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Paul George gets same stripper pregnant he tried to pay off before?

Paul George and Daniela Rajic (Photo: [email protected]).

Is Paul George in love with a stripper?

Some people found it comical that NBA superstar George impregnated a stripper in metro Indianapolis, then allegedly tried to bribe the exotic dancer with a million dollars to have the pregnancy aborted. For whatever reason, the stripper spurned his offer and carried the baby to term.

What would those same people think now that George allegedly got the same stripper pregnant again?

According to a Terez Owens report, George, the Indiana Pacers star forward,  just knocked up the same baby mama he was fighting in court just a few years ago. George was the subject of multiple nasty headlines — and the butt of many mocking memes — when they learned how much he was trying to pay to make the situation go away. Media reports stated that George finally settled with the woman out of court, and Rajic immediately retired from the pole dancing profession.

But now we have this. According to Terez Owens:

“Now we have PG13 (Paul George) knocking up his baby mama again. From our source, ‘I thought you may be interested, Paul George is having another baby with his baby mamma, the very one he once tried to pay off $1 million dollars to for the baby to go away the first time around’ says our source.

It seems like George has grown to love his precious seed. When he could not pay her off, George quickly came to terms with the situation.

Harriet Newman Cohen, who is George’s attorney, told Page Six in 2014 that George and Rajic “will be raising their daughter together. Paul George had always intended to do the right thing, and he is thrilled to have a daughter. The settlement is generous, the child is going to have a wonderful life, and both parents will be equally involved in bringing her up.”

If the Terez Owens report proves to be true, George and Rajic will now be co-parenting two children.

In fact, they’ve been cuddling up a lot lately as Rajic’s Instagram posts reveal. Take a look at a few photos of George, Rajic and their daughter Olivia.

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