The playbook on how White pop stars use Black artists

Miley Cyrus. (Photo – Instagram @MileyCyrus)

A Twitter user created an uproar after it was said on the social media platform the user noticed a trend among many white pop music stars and their transition from adolescent bubble-gum music into adulthood. The Twitter user, Richey Colazzo PR, used Disney Channel child star-turned-industry-singer Miley Cyrus as Exhibit A. Cyrus, who was gyrating and twerking on rap’s super-producer Mike-WiLL-Made-It on the club banging single “23,” has now divorced herself from the very genre that has raised her profile exponentially and made her millions of dollars.

Today, Cyrus has publicly disowned rap and hip-hop because of its alleged vulgarities, debauchery and materialism, and the former “Hannah Montana” actress is now retreating back to the safe confines of candy pop and country music.

That Cyrus felt the need to give Rolling Stone an explanation on why she denounced and then disassociated with hip hop seems flagrantly hypocritical on her part. This is the same woman who has appeared naked on numerous magazine covers and videos – not to mention the time she posed for a photo with her legs open and her hand between her legs, simulating masturbation.

But her explanation was given in such a way to let you know she wasn’t talking to rap fans or Black people at all; she was almost asking pop and country music to forgive her for her forays into hip-hop.

However, no one is surprised that Cyrus is dusting off her shoulders and leaving rap in her rearview mirror. We’ve seen this time and time again over the years from a steady parade of pop artists who, from Blacks’ perspective, seemingly exploit the music form for dubious reasons — or what is commonly referred to as cultural appropriation — and have no real love or appreciation of hip hop at all.

And it’s now been broken down in a very interesting way by @Richey_Colazzo, 140-characters at a time, for the country to consume.

Check it out below:

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