The quarterbacks worse than Colin Kaepernick in NFL week 1

We now know what the billionaire NFL owners are doing to Colin Kaepernick: he’s not on an NFL roster because he’s being blackballed for sitting and kneeling during the national anthem at games in 2016.

But after game week one of the NFL season, there are multiple quarterbacks who are worse than “Kaep” and played atrociously while their teams suffered embarrassing losses.

Check out these NFL starters’ results and related tweets. Ask yourself if Kaepernick could have produced superior play. And remember: these are just the starters. We’re not even talking about the backups.

Scott Tolzien – Indianapolis Colts – Tolzien had only 128 yards and two picks. Zero TDs.

Josh McCown – New York Jets – He stinks. He’s been bad but on Sunday he threw 39 passes for 187 yards, 0TDs and two INTs.

Blake Bortles – Jacksonville Jaguars – He proved that point again by going 11-21 and 125 yards.

Tom Savage – Houston Texans – He threw for 62 yards before his coach pulled him after the 1st half.

Brian Hoyer – San Francisco 49ers – 193 yards, 0 TDs and a pick.

Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – He threw four INTs and had a 28 passer rating.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

I'm a lover of words, pictures, people and The Ohio State Buckeyes. A true journalist from the soul.

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