Asahd is running the family business on DJ Khaled’s ‘Grateful’ album

DJ Khaled has become a household name within the past two years. All the years of hard work and dedication have now put this super-mogul in the position to control the chessboard, and with the help of Snapchat, he’s moved each piece at the perfect time.

2016’s Major Key charted at No. 1 with the help of chart-topping singles such as, “For Free,” “I Got The Keys,” and “Do You Mind.” Khaled dominated radio and television with his positive outlook on life, matched with his contagious personality and work ethic. We also witnessed Khaled’s marketing talents lead him onto huge product placement deals with companies such as, Silk, Palmer’s, Nike and TurboTax.

On Oct. 23, 2016, the world was introduced to the eventual heir to the throne, Asahd Tuck Khaled. The birth of Asahd (which means “Lion,” in Arabic) became the sole motivation behind Khaled’s 10th album, Grateful. Asahd has graced the cover art for all of Khaled’s current singles, and also the cover art for the album. And for legacy’s sake, Asahd will receive executive production credit for all royalties generated from the album.

Grateful starts off with birds chirping, oceans moving, and island sounds on “(Intro) I’m So Grateful” which all are frequent sounds in Khaled’s sound library.

Khaled’s recent project is backed by the hit singles “Shining,” “I’m The One,” “To The Max” and “Wild Thoughts.” These singles are what Khaled has built his career on as a DJ. The DJ is a master of ceremony who has the ability to control the sound and emotional connection with the crowd. This is why Khaled puts so much emphasis on singles more than any other aspect of a project.

“On Everything,” is an up-tempo, pride-driven single, while “Nobody” feels like church on a Sunday morning, headed by Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj.

This wouldn’t be a true-to-form Khaled project if the feature credits didn’t read like a Grammy seating list. Big Sean, Drake, Rick Ross, Nas, Future, and more are featured on Grateful. Asahd also makes a guest appearance on the last track, Asahd Talk (Thank You Asahd).”

Grateful is now available on all streaming platforms.

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