Hypocrisy as Trump responds to terror attack in Spain quicker than in US

Hypocrisy as Trump responds to terror attack in Spain quicker than in US
Melania Trump (Photo source: Twitter/@FLOTUS)

It is becoming very apparent the Trump administrations stand on terror when it comes to the United States. Today a terrorist drove his van into a crowd of people in Barcelona, Spain. Local police are saying that 13 are dead and at least 32 are injured, the number of injured is expected to rise as area hospitals treat the victims.

Authorities have stated that a white van plowed into the crowd of people in a popular tourist location in the city. Local law enforcement is assuming that terrorism was the motive but they are still looking at all possibilities. Witnesses have stated that the driver of the van drove onto the sidewalks to mow down pedestrians “like a row of corm” according to reports from the Associated Press.

At this time police have not announced if they have a suspect in custody. In a striking contrast, the Trump administration has expressed concern and support for Spain in its time of crisis. President Trump posted on Twitter:

Even First Lady Melania Trump took to twitter to post the following:

It should be noted that the first lady also tweeted shortly after the violent car attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one person dead and 19 injured before her husband Donald Trump issued a statement. She tweeted on last Saturday:

The first lady’s tweet was a far cry from the president’s statement that in essence gave the hate groups involved in violence a pass.  The situation is still developing in Spain and police are searching for the suspect and an escape vehicle used at the scene.

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