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Detroit spitter Supakaine drops new single, ‘Incense,’ feat. DaG


Photo credit: Twitter @Supakaine

Detroit’s lyricist Supakaine has made a name for himself since releasing Ghetto America, in 2015. With a recent trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, with Young RJ under his belt, and a new album in the works (Scholastica Park), Kaine is putting in work at the half-point of 2017.

Incense is a classic 90-esque record that Supakaine beautifully flows over with each passing minute. Kaine’s style of rap is clean and filled with aha punch lines that beckon double takes. Fellow artist DaG also laid down a few rhymes and the production for the track.

“Moving like a Moc-6, 

I’m not concerned with the non-sense,

I’m plottin how to get my knot thick”

Check out “Incense” on Soundcloud.