Photo credit: Splash Media/ Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson has urged people to do “research” before getting married.

The 38-year-old musician-turned-actor couldn’t be happier after tying the knot for the second time in a secret ceremony in February with partner Samantha Lee, but thinks it is important not to rush into taking such a big step.

He told “Extra”, “Listen it’s a good space to be [in].

“It’s good, I like it. I would say everybody — guys, everybody — ultimately that wants to be married and start a family, take your time.

“The concept is nice, most of us don’t know what the true idea, the concept is Most of us are raised with single parents… It’s not something to rush into.

“Getting a ring is cool but you’ve got to really understand what you’re doing, do lot of research, ask a million questions. Just take your time.”

However, Tyrese — who has daughter Shayla, nine, with ex-wife Norma — is delighted he took the plunge and got hitched again.

He said, “We’ve been laughing every day. It’s been beautiful.”

The Fate and the Furious star married Samantha Lee on Valentine’s Day, but they had kept their romance so low-key, the social work major’s identity wasn’t revealed until after the ceremony.

But when news broke that they had got hitched, Tyrese shared a gushing tribute to his new bride on social media.

Alongside a picture of his wife’s diamond ring, he wrote, “So many people give a lot of power to ‘The Ring’ as a man I had to wait till I truly truly felt like my WORDS and my FEET would walk in the same direction as my HEART … Not to worry I won’t be updating you guys on every detail and every aspect of our life … We tried to keep this all a secret and it somehow got out there so we just wanted to share the blessed news ourselves … Our way … during our pre-martial session Pastor Creflo Dollar said Don’t make the mistake that others make thinking #so much about the future that you lose focus of the gift the present, be patient and present in love…. You and your wife should stand on each side of your empty canvas of love and paint the picture along the way…… #Amen … The future isn’t always promised but what is certain is we’re all capable of making a commitment to waking up everyday and loving someone the best way you can… It’s quite simple………. it’s #GrownManSeason we feel Gods presence all over this union He’s walking with us so no weapons formed- this will last….. We’re humbled by the outpouring of love! We appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes…. Sometimes when you pray you get exactly what your heart desires…….. I got #MyBlackQueen I didn’t just marry her I married my daughters new example…… We are all flawed, sinners and have made mistakes but I hope you decide to keep loving, keep the faith and God will to send you what’s yours…. #Amen (sic)”

  • Isabella F. Bettencourt

    Bon Jour, Como ta le vu? Sir Ty’ Black Nubian King, and Samantha Lee, Black Nubian Queen, Be Well, Be Blessed! Please charge it to people’s, women’s heads and not their hearts, because they are still having a Cinderella fantasy that the father, husband, or male that left them broken, is coming to rescue them, through you. Many women, esp. Black women have been hurt, broken, and some may have been left to almost die at some point in all of our lives, but that’s when counseling is not an option. Therapy helps us to work it out. Mr. Tyrese Gibson, is no longer that single youngster, coming up from the cold” growing up in the fashion industry, swept away all of the magazine tabloids, then he suddenly, hits stardom. Next, he agressively moves into the music industry leaving Hollywood with a bang!! but he is the epitome of success, and he worked damned hard to get it. Yes, He stole all of our hearts with his iconic flavanoids, his gift to put words into music. He is no doubt, Every woman’s dream, and desired lover. To be honest, can’t you look, and see that now he is no longer what he used to be, but he’s a real man of integrity. He’s a respectful father figure, espoused to his one and only, his true bonafied, Queen, Samantha. So, instead of us acting like spoiled brats, pouting, like someone just took our teddy bears away, let’s celebrate this show nuff’ Black brother, whom we have grown to care for my and love. My sister’s, The King only wants what’s best for you. Ask The Most High’ God’ to get your heart ready for your miracle man. There is a process, get in your Bible, and watch God move. Ladies, women, & girls, God loves you. Hasn’t he proved it already? You’re still here! RAISE YOUR GLASSES” and salute’ Mr. & Mrs. Tyrese Gibson. Merci’ Bon cous!

  • Isabella F. Bettencourt

    BonJour, Como ta le vu? I respect people, but TRUTH’ I respect even more’ Counseling, and therapy, is a delicate issue. The resolve only comes after the ground work has been done. Believe me, I know, because I am a witness. The abuse was so trumatic , so painful, even sometimes, inhuman, that I simply gave up on love. My course of action will follow My God calling’ my teaching ,& etiquette teaching skills, my writing skills, music, education, and dedication to orphanage children. I applaud you in all of your endeavored efforts, after all there’s no one we must convince, except our own selves. At the end of the day when we’re all alone, only God knows, right? Hang on in there” Salute’