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Master P introduces on-demand tech company, Day Runner app

Photo credit: Master P

Businessmen Percy Miller, Marvin Walker and the Day Runner Technology Team have created an app that’s a game changer for the fast-paced courier and delivery service customer.

Day Runner is ready for Wall Street and investors are eager to get in on the boom with the privately held American on-demand transportation company that has the potential to be bigger than Uber. Day Runner is more than a ride share and delivery app, it connects users with the industry’s most professional contractors for fast and reliable service. Day Runner provides around-the-clock rides and delivery service that individuals and business owners alike need. The app will also assist with a wide variety of needs that include, but are not limited to: supplies pickup; meal deliveries; vehicle drop-offs to the dealership for service; or replacement drivers for other courier businesses.

Day Runner puts businesses and individuals in a position to operate more effectively, by saving time and making more profits.

“Day Runner can show you how to be your own boss in the transportation business,” Master P says. “We invite entrepreneurs and investors to join the next big movement in technology and transportation. If you want to get in the game, don’t get left behind.”


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  3. Stephane Berwald on September 12, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    Thanks Mr Miller and Mr Walker! The DayRunner app is an innovative solution to the courier industry. Congrats on a successful launch!

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