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Details on ‘BBWLA’ Evelyn Lozada and her split from baseball baby daddy

Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford. Photo: [email protected]

Less than a year ago, “Basketball Wives LA” star Evelyn Lozada seemed smitten with Carl Crawford, the former Los Angeles Dodgers slugger she had her latest child with. However, now you probably can’t remember the last time you’ve seen Lozada and Crawford together in public or even heard Lozada mention her baller boyfriend.

This is because the two allegedly split up months ago, and Lozada has been keeping quiet about it. According to the Shade Room, Lozada and Crawford have officially split up. As a matter of fact, sources shared that they have been living completely separate lives for almost a year.

Crawford, who can never be called a social media star, recently took a family trip minus Lozada and his child and posted it on Instagram. Lozada has even been out and about with Shanice and little Carl on her accounts and hasn’t snapped his dad at all. So what is up with Crawford publicizing his freedom now?

Crawford, a Houston native, last played for the Los Angeles Dodgers and was known as the man who had the most triples of any player in the league. He was drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, where he would soon earn the Silver Slugger and Golden Glove awards and named the Rays’ most valuable player.

Reportedly, Crawford got cold feet when he realized getting with Loada meant he’d lose half his money if the marriage didn’t work out. The couple got engaged back in December of 2013. Reports circulated last year saying Crawford’s teammates’ wives called Evelyn out as a “gold digger.” Subsequently, Crawford refused to sign prenup papers.

In June 2016, Crawford was cut from his job with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Allegedly afterwards, Crawford spiraled into playboy mode after the cut. According to the Shade Room, Crawford openly went out on dates and flew other women into his home.

Many people are speculating that Crawford dumping Lozada made her return to “Basketball Wives LA.”


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