Massive schoolyard fight as parents take on girls who bullied their kids

Social media has been bombarded with videos of fights that occur at schools. However, one fight that took place at Knight High School in Palmdale, California, took it to an entirely different and disturbing level.

There had been an ongoing dispute involving a group of teenage girls at the high school. According to student witnesses who did not want to be identified, a fight occurred recently where a group of girls jumped on another student. Later, family members of the girls who were attacked showed up after classes were over. The adult family members confronted at least five of the teenage girls involved in the earlier fight. A crowd soon gathered around the group. Heated words turned to vicious blows as the parents had enough of the disrespectful teens. In a disturbing video that is now making the rounds on social media, the adult attackers are seen punching, kicking and pulling the hair of the teenage girls. One student is even seen being attacked by two men while she is on the ground. Another victim is seen slammed to the ground and an attacker jumped on top of her and punched her repeatedly in the face.

Security guards at the school attempted to break up the wild fight and yelled at the parents but were initially ignored. The fight went on for several minutes until the adults and students were eventually separated by the school security officers. The crowd eventually dispersed and local law enforcement was dispatched to the scene. However, at this time no students or parents have been charged regarding the fight that took place this past Tuesday. People who talked to police and local media were surprised that adults were fighting children at a high school.

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