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Rapper Treach slams ex-wife Pepa



It’s been nearly two decades since the divorce of Naughty By Nature’s Treach and Pepa of the original rap femcee trio Salt-N-Pepa. But it appears that it may just be sinking in for the hip hop veteran.

In case you’re playing catch up, in 2008, Pepa, real name Sandra Denton, released an autobiography titled Let’s Talk About Pep, in which she detailed her tumultuous relationship with the Grammy Award-winning rapper. Now, just short of a decade later, Treach is sounding off with his two cents surrounding the book — with a slew of derogatory disses.

In case you missed it, the rapper shared a #ThrowbackThursday photo of the former pair, in which he accused Pepa of fabricating lies for a pretty penny as well as denounces her mention of his children in the book.

“Somebody tell my ex-wife this old school rat your book is full of lies you press wh—,” he writes in all caps beneath a throwback photo, featuring the former lovebirds hugged up on a red carpet. “You sold your soul to a hell hole and put my kids in the middle for ratings. You know ya f—ed up right LMFAO.”

Only, he didn’t stop there. In a follow-up post, the “Hip Hip Hooray” rapper accused Pep of attempting to turn his children against him, and of having sexual relationships with young men in the industry. It is not clear what prompted the rants.

“In ya mid-50s trying to sneak my underage daughter in clubs on camera!,” he continued in a now-deleted tweet, alleging Pepa would go clubbing with their 18-year-old daughter, Egypt Criss. “OMG, you started watch me finish! Face and skin like Michael Jackson, heart and a** flat as pizza bread! LMFAO still f**king industry n****s younger than your children!”

Meanwhile, Pepa has yet to respond to her ex-husband’s accusations. What are your thoughts on what could have sparked Treach’s random rant? Sound off in the comment section below.


  1. WELOVEUSELENA on April 30, 2017 at 1:17 pm


  2. CBaby23 on April 30, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    Hate to say this about Treach ‘cuz I’ve always been a fan, but men never do themselves any justice when they come out like this against a woman, ESPECIALLY when it’s the mother of their children. Whatever he thought about Pepa, he could’ve taken it to her. It seems like they’ve always had that type of relationship where they could, at some point, talk things through. And, if he was too steamed to take it to her, take it to one of your boys, or ya crew and talk it out. Blow off some steam that way. But, not like this. Not in the press knowing they don’t give two fizzucks ’bout you or Pep. Seems like he’s looking for his 15 seconds of fame, or some type of resurgence back into the fame. But, this isn’t the way to go about it. This is not a good look. I still love my brotha, but he’s losing major cool points with this one. Slow ya road, cool breeze. Stop and smell the roses, it’s a lot better on the outside and inside than you’re giving life credit for. IJS

  3. Betty-B on April 30, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    I didn’t know was married, I thought just shared a child

  4. rob_vb on April 30, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Who cares what a faded rapper, a C Minus straight to DVD actor who gives the same performance in every movie and clearly one of the most ignorant persons walking the Earth (just read or listen to any interview he has ever given) rants about his EX WIFE of over 15 YEARS concerning who she is sleeping with? And why is he keeping track of who she allegedly sleeps with anyway?

    If his rant about Peppa getting their underage daughter into clubs is true, not cool at all. However, where was all of his “concern” for his daughter’s welfare when he was arrested in April, 2014 because of a warrant out on him in Essex County, NJ for failing to appear at a hearing for unpaid child support? Or maybe this arrest was about another of his children he is also “concerned” about.

  5. nosey rosy on May 1, 2017 at 3:11 am

    treach is the product of child support syndrome , a syndrome that hit mostly dead beat brothers , the moment they said child support i knew why he was bashing , her, he need to get a job, and support his kids , no need to talk about her business , she is atleast making money , and the public likes her image , she still looks good to us . who cares if she took a 18 year old to a club ,hell better to go with them than allow them out there , running around with hoodies ,and babymoma chaser, there are dumb black men who look for young women to bare kids , so they can later complain about her . just like treach . he is a type” what kind of roll model is he? going to jail several times one for non child support payments .another dumb ex rapper acting like DMX he spent his life makeing cash to now be broke ,,and whining about someone elses money . peppa is getting that check from him monthly and i bet you a million he is behind in payments

  6. Mason Youngblood on May 1, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    Here’s what I would have typed under the pic: “Sometimes a nygga just gotta let sh!t go”.

  7. Diva Denise on July 22, 2017 at 2:13 am

    Yeah, but his daughter just read it within the last 8 months, which is now being shown on #GUHH. Egypt is hurt and upset, because Miss Pepa obviously never told her daughter about the book, NOR her relationship she had with Treach. So now, here we go again. I never heard about Treach having to put his foot in Pepa’s behind before, (LOL), but she’s Jamaican, I believe, and we all know how ‘touched’ some of them can be. #IJS