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Music Makes Me Happy bridges the gap between art and activism

Photo credit: Lauren Martinez for Steed Media

Photo credit: Lauren Martinez for Steed Media

On Thursday, May 11, Music Makes Me Happy hosted its 11th annual activist gathering, a unique platform which brings together artists and organizations who inspire social change through art and music. The 501c3 nonprofit was founded by Joshua Dingle after he noticed there was a lack of events that acknowledge artists’ philanthropy artists within their communities.

At the tender age of three, Dingle could not speak due to a severe stuttering disorder. That all changed at the age of 12 when he discovered the world of theater arts. After just one year of acting and music instruction, his speech impediment improved dramatically. Dingle believes music changed his life and wants others to join his movement and share their untold stories.

Photo credit: Lauren Martinez for Steed Media

Joshua Dingle (Photo credit: Lauren Martinez for Steed Media)

Dingle was joined by several prominent influencers for a groundbreaking discussion about inspiring social change and civic engagement through art and music in Atlanta.

This series panelists included Bettina Love, an award-winning author and associate professor of educational theory and practice at the University of Georgia; Carlton Mackey,  the creator of Beautiful in Every Shade; Rohit Malhotra, the founder and executive director of the Center for Civic Innovation; and Bem Joiner, a key member of the Center for Civic Innovation.

Check out event pics below: