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Phaedra Parks officially fired from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Photo Credit: Instagram - @phaedraparks

Phaedra Parks. Photo Credit: Instagram – @phaedraparks

Phaedra Parks is officially done, folks. As has been speculated wildly for the past month or so, Parks, the self-proclaimed “Southern belle” entertainment attorney who always had a side hustle and an acid tongue, has been fired from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for spreading a vicious rumor about cast-mates Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker. 

Parks reportedly was booted because she deliberately and with malice aforethought spread the lie of fellow cast mates conspiring to commit the first-degree felony of rape on another cast mate.

Sometime during the filming of Season 9, Porsha Williams accused Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker of hatching a sinister plan to drug Williams and take her back to their house where they were going to take advantage of her sexually in her “sex dungeon.” But it wasn’t Williams who started the surreptitious lie; it was Parks. 

Burruss reportedly threatened Bravo that if they dared to air that particular clip of her supposedly proposing to commit sexual assault, she would seek legal recourse, so it was never shown, TMZ said. 

During Sunday night’s finale of the four-part reunion for season 9, the truth came spilling out with Parks being pointed out as the source of the nasty rumor. The fallout was like an incoming natural disaster.  

Check out the episode in question, the one that settled Parks’ fate and eventual ouster, in the video on the next page:

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  1. patricia on May 12, 2017 at 5:09 pm

    My goodness, SO obvious Parks is unethical, vindictive still in love with Apollo and very angry at Candy n Todd for being friends with Apollo. No body wants him not Kenya not nobody she still burning. And oh my stop that I support all black this n that u should never show your face again. I get it Candy law suits r stressful but she has no boundaries . 1st Johnny 168 k n counting n now rapist. U NEED TO DHIT HER DOWN. she fronts like she is good parent really is this the example she is setting for her son’s, young girl, it’s deplorable. She is a horrible person. Just horrible n now especially never b allowed to b around young people again. She is NOT a good representation of anything good. FIRE THAT PERSON THE LEAST THAT SHOULD HAPPEN ITS WORSE THAN VICKI N BROOKS CAMCER LIE. UUUGGGGHHH