Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., (left) at emergency CBC meeting. ([email protected])

Congressional Black Caucus members have had it with President Donald Trump and his allegedly racist administration.

The CBC is enraged at Trump’s lukewarm, disingenuous and morally equivalent response to the hate crimes against Blacks and Jews in Charlottesville, Virginia recently.

After an emergency meeting was called, the CBC is doubling-down on their efforts to #RootOutRacism in the White House and any other branch of the federal government.

CBC chairman Cedric Richmond is spearheading the campaign that will focus efforts on combating racist government official as well as racist policy.

“The people that work in the White House should not be white nationalists or white supremacists,” Richmond said on a conference call with NBC News reporters Monday. “[Steve] Bannon is gone but you still have [Stephen] Miller and [Sebastian] Gorka and that still sends a horrible message and anyone else in the White House who shares those views.”

Per Twitter updates, the following are the things the CBC is doing in what they call the @OfficialCBC presentation of #RootOutRacism:

Check out the rest of what the CBC is doing to root out racism in Washington:

Terry Shropshire

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  • Mike Gee

    oh go sit down somewhere! All we do as people is “talk”. When talk becomes “action”, then you can post an article about it..but “talking about” it is just an exercise in talking…how about some action for a change?

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  • Cephus Unami

    Impeach, come on we didn’t get Hillary who would have been worse that Trump. Grow up brothers and sisters we got this.

  • britishrosee

    those supremist that marched in charlott believe they have friends in the hwite house ,notice the police was not even on hand? non showed up for fear the kkk will notice them and harm them. cops are people like us , they know the group that was there was powerful you had judges lawyers etc in that group , and anyone enforcing law was already in the hate group .. you cant fight a war with a war

  • britishrosee

    if we were gonna impreach him we would of before a natural disaster hit, where now he looks like a hero? hes almost made one year , full of disaster drama , and plan horror , he is not the profile of a president just a reality star freak , who will do anything to be liked , actors and reality stars are all about the lime light, having friends , if you notice trump threw lots of parties at his penthouse and mara lago before he became POTUs I SWEAR we missed it .. he had a show called APPRENTICE? AND he used to let blacks win , so peopple will think he was all for blacks , he was crafting hiself to get black votes and some ignorant blacks bought it , he was fooling millions and he succeeded a classic reality show act, only the best narcassist could pull off , proof how americans think , we still believe racism will just go away like a comet” instead were sitiing on a nuclear weapon. with trump in the house