This singer claims Blac Chyna nearly drove him to commit suicide

This singer claims Blac Chyna nearly drove him to commit suicide
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Things are escalating rather quickly in Blac Chyna’s revenge porn lawsuit.

Much like with any other high profile drama, those involved are being exposed (no pun intended) in more ways than one. Since Rob Kardashian’s little rampage last week – where he took aim at the mother of his child, leaking full frontal nude images of her online — allegations of abuse, drug use, and a possible non-disclosure agreement violation have been flying left and right.

Most recently, one of Chyna’s exes, Pilot Jones, came forward claiming that he felt both used and bullied by the video vixen, to the point he considered committing suicide. “I just find it ironic and very hypocritical that this mastermind that I call Blac Chyna is doing the exact same thing, or accusing Rob of doing the exact same thing that she did to me just a few month ago,” he told TMZ.

Jones went on to allege that Chyna posted personal information, including his phone number and e-mail online. The singer claimed that Chyna took it one step further when she outed his sexuality, sending him into a deep depression following countless harassing messages. “What people don’t realize is that I even attempted to commit suicide,” said Jones referencing the impact cyber bullying had on both him and his sons who “were bullied at school.”

As you may recall, last fall Jones and Chyna were seen sharing what was believed to be an intimate moment amid news of her recent engagement. Only, according to Chyna, the rumors were nonsense. Here’s an excerpt from what she wrote in a colorful post shared via Instagram on Oct. 27, 2016.

“Ok let’s state facts !!! I been quiet for too long!!!,” she began in the post, which has since been deleted. “So JC Pilot Jones whatever the f*ck his name is has already tried to put out a story saying that he’s the potential father of my child really N-gga ?!?!?! Let me start off by saying this young man Is “GAY” !!! The only reason we took those pictures other than me trying to be a good friend was so he could send it to his boyfriend to make him like jealous & say that he’s going back to girls! Mind you at the time I THOUGHT THIS WAS MY FRIEND and I didn’t see a problem with it!!!”

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