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Jesse Williams’ estranged wife demands he keep their kids off social media

Photo Credit: Instagram - @ijessewilliams

Photo credit: Instagram – @ijessewilliams

The divorce between actor Jesse Williams and Arn Drake-Lee seems to keep getting messier and messier by the day and according to the latest news about the beefing exes, the “Grey’s Anatomy” star and his estranged wife are now feuding over their kids’ involvement in social media.

According to new reports, Drake-Lee is upset that Williams is posting photos of their kids, son Maceo Williams and daughter Sadie Williams, on his Instagram page. Sources say that Drake-Lee filed new documents in their ongoing divorce battle demanding that Williams stop posting pics of their kids online because she believes that it could potentially put them in harm’s way with overzealous fans.

Drake-Lee argues that with her estranged husband’s fame and popularity there are likely some overzealous fans amongst his 2.2 million followers that might try to harm their kids as a way to get at the Hollywood star.

This isn’t the first time Drake-Lee has complained about Williams’ posts about their kids. Earlier this month, Drake-Lee reportedly wrote in her divorce documents that she believes that Williams is posting pics of their kids as a way to drum up sympathy from fans and to create a “buffer for the negative talk about him in the media.”

Sources say that Williams responded to the documents by saying that he’s just exercising his First Amendment rights, but Drake-Lee claims that their children are not celebrities and have a right to privacy and safety.

Drake-Lee also reportedly argues that it’s fine if Williams shares photos of their kids with family and friends, but she doesn’t want any fans to have that much access to the kids since they can never really know how mentally stable any of Williams’ fans are.

Since Drake-Lee reportedly filed the documents, Williams has deleted of a number of photos of their kids from his social media pages.

Do you agree with Drake-Lee in this situation or do you think Williams has a right to post photos of their kids on his social media pages? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Luci Lu on August 26, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Money and power changes everything. Everything you do, comes back to you. And, most-importantly, God don’t like ugly!

    • britishrose on September 1, 2017 at 10:25 am

      he really just got tired of her whats wrong with that? its better he move on then block her blessings , i dont want nobody that dont want me , and marriage is only paper in gods eyes love is who truely love you . why do people make marriage some god said thing ,,, stop lieing on god , the goverment marrys people for tax purposes ,and so to grow economy the more kids a couple have the more money the goverment make . buying a house all that is tax related . and they know single people aint gonna do all that . anyway . i dont believe in marriage slave owners made us believe in it . and i dont , a man should have 4 wives if he want that will abolish cheating lol .. and women 8 husbands , oh i can handle eight of them ,one to do my foot an nails one to shop 4 to have good jobs and take me to paris at my calllng. and the other to clean the yard and keep the house together . … i would make them all like slaves and they would worship my every move . okkk

  2. britishrosee on August 26, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    i agree cause they THE KIDS ARE so young and people do ignorant sh..t buttttt at some point a marriage has to end either death or tired relationships are not like they were THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE DAYS .. when you had to stay with the farmer who raise the corn lol
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