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Charges dropped on cops who searched woman’s vagina in public for 11 minutes

Charnesia Corley searched by cops in public (Photo Source: YouTube screen shot-)

A little over two years ago, Charnesia Corley was a college student who was never in trouble when a traffic stop turned ugly. Two deputies with the Harris County, Texas Sheriff’s Office pulled over the vehicle she was in along with two of her friends. The deputies felt there was a reason to detain and search the occupants and Corley’s night soon turned into what some are a calling a public rape by police. The incident was caught on police dash cam video and has caused outrage.

Corley’s lawyer, Sam Cammack, told media outlet FOX-5 in Houston, Texas, during the tape, “One of the officers on the tape, he was talking to a passenger who was already in custody in the officer’s car and you could hear him telling that individual ‘Oh we are going to find something, even if we have to put our hands on her.”

An officer searches Corley and finds no drugs on her person, but this does not satisfy him. According to Cammack, “This same officer body slammed Miss Corley, stuck her head underneath the vehicle and completely pulled her pants off, leaving her naked and exposed in that Texaco parking lot. They then took Miss Corley and placed both ankles behind her ears spread eagle position and started to search for something in Miss Corley’s cavity in her vaginal area.”

The video shows that the officers penetrated and aggressively searched Corley’s vagina for at least 11 minutes before they let her up from the ground and allowed her to put on her clothes. Police allege they found 0.02 ounces of marijuana, but Corley denied she had any drugs. She was charged with resisting arrest and possession of marijuana, both misdemeanors, but the Harris County District Attorney’s Office later dropped the charges.

Corley filed a complaint against the two officers involved, identified as William Strong and Ronaldine Pierre. Both of those officers were charged with official oppression and were indicted in June 2016 by a grand jury. However, on Aug. 4, 2017, on the day Strong and Pierre where to begin their trial, the County District Attorney’s Office dismissed the charges against them unexpectedly. According to the DA, there is new evidence that must remain secret and re-presented to another grand jury.

A spokesman for current Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the dismissals back up the original Internal Affairs investigation that found the deputies violated no policies. They have been on administrative duty since last year and may return to regular duty soon. Corley has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the sheriff’s office and the deputies involved.

The video can be seen after the page break. Warning: it is graphic and not safe for a work environment.

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  1. Dena on August 17, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    I’m so disgusted with this country!!! When is it ever ok for a man “police officer ” ok to take a woman clothes off and search her vaginal area. That is RAPE and anyone who thinks not are sick. I feel so bad for this lady I pray that God keep her strong. I want to know how they are not being charged? What is wrong with our country that they let police get away with killing black men and sexually assaulting a woman. The people who sit on those jury’s should be killed! God be with the people and their families that the police have victimized or killed.

    • Ontaria Cole on August 17, 2017 at 2:00 pm

      This is insane I thought you had to be in police station. Still on the ground in a public place is rape by any standards. Black people or any person should have to stand for this humiliation. I sorry if she was white it would not be the same.

      • Dena on August 17, 2017 at 2:43 pm

        You are so right no one should have to deal with this evil. I said black men and women because it happens to them more than any other race. I’m a white woman married to a Puerto Rican man with biracial girls who’s father is black. I have had a police officer ask me while I deal with the likes of “these people”. He said that I should be with my own kind and my words were my kind is human! He gave me a ticket bogus but that’s what happens when people with power abuse it. What makes me so sick is these men get to walk away and do to someone else. I bet on my life this is not those guys first time doing that to someone. Maybe street justice will take care of them.

        • Ontaria Cole on August 17, 2017 at 8:53 pm

          I agree this is not the first time they were to comfortable in doing this.

  2. newt dal on August 17, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    Sexual predators released back to the community. The people of Houston should not stand for that. They should make them stand trial.

  3. britishrose on August 17, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    why couldnt they just take her to the jail and let them frisk her there? its like they wanted a sex show, it was clear they had options the woman was not a know drug dealer and even if she was how much dope can you hid in your vagina/?? stupid bs .. this woman was rapped plum raped and the DA grand jury and the internal affairs all went in cohoop to save these cops badge . its real sad and blacks get treated this same way , hundreds of black men in prison cause they were framed drugs planted at the scene to appear that the person was selling drugs . in her case she was raped in order for them to proof a point . to shovenist , a.s.sholes with no business wearing no badge. police departsment is hired a bunch of thirsty filty person to be a cop . just cause you a cop dont mean your not a rapist , a killer , lier , a werido , predator it just mean you hadnt got caught yet .

  4. Kev Mac on August 21, 2017 at 10:07 am

    This is insane.

  5. Donald R. Westbrooks on August 22, 2017 at 1:17 am

    We need to seek justice by any means necessary!

  6. newt dal on November 4, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    Ms. Corley’s legs were penned backwards for 11 minutes while the female cop kept going into her private parts like she was curious and fascinated with it. After this 11 minute ordeal Ms. Corley was handcuffed in a hogtie position while that cop seem to be fiddling with her vagina again. Then a cop sat on one leg while another spread the other straight out and they started toying with her vagina again. Then one cop stood up and with his feet pushed her body out of sight. She is now positioned straight up with her handcuffed arms straight out while another cop lifts her right leg high in the air. She can be heard audibly crying and screaming in agony. Then her leg comes bouncing down from high above and William Strong can be seen on her body. This is horrific in itself. What the hell happened to the feet behind the ears part, the hogtie and unhogtie part? Ms. Corley said she was slammed to the ground and the cop had a knee in her back and shoved her fingers inside of her. Where’s that part? Ms. Corley suffered a lot longer than any 11 minutes, and the full uncut video must be way past outrageous.