Joel Page on legacy and the family business

Joel Page on legacy and the family business
Photo Provided by Joel Page

Joel Page is a sales expert at Page After Page Business Systems Inc., a leader in the copier equipment industry. Here, he shares why the family business still thrives two decades later.

Tell us about your education, company services and current job description. 
Currently, I’m in school accomplishing my computer engineering degree at George Mason University. The Engineering program has really heightened my understanding of our products and their software. We primarily sell and service multi-functional printers alongside providing IT services. Pairing school with what my father has taught me about actually running a functional and effective business has been priceless. At Page After Page, I’m essentially a “sales expert.” This means I’m an expert on all things sales related: products, services, and software. I know what it takes to get your business up and running as automated as you would like.

What inspired you to join the family business and work with your father, James Page?
I’ll admit, it took a bit of convincing for me to jump head first into the family business. When I was younger, I would do easy tasks like filing an inventory. After working at Apple for four years, and having many discussions with my father, we both felt I was outgrowing Apple. The workplace there is great, but I always felt as if I was putting in a lot of effort for minimal return. We both decided if I were to use that same energy in the family business, we could really take it to the next level, and then further beyond that.

How do you feel about legacy?
Legacy is something that I feel is extremely important in today’s world. With so many businesses starting, it’s vital to be able to not only start a company but to grow it as well. I’m so grateful that I can work and learn everything possible about the business, it would mean a lot to me if I were to continue to grow the family business down the road.

How do you guys stay competitive?
Page After Page stays competitive in the market because of the core values my father has established. Not only are we a Certified 8(a) Small Business and a Certified Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, we also offer competitive prices and excellent service. Along with that, we offer value to your business. What is better than saving money? Saving time. We try not to just offer the basics, we need to give you something you truly cherish. Most are in business for money, that’s a simple exchange, what we provide is service. What can our business provide to make your business succeed?

Having worked for Apple, what added value do you bring to the family business?
Apple has been able to beat competitors because of one major ingredient, customer service. Currently Page After Page is classified as a small business, this allows us to really take care of our customer base and their exact needs. Having worked at Apple for 4 years, I know some aspects of what it takes to run a well-oiled machine. I plan on bringing that level of service and consistency to our family business.

What differences do you see in working for a minority owned business?
There are certainly some advantages working for a minority owned business. One advantage is the government contracts that are set aside for small businesses, minority owned businesses, women owned businesses and others. This allows us an edge into acquiring government contracts. Also, I feel there is a great community in the minority owned business, where there are networking events or just a willingness to support one another.

Where do you see the family business in the next five years?
In the next five years, I see Page After Page breaking the threshold of being a small business. We will continue to grow and my expectations are to open other offices around the nation. Currently, we service machines nationwide, stretching as far as California, Alaska, and even Hawaii. There is no reason we are unable to open offices in other states to better service those out west. We will retain our headquarters in Washington, D.C., as government contracts are a large focus of ours, but I see us expanding out toward the West Coast undeniably.

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