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Trumpcare is a crime against humanity as 23 million will lose health care

via @MikePence Twitter

Trumpcare should be considered a crime against humanity. Donald Trump and his Republican cohorts would cause millions to remain sick and die by repealing and replacing Obamacare. According to reports by the Congressional Budget Office, Trumpcare, also known as the American Health Care Act, would cause 23 million Americans to lose health insurance.

The report reveals that it would reduce deficits by $119 billion, but it would be a tax break for the rich and hurt the poor and elderly. The bill will cause massive cuts to medicaid and leave 14 million without access to the service by 2026. Premiums for the elderly will also go up by 800 percent.

The bill will force people to pay more for essential health benefits. Under Obamacare, insurers had to cover maternity, mental health, substance abuse and prescription drugs. But under Trumpcare, insurers would not have to cover those essential benefits.

The House passed Trumpcare without a report from the CBO. The bill has not yet made it to the Senate where it would have to pass a vote to become law.

It’s another example of Trump’s failures as president as he continues his plan to destroy America.

Moments after the CBO’s report, Trump and Republicans were blasted on social media.