10 reasons women shouldn’t want bigger boobs

10 reasons women shouldn't want bigger boobs
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As a woman with larger breasts, I’m often approached by men and women who are both fascinated by and incredibly envious of what they consider my genetic jackpot. No matter how much they ask, I always tell them that having larger boobs is both a blessing and a curse.

Finding a cute bra is rare. To be perfectly honest, even if you’re able to locate an over the shoulder boulder holder big enough to hold them up, chances are it will not be cute. I mean what’s the use of having big boobs if you can’t properly showcase them?

They sweat profusely. Summer time is the worst time for women with a little something extra on top. Big breasts sweat and itch. Even using baby powder or spray deodorant will only help for a short while.

Big breasts are heavy. Larger breasts are heavy, which can absolutely wreak havoc on your lower back and spine. Too whom much is given, a strong core is required.

Men ask dumb questions. Men are relentlessly inquisitive about women who have big breasts. Without provocation, they will come up to you and ask the most random things. Are they real? Are they soft? Can I see one? Does everyone in your family have big breasts? Did you breast feed? And my absolute favorite…Can I have a hug? Really men?

Wearing a bathing suit or halter top can be painful. The sheer weight of your breast can cause that oh so cute top tied around your neck to become a lethal weapon cutting into your skin or causing neck and shoulder pain.

Your cleavage becomes a catch all. Crumbs are notoriously fond of falling into your cleavage catch all. If you are not mindful of this, taking off your bra at night can become a recap of all of the snacking that you have done during the day.

Physical activity hurts. Running, jumping, and some sexual positions can prove to be painful and a hazard with larger breast. The juggling, flapping, and potential swinging of your breast is a pain all on its own. Sort of like being kicked in the nuts, it’s a pain that can’t be easily described.

They become a hazard. When you have larger breast, you always find that strangers are constantly “accidentally” running in to them or grazing them. You can almost predict that at some point during the day you’ll accidentally knock things over with them. Sitting in a booth in a restaurant can also prove to be tricky because an ill-placed table can result with your boobs having their own place at the table, literally.

It affects your sleeping position. Sleeping on your stomach can be extremely difficult if you have big breast. Eight hours of them being crushed against the mattress or a firm pillow can be painful in the morning. Moreover, sleeping flat on your back can lead to them falling back against your neck and giving you the feeling that you are being suffocated.

Gravity is not your friend. Whether we want to think about it or not, we are all affected by that silent beast gravity. Its constant pull is something that we cannot escape, and this is especially true for those of us with a little more boob-o-sity. In a few years, gravity will cause those perky breasts to go south for the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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