Perry Ellis spring 2018 collection features performance stretch materials

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For spring 2018, Perry Ellis introduced a new uniform and a mix of utility and frivolity. The rules have changed and so have the dress codes.

They redefine modern fashion as “Go anywhere dressing” and versatility is key. These clothes perform in a variety of ways. They move, repel water, and stretch in more ways than two. The clothes breath a new light into the term sportswear. The details are functional and sometimes exaggerated, while the fabrics are rich in color and pattern.

“[The line is] a blend of natural fabrics and ‘super-natural’ synthetics, old favorites of cotton and linen with polyurethane, nylon and lycra. The balance is maintained and the blending of the two is effortless,” said creative director Michael Maccari.

Sheer layers expose the beauty from within and provide lighter weights to layering. Shirtings double as jackets. Suitings are loosened up and reimagined, with softer structure and looser silhouettes. Denim is reintroduced and tailored into new shapes. Cotton blended knits are washed to a soft fade for easy layering. Luxe track ideas prevail.

While referencing the artists Richard Smith and Robyn Denny, the collection explored color-blocking and layering of graphic shapes in seasonal colors of molten lava, cobalt, port, white and khaki.

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