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Akron, Ohio, selling LeBron James ‘Stay Home’ apparel

LeBron James (Photo: [email protected])


When LeBron James made the decision to come back to his home team three years ago, everybody who once burned their James jerseys rejoiced in their star returning to his roots. Now, three title appearances and one championship later, rumors are flying that James is most likely getting out of Cleveland once again to go play for a team that can get him another ring — namely the Los Angeles Lakers.

We can expect Clevelanders and Ohioans alike to be in mourning if James actually does leave his city once again, so they’re already going their part to keep him there. Someone spotted apparel in a merchandise shop in Akron, Ohio — LBJ’s actual hometown about 30 miles south of Cleveland — pleading for him to stay right where he is.

The merchandise keeps it straight to the point, boasting James’ No. 23 and the phrase “Stay Home.” They just really can’t take the hurt anymore, and the city is doing everything they can before he actually decides to leave.

No word on whether James has seen the shirts and hats and if that’s hindered his decision, but he definitely already knows how huge of an upset it will be if he betrays his day 1 people once again.

James infamously left Akron and Cleveland in 2010 to chase a championship in what was billed by ESPN as “The Decision.” Broken-hearted Buckeye State natives burned his jerseys on national TV and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert excoriated him in a public letter, calling James a quitter and guaranteeing they would win a championship in Cleveland before James would in South Beach.

Of course, that prediction did not come to fruition as James appeared in four straight NBA Finals for the Miami Heat and walked away with two championships and two Finals MVP trophies. Afterward, James announced in Sports Illustrated that he was returning home to Cleveland, which electrified Northeast Ohio, and he fulfilled his promise to bring home a title — the first championship for any sports franchise in Cleveland in over 50 years.


  1. Jae on August 21, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    I am from Akron and eff dem racist mofos!

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