Ludacris on ‘Fear Factor’ revival: ‘I just like to be a part of greatness’

Ludacris on 'Fear Factor' revival: 'I just like to be a part of greatness'

“Fear Factor” is back and bigger and better than ever.

In case you’re playing catch-up, MTV is giving viewers the opportunity to conquer their fears head on with a reboot of the break-through series running from 2001-2006 and again from 2011-12, by the same name. Hosted by rapper-turned-actor Ludacris, the new installment promises even crazier challenges and stunts — with a twist.

“I wouldn’t say they are eating bull testicles; however, there are some things that are similar to the older one and all praise due it still has the same theme, same DNA, but we’ve changed things around,” Ludacris recently told “ET” of the revival. “We’ve made it new.”

As for what attracted the self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie” to the project, he explained, “A lot of individuals during this show are here to overcome their fears. And you would be surprised how many people just need a little push or a little motivation from someone they admire and respect,” he shared. “That’s what I’m doing for each and every contestant who’s on the fence about certain things, letting them know they can do it… life is all about overcoming your fears, so tackle them head on.”

“I just like to be a part of greatness,” the rapper added of his decision to sign on the dotted line.

Meanwhile, it appears Luda joined a winning project. The show, which premiered last week, garnered nearly one million viewers, making it MTV’s highest-rated series premiere in two years. Can you say cha-ching?

“Everyone is living vicariously through the individuals that have to do all of the crazy stuff on this show,” Ludacris said, referring to the show’s wide appeal. “They’re thinking to themselves, ‘Would I do something like that? Or maybe I wouldn’t…’ that’s why people are so drawn to this show.”

“Fear Factor” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. Will you be watching? Sound off in the comment section below.

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