Albert Eugene DeMagnus (Facebook/ Albert DeMagnus )

Albert Eugene DeMagnus, 74, started Computer Management Services Inc. with his wife Sharon W. DeMagnus,66, in 1987. The company provided information technology services at a time when Black tech entrepreneurs were just starting to get a foothold in the industry. DeMagnus was able to gain contracts with many Fortune 500 companies and also was able to benefit from federal contracts for minority-owned and disadvantaged companies. On Friday, June 24, Albert DeMagnus was stabbed to death by a group of young Black men during a home invasion at his upscale lakefront home in Fayetteville, Georgia, reported media outlet CBS 46.

Jeffrey Lee Wallace and Kavion Wyzeenski Tookes (Photo Source: Fayette County Jail)

Fayetteville is known for its collection of mansions owned by wealthy Black businessman, professional athletes and entertainers. This was the precise reason that Jeffrey Lee Wallace, 22, of Atlanta and Kavion Wyzeenski Tookes, 21, of Decatur and another unidentified male chose to rob DeMagnus.

His current wife, Beverly DeMagnus, awoke around 2 a.m. after hearing a noise and went to investigate, it was then she spotted three men hovering above her husband who was bleeding from a stab wound. The trio demanded cash and jewelry from the couple and then stole their Lexus and left the scene. Mrs. DeMagnus called 911 and her husband was taken to Piedmont Fayette Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police later spotted the Lexus near the crime scene and a chase ensued. The Lexus crashed and two suspects ran from the vehicle and eluded police. A police perimeter was set up by authorities and a woman was stopped at a checkpoint. She informed the police that she a was a Lyft driver and received a call for a pickup near the area of the crime. Police then sent an unmarked unit to the pickup area posing as the driver and was able to apprehend Wallace as he entered what he thought was his ride. Tookes was captured a short time later. One suspect remains at large. Tookes and Wallace are currently being held without bond on a murder charge at the Fayette County Jail.

Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  • D Mayo Johnson

    This is so tragic. And one of the idiots called for a “Lyft”? Seriously? Stupid.

    • guyjones

      Criminals are generally not an intelligent bunch. I would submit that one’s willingness to commit a crime, especially one as high-risk as a home invasion, implies obvious stupidity on the part of the actors involved. Further, the odds of successfully pulling off a crime as brazen as a home invasion and homicide are exceptionally low.

      This is a truly heinous crime. The victim was a successful entrepreneur, a man who had lived a laudable, righteous and productive life, and, the alleged perps appear to be ne’er-do-wells who couldn’t be bothered to respect a man’s property and his life.

      The death penalty is richly deserved, here.

    • Abigsoxfan

      Most criminals are morons which is why they are criminals. Does Georgia have the death penalty? I certainly hope so. Will this make the 6:00 news? I certainly doubt it. How sad.

      • Guest

        Are you trying to say it won’t be on the 6 o’clock news because the “liberal controlled” news doesn’t report blacks committing crimes? I hope not because that is ridiculous. A better question would be why isn’t this story I came across yesterday national news and barely made a blip locally?
        Answer: doesn’t fit the narrative that has been pushed for decades.

        • IamtherealCynthia


        • Kevin O

          It wasn’t on the national news everyday exactly for the reason you say it isn’t. If the killers were white you would never here the end of the story. The media has acknowledged the hide black crime, it’s no secret.

      • Cocopearlz

        For everybodys information I live in Ga , work with this mans daughter and it hit every news outlet we have.

    • Angie

      What a dummy!

  • Public_Programming

    Get these bastards out the Black community! If I had a mansion I’d have armed security ready for these fools.

  • Aurora Heart

    I don’t know.. the wife story sounds sketchy to me. Three males hovering over her husband not searching for valuables or money? Yet they hover over is body making sure he was died, all while wife sustains no injuries no threats no anything! After noticing her presence they simply let her walk away to place a call to 911?
    In her 911 call she didn’t seem scared nor shaken, most people whisper in fear that there are more assailants in the home yet she speaks clearly,calmly appearing to have no care of the robbery!

    • Betty-B

      Yes, Aurora, thought the same, time will reveal

      • Aurora Heart

        I hope they truly do a thorough investigation there’s something not clean!

        • Miles Goodison-Fearon

          I think the police at the moment say she’s not a suspect but even they may have their suspicions as the obvious question is how did those guys get in there as there should have been a security system or at least some guards around that place to have stopped those guys from getting in.

      • Kim Holmes

        I also feel that way too…Smh… Something doesn’t seem right

    • Tony

      I agree. Something is not right about this.

    • douglass davis

      Solstice ritual and made up to seem like it’s a robbery. And they/elite don’t want us in those fields like Technology,engineering,science etc.

    • Abigsoxfan

      Interesting? Think she was in on it? Married the guy for his money? Either way, very tragic. I’m almost hoping you are correct. Takes the randomness out of it.

      • Miles Goodison-Fearon

        Aurora is on to something as I heard the 911 call she made and even the operator noted how calm the wife was when she was talking to her. In home invasion scenarios like this, a smart or dangerous criminal would have killed both of the occupants or at least tied them so they couldn’t alert anyone or call the authorities. Them letting her off unharmed sounds very suspect to me.

        • Abigsoxfan

          Where’s Columbo when you need him?

          • Miles Goodison-Fearon

            LOL. It doesn’t take the intuitive skills of Sherlock Holmes to conclude that things aren’t adding up in this scenario.

    • Kim Dickerson

      Sounds like the makings of an episode of, 48 Hours: Murder for Hire?

    • Miles Goodison-Fearon

      Interesting theory as the other obvious questions is did this house have a security system or any security guards as you would think that an upscale mansion like that would have those things in place to protect them from situations like this. I’m wondering how these guys got in to that place to kill this guy that easily as they don’t sound like the sharpest knives in the drawer from the way the story describes them. Now unless it was a case that the late Mr. Magnus didn’t believe in having security guards or a security system, something is not adding up here. Now if my questions connect to your theory, this was obviously a setup from the get-go.

    • Guest

      Well if she is involved in any way, these two mensa candidates will surely spill the beans. Sometimes after witnessing trauma people will speak and behave in a very calm manner because they are in a state of shock.

    • MaineOh

      My thoughts exactly!

    • IamtherealCynthia

      Me tooah!

    • Nicole B.

      What are you talking about? The article clearly states that they demanded cash and jewelry from the couple, then stole their Lexus. He was still alive when they fled, so they probably saw no need to harm her if they didn’t see her as a threat.

    • Aurora Heart

      What people are looking over is the ommitance of the wife in the 911 call,! she clearly stated that the suspects were standing over her husband waiting to see if he was dead. She also states that one of the suspects had a gun which I find hard to believe if there was a gun involved the assailants would have simply used the gun to kill him’
      Much more effective than a knife don’t you think?

  • lilvinnyb

    Stabbing is a personal crime! And why enter someones house with a knife, unless you knew he has no guns!

    • Miles Goodison-Fearon

      Or better yet, how would these guys have gotten past the security system that would have been there presumably to trip off an alarm? These guys don’t seem smart enough to have bypassed the security code, so I am wondering if someone let them in to kill this guy. You would also think that there would be some security guards around the place as well to protect the place.

  • Royal Winston

    The wife has something to do with him being killed!!!!! Bitch!!!

    • Miles Goodison-Fearon

      I theorize that it’s possible she hired these guys to take out her husband and make it look like a robbery so she could collect the money in a possible will he would leave for her. This would explain how these guys were able to get in without bypassing the most likely built in security system as she would have turned it off so they could get in and take out her husband. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys they caught start fingering her when they are interrogated in order to get a lesser sentence. Again I don’t know how this will play out but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out she orchestrated this whole thing out of greed.

  • Jerome collins

    Why aren’t we marching over this non sense . I guess this is the “White-Man’s” fault and he’s the reason for Black on Black Crime. I’m so tired of the disrespect for life and property that I see . I’m not sure if there’s a fix for this problem…’s ridiculously sad……

    • TCJJ

      Usually folks start marching or protesting because they feel justice wasn’t served.. you know, like when someone is murdered and no one is held responsible. In this case, that scenario is not applicable.

      • Guest

        I don’t understand why people don’t get the difference between criminals committing crimes, getting caught/ punished for their crimes and the people we pay to protect us from crime, committing crimes and being held above the law. It should be something everyone is concern with not just blacks but others will not see it that way until it starts happening to people that look like them more often, which if you know anything about history, is just a matter of time.

  • Angie

    I’m surprised they didn’t stab the wife.

    • Miles Goodison-Fearon

      That’s what a lot of us are saying is off about this scenario as usually criminals who break into homes and have the capacity to be violent aren’t usually going to leave witnesses alive in case the person or people will most likely to either fight back or go for help. I mean they are able to break into a house without tripping any alarms, stab her husband to death and then they notice her but don’t do anything to her physically and leave without apparently taking anything when they leave as no stolen item was reported when most of them were caught. Plus when you listen to the 911 call, she sounded more calm than she should have as she doesn’t sound over frightened or hysterical after seeing her husband being murdered. To me this sounded more like an orchestrated killing rather than a home invasion.

  • Pam Slaughter

    They have a hard, dead look in their eyes. What a waste all around.

  • kritikosman

    The young sad mofos who did this should be shown no all.

  • Warren McAlpine

    “Forensics Files”………Did the wife order the murder of her husband?

  • TummyC

    Useless fatherless thugs’ daily routines: rob, rape, murder…etc.