Celebrity stylist Timothy Hawkins likes living in peace, not pieces

Celebrity stylist Timothy Hawkins likes living in peace, not pieces
Photo provided by Timothy Hawkins

“As a wardrobe stylist, most of my time is spent planning and coordinating outfits. Sometimes, my work is high-profile; other times, it is more understated and personal,” says wardrobe stylist Timothy Hawkins. “Whether working a photo shoot, getting a client ready for anything, personal shopping for a client, or doing an entire makeover, my job as a wardrobe stylist is to put together clothing ensembles to meet the demands of specific clients. It requires long, often irregular hours, a keen eye for detail, and keeping up on the latest trends and styles.”

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
My parents inspired me to become an entrepreneur. As long as I can remember, all my life, I’ve seen them work for themselves so, naturally, I wanted to do the same thing.

Celebrity stylist Timothy Hawkins likes living in peace, not pieces
Photo provided by Timothy Hawkins

Who are some of your more notable clients and how did you have the opportunity to work with them?
Some of my notable clients include Tasha Page-Lockhart from “Sunday’s Best,” Todd Dulaney, Alvester Martin, Niele Ivey — Notre Dame’s women’s basketball assistant coach, Avery Sunshine, Kim Stratton and Morroco Omari from “Empire.” A lot of these came from word of mouth and referrals. When I first started out styling, I didn’t [have] clients probing to get my name out there; that ended up paying off in the long run.

What makes for the perfect client?
To me, the perfect client is someone who is ready to change and open to stepping out the box, yet still remaining true to who they are. Someone who believes in my craft and trust me to get the job done.

What does success look like for you?
That’s easy. Success to me is the moment I see my client smile and look at themselves in a new way. Seeing my client happy makes all the long nights, hard days, and effort worth it. To know that my client is satisfied is all I need.

Celebrity stylist Timothy Hawkins likes living in peace, not pieces
Photo provided by Timothy Hawkins

How do you stay motivated in such a competitive industry?
It’s not hard for me to stay motivated, because I genuinely love what I do and clients can tell that. I honestly have no intentions on competing with no one but myself. I’m always looking for ways to outdo myself from my last job. I like to live my life in peace, not pieces. I believe that if something is for me, then God won’t let it pass me. Nothing can stand in the way of it, nobody can block it because it’s already mine. I don’t want God to give me nothing I’m not ready for.

What makes your services or experience unique?
When a client hires me, they don’t just get a stylist, they get me as well. Someone who is truly interested in their clients. Before I even talk about clothes or fabric, it’s important to me that I sit down and get to know my client simply for who they are. Take off your mask and simply let me meet you. You’ll experience God, fashion, laughter, someone who is real and down-to-earth, a person who’s passionate about what they’re doing and will do whatever it takes to ensure my clients’ dreams become a reality. To some clients, I’m even a therapist, in a way. They know when they see me, it’s a relaxed experience and they can talk to me about everything. It’s not always about clothes to me. It’s about that one-on-one experience, as well.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?
In the next five years, I hope to open the doors for LaMar and Company. I will be traveling and expanding my brand. I’ve been asked to think about teaching master classes. You know, wherever God wants me to be, that’s where he’ll take me.

Connect with Timothy Hawkins: 

Instagram: mrlamarandcompany
Facebook: LaMar & Co.
Email: [email protected]

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