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Grave of bullied boy who hanged himself opened for tablet computer

Gabriel Taye (Photo Source: Gofundme/ Gabriel Taye Memorial Fund)

In January 2017, Gabriel Taye, 8, was a victim of a vicious attack by school bullies at Carson Elementary School in Cincinnati, Ohio. The locker room assault on the third-grade student left him unconscious and was captured on school surveillance video. The boys who attacked him are seen kicking and prodding him for at least five minutes before school officials came to his aid. His mother, Cornelia Reynolds, was not made aware of the attack or told that Gabriel lost consciousness. Two days after the attack, Gabriel hanged himself in his family’s home. When Reynolds buried Gabriel, she also put in the casket his tablet computer because she wanted him to have something to play with in heaven.

Now almost 5 months later, police had to open Gabriel’s grave to retrieve the tablet computer because of possible evidence in the investigation of his death. The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office plans to examine the device to see if there is any evidence of bullying by students at Gabriel’s school. A decision by the Cincinnati Public Schools officials to release the surveillance video footage to the public with the approval of Reynolds led to the decision to reopen Gabriel’s grave. After viewing footage of the attack, the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office reopened the investigation into Gabriel’s suicide. The coroner has urged police to treat this incident “as a homicide until proven otherwise.”

The  Gabriel Taye Memorial Fund on GoFundMe raised over $20K to cover his funeral expenses.

The disturbing video of the attack on Gabriel was released by Cincinnati Public Schools and can be seen below:


  1. nae on June 8, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    I just can’t. Fu**ing third graders man.

  2. Dena on June 8, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    This is so sad. My heart breaks for his mother and him another baby gone from bullying. What type of world do we live in that kids just stand there and don’t get help. What is wrong with parents raising their kids right instead of the internet and t.v. and music. I hope the boy that did this gets more than a slap on the hand. Kids need to be held respectful for their actions. They do it cause they know what’s going to happen. God take care of that baby.

  3. nosey rosy on June 8, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    i notice the boys in the picture didnt bother to help , and the adults arrived and left the boy on the floor , the school should be sued . for not reporting this to police and an investigation take place . this boy was helpless , why do kids do this ? the ones who do this come from miserable family history , father left pay child support but dont come see him . the parents of the bullies are divorced or single moma . the kids are left alone after school and often get into trouble a lot , they group up to support each other bad habit, they boy usually has no brother older than him , he is a crowd pleaser and a prankster . .he will be the leader in prison gangs . the bully has no grandparents around , and uncle and aunts are real bad rolemodel , these type of children grow up to committ major crimes against other when the find bullying dont work in adult hood as well ,, they find a victim usually in their own family ,, wife kids parent”” and pick on them and abuse them . . bully children are bully adults often losing jobs for , disorderly conduct and tardiness . and weird behavior at work …

  4. SrAgri on June 12, 2017 at 10:55 am

    Interestingly, the author of this story recently posted another story in which praised a group of angry people for beating a mentally ill man.