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5 must-see hot spots in Houston


Photo Credit: Faith Alford

Houston is a thriving city filled with cultures from all over the world. The cultural diversity has allowed Houston to become a place that is packed with various attractions. Here is a list of some of the Houston’s must see locations.

    1. Leeland St.

      Photo Credit: Faith Alford

      Leeland St. is home to some of Houston’s best graffiti. Artists from all over the world come to this building to create artwork that reflects their background.  The downtown building has become one of locals and tourists favorite places to visit.

    2. Midtown

      Photo Credit: Faith Alford

      Midtown is booming with millennials. This area is comprised of several local restaurants, residencies, and parks.  Midtown has a great vibe and is a wonderful place to hang out and meet some new people.

    3.  8th Wonder


      Photo Credit: Faith Alford

    1. 8th Wonder is a brewery that has turned into a local hot spot. 8th Wonder is must see because it includes lots of historic memorabilia including the old Astrodome seats. This location hosts various local events each week, that include everything from sporting events to art galleries to small concerts.
    4. Project Row House

Photo Credit: Faith Alford

Project Row House is not your typical art museum, the exhibit includes two rows of white houses. Each year, the owners allow local artists to use the homes as canvases. Each house tell its own story and incorporates different types of art forms. The attraction is used as a way to help with the continual rebuilding of the third ward community.

    5.  Town & Country Village

Photo Credit: Faith Alford

    1. Town & Country Village is an outdoor shopping area the includes a movie theater, a park, numerous restaurants, and variety of stores. This popular location has become quite the social spot. Although, it is filled with shops many local visitors come here to hang out with family and enjoy the beautiful village.






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