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Unruly rocks Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta

Unruly performs at Red Bull “Culture Clash” (Photo credit: Cam Kirk)

The graffiti themed walls of the warehouse club 787 Windsor in Atlanta served as the backdrop for Red Bull’s “Culture Clash,” a creative take on Jamaican sound clashes where DJs and artists from different countries and music genres battle over the course of four rounds to see who is best at moving the crowd. Four popular crews competed, including Eardrummers featuring Mike-Will-Made-It, Disturbing London featuring Tinie Tempah, Enjoylife featuring Wondagurl, and Unruly featuring Popcaan (who couldn’t make it, due to travel issues). While all of the crews were lit, it became clear after the first round that the real showdown was between the Atlanta based crew Eardrummers and Jamaican crew Unruly.

Red Bull made sure the crowd was equipped with all of the cool swag they needed to cheer their favorite crew by gifting fans T-Shirts, bandanas, foam finger pointers, and more. What the fans didn’t get, however, were the dope Adidas track jackets and sneakers donned by the respective crews and participating celebrities in attendance. Red Bull, known for creative collaborations in the arts, did an incredible job blending brand signage with the artistic aesthetic of the venue to create the right vibe.

A massive crowd shows up to support Red Bull Culture Clash (Photo credit: Cam Kirk)

To that end, Eardrummers came out swinging, playing back to back hits. Rae Sremmurd took to the stage to join in on the lyrics for “No Type” while hyping the crowd. Next up was Unruly, who even without Popcaan, tore the house down with a mix of hip hop, dancehall, remixes, and dubs. The crews pulled out all of the stops including blowing money in the air, shooting smoke into the crowd, tossing beach balls around the audience, and dissing the rival crews. In the end, however, the Jamaican based crew Unruly leaned on experience and claimed the Culture Clash title.