Christina Milian spills deets on how she linked up with NY Jets running back

Christina Milian on ‘The Real’ (Photo credit: Robert Voets /Warner Bros. Television)

On Friday, May 26, actress and recording artist Christina Milian stops by “The Real” to dish on how she met her new boyfriend, NFL player Brandon Wilds.

Here’s the convo:

Loni Love: It was probably the person that you’re dating right now, Brandon Wilds.

Christina Milian: Who?

Loni: Yeah, you dating the New York Jets uh yes…

Adrienne Houghton: You guys look so cute together.

Loni: How did you guys meet?

Christina: That’s what happens when you put pictures on Instagram. Um I met him, he slipped in the DMs. [Laughs.]

Adrienne: Really? Wait, are you serious?

Loni: It really works?

Christina: Well, it worked that time. I never met anybody else to be honest with you, but I will say like you know, I look through my direct messages. Like there’s business opportunities, you know friends sometimes that you’re like, “Oh wait, they’re on Instagram now.” So, he actually sent me a message and um I opened it and was like “Whoa, this messaging.” Like the way he communicated the message, was really nice. He’s like, “I think you’re beautiful, a beautiful woman.” A very positive energy, he’s like, “I would love to take you to dinner. I understand that you have a daughter, so I’m very mindful of your time.” I was like, “Oh, he melted my heart right there.” He’s really nice, he’s a nice guy. And he was verified, so that made a difference.

Loni: And he’s a younger guy right?

Christina: He is younger.

Adrienne: You said he was verified.

Christina: Verified. Verified, he had the check, so I was like okay.

Watch the video yourself after the break.

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