Author Makunda Ewing on her book ‘God’s Glamour Girls Rule’

Author Makunda Ewing on her book 'God's Glamour Girls Rule'
Author: Makunda Ewing Photo Credit:  Faith Brantley

Makunda Ewing is an educator, woman of God and now author. Ewing talks about her latest book, God’s Glamour Girls Rule. She wrote the book “to build healthy self-esteem and self-worth in young ladies who feel like they are not attractive,” states Makunda. She elaborates further by stating, “[I want] young ladies to see themselves as God sees them, and not how their friends, family, or foes see them.”

What is the story behind God’s Glamour Girls Rule?
Many times, we put glamor with how we look or dress. For many years, I was told that I was beautiful and I thank God for making me that way. I remember one day a young lady at church telling me, “Makunda, you are always so glamorous.” And it was so amazing to me that she said that because I had just prayed to God about what he wanted me to write about because I was dealing with some self-esteem issues because I was going through a trying period in my life. I didn’t want to only be known for my outside appearance, but my inner beauty. Many times in life, we focus on the outer beauty and that is not wrong in and of itself; however, knowing that the outer beauty will fade, we need to focus on the inner beauty, the inner woman, which the Word teaches is being renewed, day by day. So, then after the confirmation was given to me by God, this book was birthed. It took me some time to complete this book because I allowed my circumstances to put me down, but I woke up one day and committed to the work of this book that God had put on my heart and then it took me 30 consecutive days to complete the book; thus, GGG was manifested. Now, again, I know you want to know who she is and in this book you will find out who she is and she lives in you. You are that woman.

Name three things the reader should walk away with from the book?
You should know and believe who God says you are, you are no accident. You are made for a purpose because God made you unique and special, and you should allow your light, your beauty to shine from the inside out. People sometimes may put you down or not believe in you, but at the end of the day, your life has purpose and God didn’t make any junk. I believe in you, and most importantly, God believes in you.

What affirmations do you repeat that contribute to your success? 
I have 31 that I have included in GGG rules book, so you can purchase the book at I used them all before and during the process of writing GGG. You can select one to repeat every day, but the ones that stick out to me and contributes to my success is ‘I am not alone because God is always with me.’ ‘I am courageous and more than a conqueror. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’ ‘ I am one of a kind and one in a billion.’  ‘I am qualified by God.’

What advice can you offer women who desire to be an author?
I would advise them, whenever you have a profound thought, write it down because it’s very important. My computer, notebooks, and phone are full of thoughts, and because I have written them down, they not only stick with me, but I can I treasure them and others who can benefit from them can treasure them. Take small projects on like posting encouraging thoughts or ideas on your social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or the contacts in your phone. Surround yourself with people who will speak into you. And, lastly, believe in yourself and in your dreams, and write your book. To write your book and become a published author, take at least 30 minutes a day to write a page or a chapter in your book.

If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?
For the salary of teachers to increase more because they contribute to the success of others. Teachers contribute to the success of doctors, lawyers, authors, and many other occupations; therefore, if I could change the increase of salary for teachers, I believe the quality of education and retention of students would increase.

What’s next for Makunda?
To receive my master’s in Christian counseling, and to continue to share my gifts and talents with the world by speaking on platforms and writing more books. I would even love for GGG to become a calendar or magazine publications with women and young ladies being highlighted to share their great contributions of success with others and how they overcame the adversities and trials of life.

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