our policy. We should talk to both sides and find ways to make policy better for us all.

I’ve chosen to be independent so that I can do that. I have removed myself from the label associated with political parties to identify and let others see their is power in independence and more diversity. As long as the parties fight one another, people will follow and fight too. Even if it means fighting against policies that support their basic interests.

What is the mission and purpose of Party Politics?
The tag line says it all. We put the party before the politics. The word party emphasizes a group of people coming together. Go to a restaurant and the maitre d’ may say “party of four or even 10”. That’s a group right? It also sounds better than “group of four or 10”. Party Is about fun. Whether it’s dinner party, music party, art party, political party. It should be fun. Our mission is to bring all of these things together. And make it productive and fun. To bring people across party lines together to get to know one another. We are made in nations and tribes, races and cultures, nationalities and genders for the purpose of getting to know one another. But we let The politics divide us. That’s why we put the party, the people and the fun before the politics. Not only is it inviting it’s sexier.

How can you become a member of Party Politics?
Go to our page and sign up.

What has been the response to the events that you have hosted thus far?
After every event people ask when is the next one. Or can they host one at their home. People want to talk. They want to get to know people and understand how we can work together. We need platforms to provide that accessibility. We are creating those platforms and looking for partners and of course sponsors to help us do this.

How have you processed President Donald Trump in his new position?
Processing “The Donald” isn’t hard. What you see is what you get. A train wreck. People make it hard by paying attention to him. He makes money creating diversions and every tweet is a diversion. If we instead #FollowTheMoney and accept that whether you voted for him or not he doesn’t have anyone’s best interest in mind but his own and anyone who will make him more money. That’s why he loves China; look at the trademarks they’ve awarded his daughter and the money they’ve given his hotels.

How does race play a role in politics?
Race is a factor because we are sensitive. Race was a huge factor pre-1970s. People were killed fighting against slavery, women’s rights, civil rights and the right to vote to name a few. But race, nationality, gender also played a role in worker rights. Race is used to divide the masses. The founders of this great nation saw to it the words “we the people” were included in the language in the US Constitution. Political parties have utilized that language for its benefit when it sees fit. But which of the parties have effectively brought the nation together across party lines and racial divides. All of them have used it to emotionally drain us. James Baldwin said “Segregation means not knowing what’s going on the other side of the wall. Because you don’t want to know.”

That’s race in America. People have put themselves and their communities in silos. Until we believe as I was taught by the environmental movement, what happens upstream always affects those downstream.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Given your background in the political world, how has it been getting support for Party Politics?
Depends on what you mean by support. Political figures love the concept. We are doing what they cannot do in their own legislatures. Work across party lines. I have yet to speak to an elected official on either side of the aisle that is not supportive of our work.

As Americans often we expect civility to come from the top down. I think it’s going to come from the bottom up.

Where do you see Party Politics in the next five years?
We will be a household name. We will inspire other companies to do the same and they will find ways to advance the work. I think ultimately what we are proving is you can put fun into it. You can attract people who aren’t interested in politics and you can get them involved.

I think we will also be a leader in identifying and connecting people to candidates for office long before people know who they are nationally.

Will you ever run for a political office?
If people believed that I should run for office and do the grassroots part, get the signature and convince me that they are fully behind a run, then I would have to consider it. I believe many politicians get into office for selfish reasons. I think the “people” should be more engaged in the process and push people they want to run out there. Also people should also recognize that people are human. We should never lower the bar and standards of excellence on the work but we shouldn’t let personal mistakes people make derail the chance of them holding an office. Too often we get sucked into that hole and I think we miss out on some very good people who would run for office.

How can we find out more about Party Politics?
Please find us on social media platforms. Send us an email and register and become a member on our site. It is being reconstructed so that we can provide an interactive experience. One that makes visitors and members want to visit the site daily. Keep abreast of our events and tell your friends and family there is a place to come to cross party lines. More importantly it’s a place that puts the party before the politics.

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