Maxine Waters on Trump, Bill Cosby and today’s youth

Congresswoman Maxine Waters speaking at Dick Gregory’s Celebration of Life | Photo credit: Charmyonne Bailey for Steed Media

We all know that Congresswoman Maxine Waters is a spitfire. The longest-serving Black woman in the House speaks her mind every chance she gets, against any opponent, and on any platform. She has shown time and time again that she can hold her own. Her popularity was heightened after she refused to attend Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. The 79-year-old was given the nickname “Auntie Maxine” by millennials after clapping back at now-ousted Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. He insulted her hairstyle, saying he was too distracted by her “James Brown wig.” Waters’ response, “I am a strong Black woman. I cannot be intimidated, and I am not going anywhere,” went viral. The incident sparked Black women on social media to start the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork to express the challenges that Black women face in the workplace and their disgust for O’Reilly’s comment. She also coined the phrase “Reclaiming My Time” after interrupting Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. She felt that he was dodging her questions during a House Financial Services Committee hearing.

While honoring her longtime friend, legendary Black comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory at his celebration of life this weekend, Waters announced to those gathered that she doesn’t have time to be likable or timid.

“I’ve decided, I’m taking off the gloves. I’ve decided that I have no fear. I’ve decided that I don’t want to be safe. I’m not looking for who likes me and does not like me. It’s time for all of us to walk in the walk of Dick Gregory,” she said. Her fearless comment was a build up to thanking the Cosby family. The Cosby’s sent a tree to Waters when her mother passed away three years ago. Since Bill Cosby is facing sexual assault allegations and has a re-trial set for early Spring 2018, numerous organizations, friends and celebrities have severed ties with him. But Waters says that she sticks by her friends during hard times. “Thank you Bill and Camille Cosby… Ladies and gentlemen, I’m a politician. I’m not supposed to thank Bill and Camille Cosby. A friend in need is a friend indeed and if you can’t stand with your friends when they need you, your not worth your soul,” she said.

Waters pointed out that some of today’s youth have been problematic as a result of being “dropped off of America’s agenda.” Encouraging her audience, she vocalized that this generation’s issues should be the community’s priority. And the solution to most of their issues involves loving, embracing and standing up for them in their time of need.

How official would an Auntie Maxine speech be if she didn’t throw shade at the president? She’s been calling for Trump’s impeachment before he was sworn in. Waters repeatedly called President Trump a “dishonorable human being.” She went further by indicating his White House cabinet was filled with KKK members and the Alt-right. She even mentioned what she thought Dick Gregory would say about Trump’s actions with Putin. “Did he collude with Russia? I bet you Dick Gregory would tell me, ‘Yeah, he did it.'” Whether impeached or not, Waters is sure she’ll leave a lasting impression on the president. “We’re gonna let someone come along, like this ‘thing’ in the White House and dishonor us all?… I don’t think so! … When I get done with Donald Trump, he’s gonna wish he had been impeached,” she said.

Charmyonne Bailey

I'm a passionate freelance journalist turned natural hair enthusiast on the weekends...

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      1. Anitra Burrows, do you *really* want to get in trouble again? 😉 Wasn’t your arrest in Pennsylvania enough? Being humiliated with community service? Having that on your permanent record when you try to get a job? lol. It’s annoying when the woman who reported your illegal activity and got you arrested has actually done the work and lost *her* weight, but your azz is still big as a house, isn’t it? Aw girl. You’re so transparent it’s comical. 😀 😀 😀 “Anitra has the mentality of a 13 year old girl”, said the detective who took you in. 😀 Agreed!

        1. (sigh).. I would think you’d be tired of sounding like a broken record. Pick up the needle, already. A 50 year old woman posting like a 13 year old girl but wants to talk about somebody else’s mental state. Amazing comedy lol! You can’t make this up, folks!

          1. A woman who makes fun of people having associate degrees (i.e. Jay) when that’s all she’s accomplished in her hypocritical life after attending at least 5 schools hahaha! Doesn’t it take around 2 years to receive one of those? What the freak did you do, go to school and quit after each semester and attend another school because you were getting beat up? Wait, because you were so OBESE (lol!) that you were just too embarrassed to continue going to school, having people see you everyday and kept changing your mind going back and forth, back and forth. Well, whatever you did, I’m glad you finally took the marsh mellows out of your mouth and decided to get liposuction so the world didn’t have to continue to see that fat of yours. Congrats!

          2. Oh, big sigh. You know what was fun? Reading the articles saying how you were begging for mercy from the judge, lol. You had to have daddy go in with you, couldn’t even handle it on your own. Grown woman, huh? Right. No. 13 year old girls commit illegal acts pathetically trying to go viral online (i.e., get attention). Grown women get them arrested. Ta!

      2. She doesn’t give up, doesn’t she? Like I said take her picture to the courthouse and make sure they put her on a monitor list. She needs a trip to the looney bin for a check-up.

        1. Her and her cronies are really doing a disservice to society posting erroneous information and even on their fake rape page, they claim someone paid Temple’s Margo Jackson for coming forward with a bogus story. Do they have proof? Of course not. They WANT her story to be fake. They said no one on that page even knew what high profile case she was talking about in her statement that Wyatt read, like she made it up. Well, if those loose females were in school getting an education instead of rolling on their backs at the playboy mansion or wherever, maybe they’d have the skills to research what case she was talking about.

  1. She has been close friends with Bill Cosby for over 30 years. She knows the truth that Dr. Cosby is innocent and she understands the truth about this Ku Klux Klan inspired racist and sexist farce playing out in Montgomery county.

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      2. Thanks Anitra Burrows! Are you ready for your 2nd arrest next year at the Cosby trial? Gonna commit more crimes and illegally audio record more trial proceedings? If you do, we’ll be there, again, making sure the courthouse staff is aware of your presence (since you’ve been banned from the premises). See you there!

        P.S. – I love that pic of me. It’s cute! xo

        1. She told President Judge Thomas DelRicci, “I just figured this was my one time to have a video go viral.”

          Poor girl, so desperate for attention, to be noticed. Thanks to you, she had to go before the judge and say that!? Her parents must be so proud!/s Looks like she didn’t learn her lesson. I might need to contact that judge myself and let him know her current continuing misbehavior related to the Cosby case. Either way, she is to be pitied. A very needy person. 13 years old is about right, maybe even a little generous.

          1. Ash, Jessie blocked me as I was responding to her last post. I am heartbroken. For the life of me, I don’t know why she is so po’ed. May I post my response to her here, and ask you to pass it on?
            Could you ask her to unblock me?

            I miss you so much, you can’t imagine, XXX.
            Too shamed to post to you currently because I upset you, and can’t find the right words to apologize.
            If you can’t read me anymore, then don’t.
            That was a post I wrote to KDAnn Landers.
            It was not about you, although your name came up.
            She and I are of the same generation, but she is smarter than I, an ex-marine who has no opinion about Jane Fonda. She posted to me first.
            The whole Ken Burns show is really upsetting me, and I am curious for KD’s input, as I know she surely has better insights about Viet Nam than I.
            Of course, I don’t know what you have discussed with JW about Viet Nam. But in your last post to me, you wrote you would never burden JW with such a discussion. You were fine knowing he was the good, decent man you married. All I wrote to KD was that she was correct (as was Sally) to suggest you should never ask JW about his experiences there. And I wrote that knowing JW the way I do, that he would protect you from any info that would (needlessly) upset you.
            What is wrong with that?

          2. KH is right. I went to respond to a post to me and noticed she dumped her account or her phone died. Her last post to me was to unblock Sally because he was doing his weird sh*t again. She quoted his dot-terd comment to you as her avatar. She was joking about his rambling at you.

          3. I posted to KD last night around 10:15.
            A little while later, Jessie posted to me that my posts upset her too much, and referred to something in my post to KD. I typed a reply, but when I went to post it, I couldn’t, so thought I’d been blocked and asked Ash to post it for me. I guess she was deleting her account while I was writing my post. That was around midnight.
            Wish she would come back and block me, rather than leave you guys, too.
            As for Sally, his last post to me was this morning:
            “oh boo hoo, boo hoo you whieny FOS POS”
            He can have the last word.

          4. Sally is challenged. Who cares!! Case closed. Even posters on the other side keep him at arms length. There are reasons. Ignore and block if he gets needy, again. His parents spared the rod the little sh*t.

          5. “Even” posters from the other side, lol?
            Seems to me they are smart enough to avoid Sally totally, except for his paramour, Burt.
            Sally is insufferable.
            Speaking of Burt, did you see his avatar? WHITE guy on a jet ski. Hmmmm….wonder who that could be, lol?

          6. Where were you to help jessie out? oxymoron went after jessie like a foaming animal. Posters on the other side know their blocked because they lack boundaries so they learned not to waste their time. They read my posts. You POS, you want to support that sociopath then you’ll be considered one to. Jessie had the option of blocking oxymoron but she got away from you too.

          7. Haiku to PT:

            You have made me laugh
            My fellow sociopath
            Dancing cockatiel!

            God Night Nurse, that is hilarious PT!!
            It is perfect in every way! From the song selection to the one bird who does not want to dance, lol. I love videos of talking birds.
            Can’t remember if I ever responded to the Carlos Santana link you sent….Santana is a talented guitar player, but that cover could no way compare with Prince and the boys.
            Hey, wanna meet me at the bar in an hour or two? The one with the jukebox? If there is a pinball machine, all the better. I could go for a couple of IPA’s. Maybe even some greasy onion rings, since we are all going to die soon. I like those stuffed potato skin things, too.
            The world may be coming to an end. Trump is too messed up not to provoke little Kim, putting millions in Japan, both Koreas, Seattle, San Francisco, LA in danger. Meanwhile, while we are on the brink of war, Trump is trying to cause racial divide in this country, tweeting about the NFL. Can you imagine if Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis were tweeting about Elvis or hula hoops?
            I’m sitting on a beach, MY beach, a few feet from a beautiful lake. Seemed like summer had left, but for at least the past week it has been sunny, temp in the mid -80s. Am going to go swimming in a little while. My last swim?
            Effing orange POS is going to mess it up for all of us. Hate that bloated moron, and the idiots who cheer him on. Disgusted with every person who voted for him, no matter what their reason.
            Speaking of insufferable psychotic windbags….Did you ever see the video of Sally Sue’s former bird? After his partner passed away, the bird could not stand being alone with Sally Sue so he surrendered it for adoption.

          8. That’s like the pot calling the kettle black, lol.
            Why are you reading my posts to other people instead of pretending to be a lawyer on Disqus?
            Go away InSufferabe Sally Sue!
            Go bother someone else.

          9. Moron. You thought hide on another Cosby newsvine I had already commented on non-genius. I didn’t chase her away, you did. You even removed the comment that was the final straw. You’re pretending to be normal when you’re a sociopath. I have no need to pretend anything. If you want to hide from me you’re going to have to use a non cosby newsvine.

          10. Wrong, Sally.
            The “final straw” comment is still up there.
            If you were not so dense/clueless, you would know that.
            But as you are always wrong about everything involving human relationships, it is not surprising.
            I deleted one short comment days earlier. (Check the dates.)
            But actual facts, don’t matter to you.
            Once you make up your bone head mind about something, that is it for you, fake lawyer.
            You would be torn apart in an actual court of law by the opposing side. By a new public attorney on his/her first day/case. Storm rips you apart daily here.
            Why would I try to “hide” from you, lol?
            You are the one with the private account, not I.
            Go away, you big blob of blubber. Your blubber is the reason you were not injured with your fake sidewalk fall.

          11. You can’t even understand this case, nor recognize an attorney, or anything else. Lousy job of backtracking sociopath, you wouldn’t shut up, you went on to enlist others. And you won’t leave her alone, you want her back to give her more of your Nam abuse. She’s not taking it.

            junkie is an ignoramus. All he does is copy and past the same shiot every time. You’re all garbage. Non of you are worth anything.

            Again, you want to hide do it on a non cosby site but it’s doubtful they’ll tolerate you elsewhere.

          12. Go away, Sally.
            What a pathetic nuisance you are.
            I know you are not an attorney, unless you are a former attorney with a brain injury or mental illness.
            If that is the case, tell us, and we will be kind.
            Currently you come across as an azzhola of Trumplike proportions.
            If all of us are “garbage”, then why talk to us?
            Because you have no one else.

          13. r
            Oxy Passing Through 2 days ago

            I posted to KD last night around 10:15.
            A little while later, Jessie posted to me that my posts upset her too much, and referred to something in my post to KD. I typed a reply, but when I went to post it, I couldn’t, so thought I’d been blocked and asked Ash to post it for me. I guess Jessie was deleting her account while I was writing my post. That was around midnight.
            Wish she would come back and block me, rather than leave you guys, too.
            As for Sally, his last post to me was this morning:
            “oh boo hoo, boo hoo you whieny FOS POS”
            He can have the last word.
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          14. sOxy Passing Through 2 days ago

            I posted to KD last night around 10:15.
            A little while later, Jessie posted to me that my posts upset her too much, and referred to something in my post to KD. I typed a reply, but when I went to post it, I couldn’t, so thought I’d been blocked and asked Ash to post it for me. I guess Jessie was deleting her account while I was writing my post. That was around midnight.
            Wish she would come back and block me, rather than leave you guys, too.
            As for Sally, his last post to me was this morning:
            “oh boo hoo, boo hoo you whieny FOS POS”
            He can have the last word.
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          15. Why are you lying? Oxy was discussing the Ken Burns documentary with Jessie, in general, not as it related specifically to Jessie’s husband. “‘Nam abuse”? Discussing the horrors of war honestly isn’t abuse. Jessie stated that she was upset but couldn’t state exactly why, as she was unprepared for the intensity of her feelings.

          16. Oxy Passing Through 2 days ago

            I posted to KD last night around 10:15.
            A little while later, Jessie posted to me that my posts upset her too much, and referred to something in my post to KD. I typed a reply, but when I went to post it, I couldn’t, so thought I’d been blocked and asked Ash to post it for me. I guess Jessie was deleting her account while I was writing my post. That was around midnight.
            Wish she would come back and block me, rather than leave you guys, too.
            As for Sally, his last post to me was this morning:
            “oh boo hoo, boo hoo you whieny FOS POS”
            He can have the last word.
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          17. And?
            My 10:15 post to KD from 2 days ago is still up there for all to see.
            You have just proven my point.
            Go away, Sally. Go talk to Burt.

          18. Oxy Passing Through 2 days ago

            I posted to KD last night around 10:15.
            A little while later, Jessie posted to me that my posts upset her too much, and referred to something in my post to KD. I typed a reply, but when I went to post it, I couldn’t, so thought I’d been blocked and asked Ash to post it for me. I guess Jessie was deleting her account while I was writing my post. That was around midnight.
            Wish she would come back and block me, rather than leave you guys, too.
            As for Sally, his last post to me was this morning:
            “oh boo hoo, boo hoo you whieny FOS POS”
            He can have the last word.
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          19. I was cleaning out email. We both saw it for the first time, today. Buried from four months ago from a mail friend with the caption “some women are hard to impress”.

            I hope it cheered Jessie up. I was having fun with it. Lol I thought it was appropriate.

            All we heard yesterday up here was the solidarity from the NFL, even the Patriots owner. Trump just gets stranger all the time. I don’t think the people around him will let him do anything rash. Who knows about Rocket Man sally. Loose cannon.
            Those birds sure get to become good mimickers.

          20. Not only the Patriot’s owner.
            Even Trump “friend” Tom Brady. ( I think Brady’s wife is setting him straight, but that is fine.)
            The problem is Trump alone can start a nuclear war within minutes. That is the way our system works. Prez has the power to launch an instant attack.
            Trump, because of his insecurity and personality disorder, needs to respond to every insult that comes his way (think Sally) when he should be ignoring little Kim, letting the State Department quietly handle it.
            I have never liked birds as “pets, but understand why people like them. The worst is the songbirds in cages.
            How I would love it if Jessie could see your link, but I don’t think she is looking. If I did, I would be sending her all kinds of messages.
            What disturbs me is that she totally deleted her account, like dropping a bomb. She could have blocked me, she could have made her account “private”, she could have said good-bye to you guys. But no. Boom! Wiping out all that great history/stories, all the fun times/laughs. Boom! Gone!

          21. LOL!
            That bird would be perfect for Seymour!
            Having the weather turn from cold to hot has brought out a slew of BIG spiders here. Mostly outside, but I woke up today with one on my arm in my bed! I flung my arm out in horror, and it went flying across the room. I knew I would have to kill it, but golly that thing was fast! It got away, under a piece of furniture. Now it is in my house somewhere.

          22. The bird is a perfect alternative wife. Teach him the polka, then you can go to that restaurant and relax after your meal.

            We’re having a two day heat wave also and then summer is over. I don’t relax if a spider is around after my black widow bite.

          23. I’m sorry to have disturbed you, I did it for me knowing I’d be back when I felt like it but knowing I’d come back sooner if I didn’t make it difficult for myself to read posts. I know you didn’t mean anything by any of it, I was the one having difficulty so I signed off for a few days. Unfortunately that required me to delete easy access to this board.

          24. Welcome back!
            I can’t begin to tell you how happy/relieved I am that you have returned.
            I was more than disturbed.
            I was distressed.
            Have you ever seen how some people— for example, the North Koreans when their leader dies–flip out?
            The one they were taught was immortal. They wail and scream and throw themselves on the ground.
            OK, it was not like that, lol.
            I did not cry, but I was heavy hearted and not a day went by when I did not think about you, wonder if you would ever return.
            I just posted to Ash why I think it is best you stay away from me for awhile.
            I may follow you, but best you don’t follow me
            In the meantime, any way you could hook me up with your mom and her book club?

          25. Welcome back!
            I can’t begin to tell you how happy/relieved I am that you have returned.
            I was more than disturbed. I was distressed.
            Have you ever seen how some people— for example, the North Koreans when their leader dies–flip out?
            The one they were taught was immortal. They wail and scream and throw themselves on the ground.
            OK, it was not like that, lol. I did not cry, but I was heavy hearted and not a day went by when I did not think about you, wonder if you would ever return.
            I just posted to Ash why I think it is best you stay away from me for awhile.
            I may follow you, but best you don’t follow me
            In the meantime, any way you could hook me up with your mom and her book club?

          26. I get such a kick out of my mom, whenever I say something like “I’ll call you tomorrow” she checks her schedule, it’s a crowded affair. “Well, I have scrabble in the morning, then some of us girls are going to lunch after and that can easily take four hours, and then we have the boys after school and your father promised them mini put… I’m sorry Jessie but tomorrow just won’t be good, I’ll be available the day after before noon though.” “Um, okay… or I can talk to dad or leave a message?” “Well your father will be at Parliament for most of the day and then of course there’s the boys, and it’ll be Tuesday so he’ll have a sauna at the gym in the evening…” “okay okay! Can you pencil me for 10am Wednesday?” “Don’t be silly, you don’t need an appointment to call!” Lol. She’s a hoot.

            I read your note to Ash, thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it. Not sure why I’m such a basket case over the subject but no matter, I just am so that’s that, don’t need to discuss. Except I will say I would have preferred not to be so dramatic, kind of embarrassing but oh well, what’s done is done and it’s in the past. I’ll just not follow you for a while.

            Anyway I’m sorry to hear you’ve had so much going on, it’s stressful enough dealing with one or two unpleasant things but when they all happen at the same time, overwhelming!

            Sleeping on the couch with Fred is not nearly as much fun as I thought it’d be. His head weighs 500 pounds, he’s super boney, he snores, and when he isn’t trying to push me off I incorporate the really bad terrible commercials into my dreams (who melts plastic cups in their cookware? I do in my dreams apparently, when I’m not spin mopping my floors or using some find of flexseal on my imaginary boat). I need a nap.

          27. I’m not planning to talk about Viet Nam again. I hope I won’t. It is just that I am behind 3 episodes, and when I finally watch them, I don’t know what could happen. Especially since I heard Burns had acquired never before seen footage of Kent State. I was in high school at the time, and it was something that affected me enormously.
            Now I REALLY want to “meet” your mom because she is using the same “blow off” tactics that I use to avoid talking to blabbermouths on the phone, lol.
            I am not saying that is her situation/motive, but people who won’t get off the phone drive me crazy!
            That may seem odd since I write long posts on Disqus, but when it comes to the phone: 15/20 minutes max, IF there is a serious reason to talk. Otherwise, 2-10 minutes.
            I feel the same way about people who take really long showers.
            There is a woman who was sort of my friend, who hunted me down a few years back after 30 years, phoned me and would talk my ear off. Every 2 months, she would call, and after about 3 or 4 messages, I would resign myself that I would have to call her back and
            “put in my time.” Usually I would find some tedious household chore to do–like polishing wood furniture–and put her on the speakerphone. Last fall I learned she was a Trump supporter, and told her I was sorry, I was still her friend, but I would no longer be able to talk on the phone with her as Trump upset me too much. “Pease don’t talk about politics!” she begged me. I told her that I was sorry, but I held all Trump voters responsible.
            A few days ago, I found out that yet another long time senior hotel employee has been fired on trumped up charges. She was a 40 year employee, and I know she did nothing wrong because she was always so paranoid they would get her. I need to call her soon, but she is another blabbermouth. If I call her once, she will be calling me every day wanting to talk for an hour. If I were home in the city, fine, I could deal with it. But this is my last month at camp! I retired to get away from the hellhole Hotel, and suddenly I will be expected to sit and talk about it every day?
            So I have to invent excuses in advance of why I can’t talk on the phone. She is one–like you–who will try to “schedule” calls, lol.
            As for what I am “dealing with”, it is simply everyday life, BS we all deal with. I am very fortunate when I compare myself to the friend going to the hospital for surgery that she probably won’t survive, all the people who died and families who lost loved ones during wars,
            people who—well, you know.
            I was simply explaining to Ash why I had been off Disqus for a few days.

          28. I’m very sorry about your friend, when is her surgery? I’ll be thinking of her and you. Crazy amount of stuff piled in your lap. Be extra kind to yourself whenever you can and enjoy that camp of yours!

            I find it that you got from my mom checking her agenda for free time that I’M the blabbermouth! LOL!!! I love excuses to get of the phone, I wish people would call me when only when I have 5 minutes to spare! Didn’t you notice I said I’d leave a message if she wasn’t home? I’m super cool with that too! In fact those make for some of the best phone calls! “Hi (insert name), it’s Jessie, been thinking about you and trust you and the family are well. I’ll give you a shout later this week”. Lol. Even poor JW gets the bum’s rush on the phone.

          29. Her surgery is tomorrow afternoon in a town 45 minutes away. Don’t like it that the surgery is in the afternoon. Always better to be the first surgery patient in the day.
            It is safe to look at my posts today. No talk of war, and I offer a couple of surefire tips for getting off the phone quickly. (Funny, PT uses one of the same ones I do.) I just need some new ones. Seymour is a prankster who delights when I get stuck on the phone with one of the windbags I complain about. We’ve had wrestling matches about answering the phone when one of the gabber’s names comes up on the phone. Sometimes their names will appear on our tv screen as the phone starts ringing, and Seymour will jump up. One time I tried to tackle him, “Seymour don’t you DARE” , and he dragged me across the room by his one leg. “Hi Joyce! Yes, Oxy is here!” Yup, Seymour can be a real azzhole sometimes. I’ve resigned myself to the bi-monthy (as in 1X every 2 months) calls, but unless they have a crisis, I can’t let the calls increase. I don’t have it so bad. I have one friend who has to talk on the phone two hours every Sunday with her cousin.

          30. !!!! First thing I cant stop wondering about is who still has a land line?!?…. I just had to erase four sentences extolling the virtue of cells because JD has one unfortunate biotch of a ‘Cuz that calls his cell to ask where I am if I don’t immediately answer her calls, which happened not 20 minutes ago… “please don’t answer JW! Don’t answer!” I cry as I grab at the phone, “hey ‘Cuz! Oh, well she’s here, maybe her phone is in her purse and she didn’t hear it, here, I’ll pass you to her”. I had to pull out the big guns, and I’m going to share them with you so you can add to your arsenal – be careful though, Operation Whisper can only succeed if you’re skilled and in a private area… I don’t know if I should share this… it might be too high risk but it’s so high reward… you might not be ready…

          31. Who still has a landline, you ask?
            Educated people from Kennedyesque families who can afford $17/month. Responsible people who don’t spend their last dime on heroin. People who don’t want to be a slave to their cell phones. Important people who understand that cell phone batteries go dead. People who want 911 to be able to locate them in case of an emergency.
            Once again you have shown yourself to be extremely ignorant.
            Does your mom no longer have a landline?
            That being said, if you have a secret to share about getting windbags off the phone, I am willing to overlook all of the above.
            I AM READY!!
            We could even open one of those secret private Disqus accounts that Ash told me about, if you don’t want to share this incredable secret with the whole world.
            It seems that JW acted out of innocence/ignorance.
            Rest assured, Seymour (in case you are still harboring fantasies about living with him) acts out of sheer malice.
            We had an agreement that when I would make a pre-arranged gesture (the universal throat cutting/finger slicing the throat) he was supposed to come over and save me. “Sorry, Joyce, but Seymour is insisting I go to the Home Depot with him immediately. He has been very patient, but—” And then he will step up and loudly proclaim so that she can hear, “No, Oxy! We don’t have to go today! It’s fine. Keep on talking to Joyce!”

          32. Many elderly persons had to give up their landlines for their emergency call systems to work properly.

          33. Thank you.
            I don’t actually know. I am assuming the worst. She told me she has COPD, and was not expected to survive. As I am not a family member–and she only has 2–a sister and a bro-in-law–the hospital would never give me any info.
            She herself told me to call her retirement home tomorrow for info.
            She was more like an acquaintance/friend. Someone we met in my mom’s cardiac rehab gym. We discovered a mutual interest in books/literature, and that is what we would discuss. I never went to her home before last week when I learned of her health issue. I went a second time, and brought my mom a few days later. I got some women in the town, who knew and liked her to visit her. (They had not been aware of her situation.)
            I really hope she makes it, and if she does I will do everything I can for her in my last month here.
            But if she does not, I will remember her as someone I will treasure and was glad to have met.
            This will sound weird, but I would be more affected/broken up by your death–what did you call me? an imaginary person?, lol–than hers.

          34. It’s a tough day Oxy, you sound down and I don’t blame you. I feel numb too but not in the way I’d expect or have before, it’s different, like it’s the absence of something, desensitized like. This happens too much, too frequently. I could be way off, but I think today has made you blue – I’m giving you a super big hug!

          35. Thank you. Found out my friend survived the surgery! She called a friend last night and said, “I made it, and I’m high as a kite.” (drugs, I imagine.) Now she should be ok, unless she gets an infection. She will be in the hospital one week. Because of her lung problems they were worried it would be the actual surgery that would kill her.

          36. Happy to hear about your friend and I hope she gets through the iffy phase of infection okay.

            Sally tells me I have flabby brain cells. That sounds worse than his condition of no brain cells. Is this a diagnosable problem? Should I be concerned?

          37. I don’t know, but Ash wrote me an insightful post about Sally, and I can no longer justify responding to him.
            I am not going to block him, as I enjoy the “Sallyisms”, but I will no longer feed him, respond, no matter what he writes to me.
            Unless my response is a simple, “LOL” (Lots of laughter.)
            You missed a few good Sallyisms while you were gone.
            Here is one about his house:
            “And there’s no end to people from everywhere to want to stay in my house whose guest rooms include private bathroom facilities and is at a popular location.”

          38. LOTS OF LAUGHTER!!!

            A guest bath for guests! Such unheard of decadence! If they get their own towels my mind will officially be blown!

          39. You’re laughing because you don’t have it. Everyone around me is in the same position. Location, location, location.

          40. Guests have used words like “lavish”, “palatial”, “majestic” , and “opulent” to describe Sally Lago, which is also at a popular location.
            I’m thinking maybe…..Orlando?

          41. ” I have posters follow me, that you don’t know about, because you’re obtuse. They congratulate me for what I do here. I am like God to them.” Lots of Laughter, Rocky rolling over

          42. Dreadful, wretched, horrid little man!
            If only he weren’t so entertaining….
            Like “God” to his countless “followers”, lol.
            The Church of Sally.
            Why are you “private”?

          43. You love however the pendejo without cojones falisifyinq quotes.

            I have evidence of that fact. You won’t believe who the most recent one is either. She’s avoiding all of you.

          44. “I have evidence of that fact. You won’t believe who the most recent one is either. She’s avoiding all of you.”

            I know I vowed to not respond to you anymore, but this is too much!
            Oh, my golly, you are right, Sally Sue. I probably won’t believe it. Let me try to guess….
            Could your most recent convert be….oh, no! Say it ain’t so!….Not……Keke?!?!

          45. Lurkers and closet wankers are enamored enough with us to follow us and they have endorsed Sally as their spokesperson? OMG! That must be why Sally retired from being an attorney. A higher calling.

          46. You think you’re mocking but what you’re actually revealing is that you don’t live in the lifestyle. Everyone that lives in community has the same thing if not the same house. Hall bathrooms are designed to convert into private bathrooms for guess. Who does anyone own a home not have a set aside of amenties such a guest towels, toothpast and toothbrushes, shampoo, and number of things that people travel may have forgotten . Its one of the facts that make for a good host. then there’s the amenities within the room itself. Some residents are snowbirds.

            Your post doesn’t have the effective you intended. All it does is expose you own lifestyle

            No, its not Orlando and that statement shows you have very little knowledge of places and lifestyles.

          47. What my latest statement shows is that you don’t understand the meaning of “facetious”.
            Again, you don’t need to read my posts to Jessie.

          48. You’re projecting. Facetious – inappropriate humor. Your problem you wouldn’t be doing that if you yourself lived the lifestyle because if you did live the lifestyle it would be normal for you. So your attempts at humor actually results revelations about yourselves.

            Your post are public information. If you want private conversations you need to find another medium suited to your garbage. Public newsvinces are not the proper venues for you’re shiet. You all don’t understand how public newsvines work.

            The proper venue for your shiet are emails.

            Here’s something you need to learn; turnabout is fair play and I’m amusing none of you can handle it..

            And if you small minded people are going to talk about other posters then posters have a right to respond

          49. Everyone has a lifestyle moron.

            Lifestyle – the way in which a person or group lives.

            You’re making yourself more of a fool.

          50. As horrible as he is, that Sally sure can give me lots of laughs! It’s like he announced that he changes his underwear every day and then went on to conclude we don’t because of our “oh mys, surely not EVERY day!” Hahahaha!

          51. Exactly.
            Plus how does he know we don’t have a better system, like reversing our underwear the next day, so we only have to change it every other day?
            I’m sure he has nice sheets, but when I have houseguests who arrive by car, I have them bring their own sheets and towels. It’s enough to have freeloaders in the house without being being left with a bunch of laundry to do.
            And Sally thinks he is so smart, lol.

          52. Hahaha! Stop!! You think you’re so smart? I require my driving freeloaders to bring a tent! Don’t have one? No worries, we have spares and lots of lush grass over the septic.

          53. Interesting….
            With all of JW’s siblings, I can’t blame you. If you didn’t have such a policy, you would have someone showing up at your doorstep every week.
            But what about when they need to go to the bathroom?
            Do you leave your house unlocked? ( Is that safe in your neighborhood?)
            Rent a permanent porta potty?
            I know you urinate in your backyard, but what if the guests need to do numero dos? You don’t want Fred eating it! You don’t want their soiled toilet paper blowing around your yard!
            My home/lifestyle is a little more upscale than yours. No judgment, just stating a fact. If my guests are flying in, or they are driving, but forgot their linens, we have about 4/5 sleeping bags that are washed annually. Every guest is allowed to choose their sleeping bag, as well as their spot on the floor. I try to always have clean pillow cases for them.
            They don’t get their own bathroom like at Sally Lago, but we have a timer for the bathroom lights, as well as for the shower, and we are VERY generous with the free time: 20 minutes, which is more than enough time to finish any bathroom business.
            IF they need/want more time, there is a machine where they can buy more time. It takes quarters. $3.50 for every 10 minutes, and we always have rolls of quarters that they can buy, at no profit for us. If we buy a roll of quarters for $10 from the bank, they pay $10. Before we installed this sophisticated system, Seymour would have to turn off the water manually, while I went to the fusebox and cut off the lights.
            What do you do about food for your guests?
            I provide them with an expansive list of nearby local restaurants. Everything from Starbucks to McDonalds to Panda Express. The list includes upscale places like Applebee’s, Olive Garden, and Red Lobster. My guests leave very satisfied, plus we live in a popular location.

          54. Ha! I wasn’t expecting that last part!! Lots of laughs!!!!

            Sounds like you have quite the swanky set up Oxy! You let the freeloaders shower inside?! My generosity involves loaning (at no cost), an outdoor shelter that serves as a shower, toilet, and change room. The water is free and solar heated (they can help themselves to our rain barrels to fill the bags).

            We provide the tek towels. They’re super absorbent and they dry quickly even when slung over a lawn chair…. er, reading chair, and because they’re anti-microbial they only need to be washed once a year.

            Of course, some of our guests don’t like having to move the toilet in and out of the shower, so for their convenience we also provide them with a bumper dumper

            As far as food I don’t mind providing that. Deer sausage and moose meatloaf. Depending on the bounty in our freezer (and JW’s success) they may even get partridge.

            Obviously this arrangement doesn’t apply to my family, I iron their sheets and they get fresh flowers in their ensuite. Lol. I’m serious, I won’t iron my own clothes but when it comes to “special guests” I iron the sheets. I used to do this for my favourite sister in law, but for obvious reasons she’s getting the bumper dumper and tent from now on.

          55. Wow! You have it figured out! Way to manage the mobs! Impressive!
            I think I might try to emulate your example here at camp.
            The only thing I am confused about is who empties the bumper dumper, and where does it get emptied? As unsightly as it is, I think I’ll just rent a porta potty and let the company come clean it weekly.

          56. Women wear underwear.
            Probably more so than men.
            Women, in general, are more modest, plus we like having that extra barrier of protection.
            We are also expected to wear “s e xy” lingerie for our husbands, in the event our husbands demand s e x.
            If we are wearing high waisted cotton briefs, our husbands might go out and seek a hussy in a thong.
            My husband wears underwear, but as you pointed out, he is likely gay.
            I am aware that real men don’t wear underwear.
            In any event, we have a much more serious issue than underwear on our hands.
            According to Sally, a high level individual from the Hate Group has defected and is now worshipping at the Church of Sally. I can not, for the life of me, imagine who that might be. In my heart of hearts, I know it is not you, Storm, or Ash. Sally has hinted that it is Brandy. I believe he said he got 12 upvotes from Brandy. Knowing Sally’s beliefs about AC, I find that hard to believe. But if he has converted someone of Brandy’s stature, it would be a Kim Philby like level of betrayal/deception.. I suspect Glo will assign you and Storm to the case. All I ask is that you make sure you have the right person, and that you go easy on them. At least in the beginning.

          57. Oxy, You may be projecting and assuming that because when you say something, it’s true. That kind of thinking cannot be used when dealing with a liar. Sally is lying, nothing he says cannot be considered true. He has no one.

          58. I dunno. I find it believable that Brandy upvoted Sally. I’ve done it several times myself. I’m probably going to h e double hockey sticks for laughing at someone with an obvious brain injury but you gotta admit, sometimes it’s so funny you gotta laugh and give props to the sallysmackdown even though it’s due to illness.

          59. Oh. Maybe I spoke about something I’m I’ll informed on. I thought y’all were saying a supporter turned duhfender not, that sally got a supporter upvote. I can believe that sally got an upvote or upvotes from a supporter but know Brandy is NOT a duhfender.

          60. Sometimes you can accidentally upvote someone, too. When you go to look at who upvoted their idiotic comment. I find it hard to believe that Brandy would upvote anything Sally said. Might have been one of the “fake” Brandys. If it happened at all…

          61. Your majesty, I think instead of dubbing him king, maybe just tap him as sir misinterpreter, alongside the other black knight.

          62. Are you getting this post? Dude’s been trying his best to silence me because I talk about Cosby too much/ don’t talk about Cosby enough etc., he was successful for a day, is he still? Let me know if you get this!

          63. Adumb effectively silenced me for hours yesterday. He flagged me so much that anything I posted was pending review. I only noticed it after wondering why no one was responding to me but him, when I checked out my history I saw that every comment I made was “pending”, and that it was because he flagged me as spam. Over a hundred times. But who’s counting his obsession, I certainly don’t want to!

          64. He is flagging Jessie’s posts as SPAM, and they are not. SPAM is “I made $15 dollars and hour working from home…” I suspect no one actually reads Jessie’s “spam” posts. The comment becomes “pending”, then it gets removed.
            This is bad because it is censorship. As offensive as people like Craig and Sally can be, I have never flagged their comments or tried to censor them. Freedom of speech.
            ADumb is setting a bad precedent. Stupid people are the worst.

          65. It’s YOU! You’re the mole, lol!
            I’m not convinced there is a brain injury. I think he could simply be a major azzhole, like Trump.

          66. I never said who it was. You biotches and b&stards lie and make up stories and that’s what makes you so foul. Just continue to take oxy’s abuse; you came back to get more of it.

          67. I know Ash.
            I was kidding. I should have sprinkled a few “Lol”s in there. I often forget.
            Speaking of azzholes of Sallyesque proportion….Did you see Trump in Puerto Rico? Telling them the Puerto Ricans they are “lucky”? Tossing rolls of paper towels at them?

          68. Laughs on laughs! Like Hall & Oates, I’m Out of touch, (gullible)
            I have seen Trump, being Trump. tossing paper towels, telling people who lost everything to, “have a good time”
            Carry on! lol

          69. You descend further into the pit of stupidity. No one has “defected” drama queen. You’re really a very sick woman; sick people. People can disagree and respect each other at the same time. People can disagree and find common ground to. Your post says something about you not anyone else.

          70. Nobody respects you, Sally, because you are an azzhole. Nobody likes you for the same reason. You are the stupid one for not realizing I was not serious. It’s called joking, Sally. And it was not posted to you. Mind your own business, busybody nosy parker.

          71. Back in the schoolyard again? What don’t you understand about “I don’t care” and that you’re not everyone. You care is anyone likes you. That’s confining.

            Yours is a bully’s defense and you can’t bully me. You have a jessie for that. You don’t have privacy on the newsvine twit. It’s a public board. The topic is Bill Cosby. If you’re incapable of staying on point with the subject go elsewhere where its more suitable for your garbage and people will come to talk about the Bill Cosby case together.

            Turnabout is fair play; deal with it. You get what you dish out.

          72. Is someone talking about Bill Cosby here?
            What more is there to say?
            There will be another trial, there will be at least one idiotic dinosaur on the jury, it will be another hung jury, Cosby will die a pariah. The End.
            That is all I have to say about Cosby, no reason to talk to me.
            If there is anyone talking about Bill Cosby, who is willing to talk to you, then go talk to them. Why seek out people who don’t like you?
            If you ” don’t care”, then get AWAY from me, Sally!
            What the EF is your problem?

          73. You’re an idiot on the newsvine. You have not respect for truth. Nearly have, either 5 or 7. There wasn’t a lone wolf on the jury. Give them respect lowlife because it was their job and not yours. You know nothing. You’re just a nasty false accusers with a bottomless pit of disdain for the lives of others.

            Get off the newsvines about Cosby and people will return and post about instead of going no further than lurking.

            There’s plenty to discuss that you’re incapable of understanding. You’re all like the needle stuck on a album scratch.

            You don’t don’t speak for anyone else biotch. I happen to know that you people are wanted off the board. Find another newsvine where you fit in.

            Who’s seeking you out moron? No one is seeking you out. You’re getting back what you dish out. Turnabout is fair play. Behave yourselves you thin skin small brained nincompoop and study a dictionary.

          74. You are seeking me out, azzhole. Who made it your job to police the board and look for posts not about Cosby? You yourself post very little about Cosby, you are so busy being a busybody. Now EF off.

          75. KillerKoala • 6 days ago

            you notice that nobody cares about the Cosby fiasco anymore but Storm
            Junkie and Jessie? They are still commenting on every article about
            Cosby to make them all believers. Is there anyone new here? No? Didn’t
            think so.”

            What’s Killer arguing. First it’s Jessie and Storm are the only ones that care about Cosby, Then it’s Jessie talks about stuff unrelated. If Killer doesn’t care then why is he here? Who even knows what that psycho Sally is going on about. He’s only here when it’s in trial phase. He’s here every day lurking for a fight. Wonder where his followers are?

          76. From now on, unless Sally writes me a post that contains an original good Sallyism, I am not going to respond to him. He wrote me a long winded, gassy one yesterday that I ignored. Likes Fids and Trump, very important for Sally to get the last word in.
            Was not aware of “House of Cosbys” until you posted about it. Now, I am pleased to see I can watch the episodes on youtube. Looks like just my cup of tea. Seymour will enjoy them also.
            Maybe I will discuss each episode after I watch it. Hopefully that will satisfy those Duhfenders who have a bee in their bonnet about not enough Cosby talk. Gotta stay on subject!
            How is your cabin? Safe from the fires yet?

          77. Who needs to get the last word in coward. You turn to invoking my name to someone else rather than face me. You’re a small minded coward. You can only handle a minute level of reading while I can scroll down an entire newsvine in minutes. People can read your posts in china if they wanted to.

          78. It’s not that I can’t face you. It’s that I don’t want to face you.
            I’ll “face” you here, but this going to be one of the last times:
            You are a pathetic azzhole. Your personality is absolutely grotesque.
            I don’t why they would want to, but I don’t care if people in China read my posts. You don’t need to constantly point out the obvious: that this is a public forum, lol.
            What is creepy is your following me around, you wheezing bag of blubber.
            How did you get your brain injury?
            Doing one of your planned pratfalls in front of someone’s house?
            Ok, go ahead. Get your last “hysterical” word in now, Sally……

          79. Who’s following you around non genius. What don’t you understand about your public posts? All it takes is something called “scrolling”. There have been new comments that have nothing to do with your lowlife group. You scroll you see posts. There’s nothing you can do because people have a right to respond to poster who discuss other posters you small minded low life. What part is turnabout is fair play is incomprehensible to you.

            You’re the obtuse one for failing to have in your procession a contract, not reading it and possibly incurring thousands of dollars in debt.

            The universe has a way of ensuring what goes around comes around. You’ve been heaped with a host of incoming problems. The universe is trying to tell you something. Your descendants, if you have any, will pay for your actions.

          80. More BS from you, Sally.
            No, I do not carry a 15 year old contract around with me when I travel from home to home. Even if I did, I’d want them to send me a copy of what they are claiming the contract is. Genworth has now sent me a copy of the contract, and the Illinois Insurance Commissioner will go to bat for me. Nothing in the contract supports what they are claiming, but that does not mean they won’t get away with it.
            If I indeed owe them $3933.06, I will write them a check. There will be no debt, or consequences for my descendants.
            The Universe does not “tell” people things.
            “It ain’t why, why, why….It just is.” Van Morrison
            Are we done now, Sally?
            Can that be your last word?
            We don’t like each other. Let’s just go our own ways.

          81. You only need to have a copy of a contract in one home, doesn’t take up space. LOL quoting a singer and music producer; you have no depth or credibility. You have no idea how the universe works, no depth of understanding of how the world works. I don’t care. I’m just pointing out how stupid you are. You unduly placed yourself and your mother in a financial position to lose money. Not an intelligently smart move. You don’t have that contract already? All they need to do is email or fax you one. No one said the universe speaks to anyone. dumfuk.

          82. “The universe is trying to tell you something. ” Sally Sue DaCitti

            “No one said the universe speaks to anyone. dumfuk.” Sally Sue DaCitti, 30 minutes later.

            Sally, I told you I now have the contact. I told you that I don’t carry a copy of the contract with me to my summer home. I told you even if I had one here, I would have had Genworth send me one anyway. I told you the contract says nothing about taking someone out of the assisted living facility on a vacation. If taking my mother to be with her sister who was turning 100 was “stupid”, then so be it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. If I have to pay back the money the insurer paid out during that time, I will do it. It’s only money, Sally, and not that much. As for Van Morrison, he is a singer/songwriter, and singer/songwriters know far more about the world than a fake lawyer who rants on Disqus all day.

          83. I told you that your actions regarding what to do with a contract is financially irresponsible. I don’t care what you do with your mother. A contract does not have to specifically state you can’t take someone out of a living facility on vacation. There are other ways of stating that the contract will not pay if the person is not residing for a month. It won’t hurt but help you to know how to read a contract.

          84. It is not listed in the “exclusions and limitations”.
            The only mention of “bed reservation” concerns hospital stays.
            It is not fiscally irresponsible because she can afford it. It is just a drag if it turns out to be true. In any case, quality of life and family time together is more important than money.

          85. It could be contained within the verbiage of the contract and/or small printed.

            It is always irresponsible to suffer financial loss due to actions. That money could be used for better things. The insurance policy is there to save your mother money. You should be more careful with someone else’s money and not spend it because it’s there. You don’t want to learn anything.

            The insurance commission should resolve it and you’ll learn nothing from it.

          86. My mom wanted to go see her sister in Southern, California.
            It was cold and snowy in Chicago. My mom was recovering from severe anemia.
            We were there for her sister’s 100th birthday, my mom’s 97th birthday, Easter.
            My mom loves Southern, Ca. The sunshine, mountains, ocean, birds, dry heat.
            I’d do it again. She is 97, and has more than enough money.
            There is no better way to have “lost” the money, if that turns out to be the case. It is money we won’t inherit. Does not affect her.
            There is nothing I need to “learn”.

          87. Wasn’t your mistake. You would have done it regardless. Next time sublet the room as a bed and breakfast at $200/night. Lol

          88. My “mistake” was being honest, and telling Genworth the truth, instead of lying when I could have, lol.
            But that’s ok.
            Honesty brings it’s own rewards, I’ve heard,
            The least of my problems.
            Trump/North Korea, crazy people with guns, Trump, healthcare (not for me personally, I’m ok), terrorism, Trump, pesticides, etc.
            Crazy times.
            We need to have our Believer party soon.
            I think the best would be if Ash moved to Maine, and had it at her new place, a housewarming kind of thing.
            Who wants to go to North Carolina with the hurricanes + snakes+ spiders+ rednecks?
            Hey! Don’t forget to leave me a (well) hidden message in San Francisco! (Haiku?) Isn’t your trip soon? I will find it, and post your message on here.
            How cool would that be?

          89. Um. Hang on. You want to wait until Ash moves to Maine!! I’m already here mo fo!! I was only kidding about tents and bumper dumpers, we have four guest bedrooms! Okay yes you’d all have to share the guest bath or use the main floor communal one, JW and I keep ours on the down low and to ourselves, but still, we’re pretty freak’n guest friendly, got it?!?! This house is literally like a Vincent Price movie. My bro: “so we go down this hallway and turn left and then a quick right and open the door?” “Yeah, that’s right, if you wanna find your kid, whatever your scenario, we’re not putting the kids outside, they’re just covuluted to get to”, and then my bro looks at me and we both start laughing and laughing, we’re twins so we had experiences together…. his wife and my husband are never impressed but my bro eventually totally gets what I’m trying to say… anyway, lol, don’t need Ash to give you the Maine experience! I got this one!

          90. When you take her away do they remove the food part of the bill? Sounds like you don’t do it often except for camp. I’m amazed your mom still travels at that age. Enjoy while you can.
            Are you missing the pugs, yet?

            Four Canadians died in Las Vegas. Their constitutional rights to a long life were cut short. They’ve been interviewing wounded survivors from BC on our Global news. One guy had a bullet through the back of the skull, one through the abdomen, one clean through the lower leg.
            Most of these people were young, having a good time, spending hard earned dollars at a high exchange rate in order to get shot in a country where lawlessness has no other face than the Commander in Chief.
            At that age these 5 day or 3 day vacationers didn’t buy medical. Some don’t have work protection for long absence from employment.

            Get Ash to move before end of year and have a house warming.
            Leaving tomorrow and I don’t take devices but I will work on haiku while away.

          91. Yes, the meals are re-imbursed, but that is only around $400. The big expense is the apartment and her “life care” fee. Traveling is not so bad. I get a wheelchair at both airports. They wheel her from the taxi to the door of the plane, and there is another wheelchair waiting at arrival. On the flight she watches a movie. Many movies to choose from. She is easy to travel with in a car also.
            Not missing the pugs yet. Maybe because there are a few real dogs here who can fill the void. One at the golf course, one at my mom’s beauty salon, etc. I keep dog treats in the car, so the doggies are always happy to see me.
            You don’t want to get me on the subject of young people who think they don’t need medical. Those idiots are one car wreck ahead of costing the taxpayers a fortune.
            I believe if you’ve worked 1250 hours–something like that–you can apply for FMLA for up to 3 months. You won’t get paid, but they can’t fire you for not coming to work. And if you have health insurance through work, they have to keep paying.
            It doesn’t have to be a haiku. If I were getting to San Francisco first, I might have left you a hidden Fibbles type rant, lol.

          92. Oxy is the prettiest most awesome smiling face I’ve ever seen. Totally random comment on a totally random post lol, I just had to say “hey!” look at that face to someone.

          93. Five foot two, eyes of blue
            But oh, what those five foot could do
            Has anybody seen my girl?
            Turned up nose, turned down hose
            Never had no other beaus
            Has anybody seen my girl?

          94. HA!!!! Good one!

            And I digress.

            Land of the silver birch,
            Home of the beaver,
            Where still the mighty moose wanders at will! Boom diddy bang mo fos!

          95. Too soon? It was totally too soon! I’m sorry! Let’s begin again:

            Land of the silver birch,
            Home of the beaver,
            Where still the mighty moose wanders at will,
            Blue lakes and rocky shores I will return once more
            Boom diddy boom and all that stuff but can Adumb actually affect this? Not for now! Boom diddy boom diddy boom diddy boom diddy boom boom.

          96. I was diverted for a few days by my friend Manafort to clean out some off shore accounts that Mueller hasn’t discovered yet.
            Yes lots of pelts to keep me and my plural wives warm.

          97. Ok, I got out of going on the outing today, and just read the first 8 pages of “Cat’s Cradle” on Amazon.
            This is a book I could definitely read.
            I find these 8 pages amazing, and if you agree, I propose it as the first book we read together for our Disqus book club.
            It seems only fair to pick a book neither of us has read yet, although I’d prefer to pick one I’ve already read so I don’t have to do the homework.
            Atwood not only writes extremely well, she is funny! I propose a December 1st date to finish this book because I can’t start a new book for a few weeks. Or maybe I could if I return all my other unread books to the library.
            After we finish “Cat’s Cradle” I can tell you why I like Atwood (because I expect to like her based on these 8 pages), and you can tell me why you find her “meh”.
            If you find the first 8 pages “meh” then we won’t read it, but you will need to explain why the pages are “meh”. (I have assigned myself to be “boss” of the book club, lol.)
            If you want to propose a different book, it has to be one that I can preview on Amazon.

          98. I like your choice and deadline, you’ll be a good book club boss! Atwood is hilarious in person too, I’ve seen her speak at least half a dozen times. I haven’t read her for years, I anticipate the “meh” (mild one at that) was due to how much I was supposed to love her (she’s a rock star in Canada and required reading in school). I think she’s a great writer and I enjoyed the books and short stories I did read, but I don’t think anything can live up to the hype for me, tell me you loved something great, maybe I will too; suggest I might really enjoy something, fantastic! But tell me I’m going to love something because everyone does, I’ll probably think “meh, it’s good and all, but great?” – same goes for movies, jokes, even restaurants.

            I’m rather excited to be part of this book club! I’ll be going to the library Monday!

          99. You are “rather excited” to be “part” of the book club?
            You are 1/2 of the book club, lol!
            Back from going out to dinner with my friends who are leaving early tomorrow.
            So much fun, but they accidentally took a video of me and my mom in the restaurant when it was supposed to be a simple pic to send to Seymour and her sister, lol.
            So consider this deal: in exchange for my posting tonight’s video of me and my mom, you either send me the link to the show with Bossy OR you make a video of your crazy azz dancing with your face disguised, just the dancing.
            Sound like a good deal? Worth playing for?
            So you agree on “Cat’s Eye” for our first selection?
            With a December 1st deadline?
            OK, cool.
            I never said Atwood was hilarious. I said she her “Cat’s Eye” 8 pages were funny. (fantasizing about visiting her girlhood friend in an iron lung, lol!)
            I looked at some Youtube videos of Atwood speaking, and while she seems very nice, I don’t think she is funny in person. She leaves pauses for laughs that she does not get, nor deserves. But I would love to have her as a friend or neighbor.
            Today I found a New Yorker profile on her that I skim read (for the time being), and she seems really cool. Will go back and reread it when I have time.
            Is Atwood the biggest female celeb in Canada, in your opinion?
            Outside of Celine Dion?
            I agree that eat/pray/love was bad because Gilbert tried too hard. I made myself finish it, but it was difficult. In the first part, eat, I was thinking “if you are not funny, woman, don’t try”. Very annoying book.
            I don’t know that anyone has ever told me, I “should” read something.
            But If they were to do so, I think I would be ok with it. Would simply consider that person “bossy”, which I don’t mind that much. But if I did not like their book, they would hear about it.
            Don’t know that I have a favorite book. There are so many good ones. I think I prefer to have favorite passages from books. So many great authors, brilliant writers.
            I have a favorite short story. (in the serious category)
            I also have a favorite “funny” essay/short story.
            I have a favorite tv series (drama) of all time.
            Other than that, too hard to pick.
            As for restaurants, I will listen, I will consider the source….Jokes? most jokes are not funny….movies? Boy am I picky about my movies!. I never go to the big block buster/special effects movies. This year I won BIG at the Oscar pool party because I refused to vote for Lala Land (the favorite). I voted for “Moonlight” (far better film) out of artistic principle, and it ended up winning! As a result, I took home the jackpot.

          100. I remember your Oscar party jackpot, sounded fun. I’m lucky if I see even one of the films on the list though, so I never watch the Oscars. I enjoy the smaller film festivals though, but haven’t gone to any for at least two years. Every summer I go to a superhero type blockbuster with my dad. It’s a “thing” that started in the 70s and no matter how bad the movie, it’s always a highlight of my summer.

            As far as favourite books/stories/ essays… hmmmm…. I’m not sure I have one either. I never recall passages, maybe a sentence or two, but I gauge my interest on how effectively I am “transported” into the author’s created world. If I can pick up a book and am consistently and immediately somewhere else, I like it, even if it’s “fluff”. But I do notice and appreciate when I’m lulled into it by rhythmic, effortless writing. Now I’m thinking that may have been part of my “meh” with Atwood, she writes about mature subjects and I was a teen when she became required reading, I think maybe too much went over my head maybe. I’m VERY excited to read her with my other book club members who didn’t grow up hearing about how she’s one of the best authors (Canadian) of all time. And yes, I recognize our book club is limited in numbers, but I don’t care, “we may not be big but we’re small” – RIP Stuart McLean. I don’t know if she’s the biggest female Canadian celeb. Certainly bigger than Dion who was only ever super big in Quebec and then became an international export. I know American’s think she must be a National treasure, but she’s very gimmicky, affected, good singer and all, but Anne Murray is maybe bigger than her when it comes to something like cultural importance or esteem or reverence. I can’t think of a living female “bigger” than Atwood. Historically Laura Secord was pretty big, “the American’s are coming!!”, lol, but I think Atwood has been THE “it” girl for a few decades. I’ll have to ask my mom for her thoughts. My mom and I went to several of her talks, and by “hilarious” I mean the Canadian version of cracking up, looking at the people around you and smiling really big knowing smiles and giggling. This was all before cell phones though, I wonder what it looks like from the perspective of a smart phone. It’s her flipp’n monotone voice that gets my first smile, the blunt sarcasm only makes it bigger.

            I will never share videos of myself on here. Possibly a photo if you’re lucky. But we’ll see. I can’t freakn wait until you watch Survivor. It’s not that it’s an epic episode or anything, I just want to be able to talk about it!!

          101. I’ll join your Book Club on one condition. We start with Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger. We were assigned the book in Grade 11 and had to write an essay. I chose to party and smoke dope and slack off, then I totally fabricated a fictional piece submitted by me that was written by a young lady that I have to say was enamored with me.

            “Me and the boys thought we had it sussed
            Valentinos all of us”

            I don’t know why I did it!!… As Sally says, I am just a waste of space and have very little to contribute( I’m trying to type as the tears flow freely with the reminder of my negative contribution) and very desperately wish to make my slate clear of past behaviour that has haunted me.

          102. You have “conditions” to joining the book club, lol?
            I don’t know…..Not reading the assigned book AND turning in someone else’s essay? I read the assigned books, even the ones I did not like (“Old Man and the Sea”). I made myself write the required essays.
            “Catcher in the Rye” is a perfect book for a 17 year old boy. Have you “looked inside” on Amazon and read the first 8 pages to see if you really want to read it? It’s an easy fast read, with a conversational tone. The narrator, Holden Caulfield, is a messed up teenage boy.
            How do I know you won”t do the same thing again? Have me and Jessie read the book while you are smoking dope and playing catch with Rocky?
            I’ll discuss it with the Book Club committee, but I thought we were supposed to choose books that none of us have already read.
            Odd you should mention “Catcher”, as I just saw an article about the author that reminded me of a book I have intended to read. JD Salinger, author of “Catcher in the Rye” was a very strange dude. (That is putting it nicely. ) When I was around the age you were when you didn’t do the homework, a girl only one year older than I, Joyce Maynard, published a long essay in the NY Times magazine, “An 18 year old looks back on life”. Her picture was on the cover of the magazine. She was 18, but looked 14, very childlike with big does eyes. I couldn’t believe an 18 year old could write so well, was already a journalist, while I was sitting at home listening to records and tying up the family land line every night. She was a freshman at Yale, then she disappeared. JD Salinger, a reclusive hermit in his 50’s, had written her a fan letter. She dropped out of school and moved in with him. What she did not know, what nobody knew, was that he did this with many young girls. Salinger kicked her out after about a year for a new girl child. Maynard remained silent about Salinger for 25 years, then published a memoir. She was slammed for it. Got the whole Duhfender treatment. The other day I saw an essay she wrote about it, in light of the Weinstein story.
            I want to read her memoir. Might bring it up to the committee. I might make it my “condition” before I agree to reread “Cathcer in the Rye”, lol.

          103. She did not remain silent. That was one of her problems with Salinger who fiercely protected his privacy. She’s a troubled woman from a troubled up bringing. The literary world was agast that she would not protect the privacy of a writer known to protect it. All he did was write to an adult woman who chose to quit college and live with a man who behind the scenes actually helped her writing career. She didn’t care about privacy nor respect his. She would drop his name, say something about him here or there. Deal breaker, get out of my house.

          104. He wanted her to quit her writing career. He wrote to a series of “women” 35 years or more his junior. He was a azzhole (I knew you would agree with the azzhole view), and it is her story to tell if she wants to.

          105. Let’s just all admit she has a super pretty face an then be done with it. After Adumb approval obviously.

          106. It doesn’t matter the decision should have been made prior. You said “we”. You never truly know how people are going to react to a will. If you’re unlucky you could could be accused of mismanagement.

            You’re cognitive dissonance, your false pride prevents you from learning anything. If you’re her agent or guardian you’re going to have to be fiscally responsible with her money. If you pursuant to the contract you have to pay then take it out of your own account, not hers. You can’t treat her money as if it was yours.

          107. I’m her power of attorney, both fiscally and medically. The money won’t come out of her savings or investments. It is money the Insurance company paid out that it wants back. Her bank account is a trust with my name on it also. I’m not worried about being accused of mismanagement. The Insurance company will either get away with it, or they won’t. I am prepared for a long drawn out battle with them. Nobody’s “lifestyle” will suffer, no matter what happens.

          108. You of course don’t listen; you know everything without learning anything. You can’t treat your mother as your mother. You must be as fiscally responsible as if someone else were in charge. Wealthy people don’t make those kinds of mistakes. Your only battle with them is with the insurance commission otherwise you’ll need to hire an attorney and it’s not worth it in this case. If the insurance commission goes your way fine. If it doesn’t than pay. The point is this is a fiscal lesson that’s not going to hurt you to learn. You can learn how to read a contract; they’re complicated. You can learn to ask the insurance company questions before you make a move; something you failed to do first. You can learn how to keep copies of all contracts and if you travel and are responsible for her then you can learn to easily travel with all documents on hand via even a smartphone.

          109. Ok, Sally, but, again, I would have done the trip regardless.
            It is a quality of life vs money issue.
            As for hiring an attorney….It is not simply the $4000 that I “owe” them, it is also the money they have not paid us since I have had my mother here at camp. So that is another $16,000 +.
            So we are talking $20,000+. It might be worth my consulting an attorney, and paying his/her $300/hr fee, or whatever, if it could potentially get me the money.

          110. Learn something or not. Multimillionaires go bankrupt. The only way to win with an attorney is to win a civil suit that includes attorney fees, a settlement that includes attorney fees. You have to pay the attorney. It’s a whole lot of trouble for being obstinate enough not to learn something to begin with. It’s just not fiscally sound.

            That’s your choice to make and I know that you don’t know how to handle money. You want to argue with people who know better because you think you know everything without having learned anything, fine, it’s not my money.

            It might go your way. That’s no reason to refuse to learn not to incur the same headache again in the future.

            I don’t care about whether or not you may have risked your mother’s health or the reasons why you chose to incur financial headaches.

            Learn something or don’t. If it comes down to it you may choose an attorney who doesn’t care about your chances of winning and losing.

          111. Sally, I absolutely know how to handle money.
            My mom has a financial advisor–(he is mine now, too, but I only give him part of my money)–who told her I was amazing. His speciality is mutual funds, bonds, etc. Mine is the stock market. I pick better stocks than he does. The last stock I bought, not that long ago, was Facebook (which I hate) at $150/sh. It is now $172. I should probably sell…
            I doubt you are better at stock picking than I.
            If I have any financial fault, it is that I don’t spend enough money. I invest.
            I would pay an attorney to consult about the LTC contract, perhaps write a letter. That is it.

          112. You would argue with the Lord God Almighty. Take or leave the advice. it’s not my headache, it’s yours.

          113. I believe Jesus was a prophet. I don’t believe he was the son of God. So I guess I don’t “believe” the New, except that it has come good messages.

          114. So you believe he spoke the will of God. Can a prophet be a liar and a spokesman for divinity at the same time? Can you believe a liar can be a spokesman for divinity?

          115. I guess I should not have used the word “prophet”. He was a very wise man. He understood things that most people don’t.

          116. Why would you listen to a liar? You didn’t get my point and moved into what you do or do not believe.

            So the questions must be was Jesus 1. a liar, 2. mentally ill, 3. the Son of God

          117. He was a zealot, a fanatic. He was not the son of God. I don’t know if he was mentally ill or a liar. Very little is known about him.

          118. He wasn’t a zealot nor a fanatic. There’s a great deal known about the last 3 years of his life.

            So, if you say he wasn’t the Son of God then he has to be either a liar or mentally ill. There are no other options.

          119. Other people reported/believed he was the Son of God.
            No way to know what he actually said.
            In any case, he is a major historic figure–perhaps the biggest–but he was absolutely a fantatic/zealot. He was a Jewish rabbi(?) who lived in a turbulent time, under Roman rule. That is why they killed him. He was an agitator.

          120. He said he was the Son of God. That’s the crime for which he was charged, arrested, tried, tortured, convicted and executed for. It was a Roman crime to claim another deity other than the emperor. Judas was the zealot. Jesus cared nothing about politics. That was the rift between Judas and Jesus.

            Pilot and Herod did not want to execute him. Their job was to keep the Jews in line and Jesus was helpful to that end because he preached that everyone should obey the government. Jews had no authority to charge, try and convict anyone. He broke Roman law.

            There are only 3 options, he was 1. a liar, 2. mentally ill or 3. the Son of God.

            He admitted to the crime. He could have gotten himself out of it.

            Yes he was a Jew and a Jewish rabbi after he lest his profession (middle class) of carpentry/masonry. As the oldest son he likely supported his mother, left his job and preached for 3 years with 12 guys and mostly supported by women.

          121. But here’s what I DO know! You have a really pretty face. I’m trying to follow this thing with Sally but I keep getting distracted on account of your mug. It’s not my fault. That’s a really awesome face. I hope this isn’t counted against me. I want a jury!!!! Seriously, who wouldn’t be distracted by that smile? Into evidence! I say!!

          122. Thank you, sweetie, but I am no Helen of Troy.
            I am the age of your sisters in law, and my face only looks “pretty” when I can force out a huge grin.
            I am grateful to have inherited my father’s dimples, my mom’s smile, but when my face is “in repose” some people will occasionally ask me, “What’s wrong?”
            Not my friends, as much as azzholes at work. Then they will inform me that I need to smile. (Like they go around smiling 24/7?)
            In any case, I am glad my smile can keep your spirits up.
            If your problem is not resolved in a month or so, I will visit the Disqus corporate office in San Francisco on your behalf.
            Even KD told Adumb he was harassing you, and (politely) asked him to stop.
            Were you able to ask JW about the “Survivor” “self love” issue?

          123. Self love! Lol!! No there’s certain things I’m okay with just leaving private, I don’t need or want to know about any master batting (hahahaha, still makes me laugh!) if it’s all private. I’m sure the impact to the environment is minimal. Haha, lol, what a topic! Now I’m kind of wishing I’d asked about it just to see Probst’s face. I was very interested in poo. That was it for bodily functions.

            I’m glad KD noticed the guy being all harassing, I don’t throw that term around lightly, he absolutely crossed a line. I don’t want him silenced, only stopped. I’ve never been to San Fran. San Diego a couple years ago. Loved it. The cactuses were blooming and I had to use a brand new book to identify birds “those are Orioles Jessie (duh) “yes they’re obviously orioles JW (duh) but what kind?!? I’m gonna find out in my this here brand new book!!”

          124. Probst might have had some great stories on the subject.
            Some guy sneaks off in the night, thinks he’s alone….A SPOTLIGHT BLAZES ON…the camera crew is there!…..Lots of laughter!
            I asked Seymour about it and he thinks that hunger and fatigue and fear of being caught would be boner killers.
            Would they be “Western” orioles, lol? They have different blue jays there too, that are very pretty. The Western bluejay. And they have some kind of sparrow like bird with red color that are everywhere.

          125. Yeah I asked JW about that and he thinks I’m a freak now, thanks! “What did you just call it?! A one eyed dragon?!” “Yeah, if you were on Survivor and needed to slap the salami, where’d you go?” “Oh my god, and you were shushing ME at the picnic?!!”

            Yes, western orioles, steller’s jays, all different depending on which side of the Rockies you’re on. I found it fascinating because of the cactuses, it was behaviour I’d never seen. I could have stayed in that spot all day. I never noticed the sparrows. Totally kicking myself right now. I need to go back. Perfect excuse.

          126. Good Night Nurse!
            He thinks you’re a freak because you are one!
            First of all, you never as ask, “where would YOU go?”
            You have to ask, “where do you think THEY go?’
            The poor man is probably terrified of where this could lead.
            (Can this marriage be saved?) You clearly need to take Oxy’s Correspondence course on “How to please your Man”, but there is no time for that. It is a seven week course. So I am just going to give you some tips from Chapter Six.
            There is a time and a place for “dirty talk”, but there is a big difference between dirty talk and crude talk.
            “slap the salami”? OMG. That is worse than calling smooth hydrated skin fat and puffy! You have to use discreat delicate language. I’m trying to remember how I phrased it with Seymour….”audition the hand puppet”?….”adjust the antenna”?…”make some instant pudding”?….I’m pretty sure I said, “charm the snake.”
            “Slap the salami” is just crude, gross. Men don’t like that. In the locker room, fine. But not coming out of their ladies’ mouths. Try to avoid phrases like “Pound the Flounder” , and “Beat the banana.” A more refined playful food reference might be “put some relish on your frankfurter”
            And if you are talking to a man who you suspect might be “small” (fat guys, men from the Pacific Islands, wrestlers, for example) don’t use phrases like “shaking hands with the midget” or “making the munchkin cry” , or “jerkin’ the gerkin”.
            I don’t know about you sometimes, Jessie. Are you sure JW wasn’t off with his paramour?

          127. I’m freak’n peeing my pants right now this is so funny!! (Is that crude? Perhaps I should say I’m urinating in my undergarments?). LOL!!! I’m gonna totally say all those things to JW!! I don’t want to, but who can resist?? Pound the Flounder?!? Oh my god that’s too funny!!! I can’t deprive him of that!!! Relish on the frankfurter?!? Oh my god, dying over here!!! JW totally needs a paramour because I’m so horribly awful and not s3xy at all!! Jerkin the gerkin. Hahahaha! I can’t dirty talk to save my life, we just end up laughing and laughing and I fall asleep and he goes charm the snake in the bathroom lol, I dunno, I just figured a night that ended with laughing was a happy ending! Hahaha! I’m so not a good wife! I need all the chapters!!

          128. OMG! That is from Chapter 9 in my book!
            Rest assured, if your husband stays home and chokes the chicken in the bathroom while you sleep that is ideal!
            One frisky tip I recommend in my book that drives the guys mad: if it is a special occasion (birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary), let your man frost his maple bar in the bed with you. I know! We don’t want crumbs and syrup in the sheets since we rarely wash them. However, so long as your man is helping to put Mr Kleenix’s kids through college, you should have no problem with your husband going on a date with Fisty Palmer. Especially if the tv is on.
            Another tip: if it goes on too long or the panting bothers you, don’t yell, ” Stop arguing with Henry Longfellow! Some of us are trying to sleep!” or “When is the bald man going to puke, already!” Very rude and crude! Yuk!
            Best to quietly whisper, “Are you almost done basting the ham?” or “Will you be finished buttering the corn soon?”

          129. I’m dying over here!!! Doubled over!!! Frost his maple bar!! You bee! I’m totally gonna be saying all this and he’s going to be really unnatracted to me and it’ll all be your fault!! Choking the Henry Longfellow!!!!

          130. Choking the CHICKEN!
            ARGUING with Henry Longfellow!
            Please learn the correct lingo! I spent a lot of time on my book.
            Best you don’t share with JW.

          131. Too late! I just had to share! And now he’s doubled over wondering at how many ways I can butcher a master batting phrase! Who knows!! Stay tuned!!!! Stoke the chicken, punch Longfellow in the face, I dunno, that’s some pretty freak’n hilarious dialogue you got going on! Wait, hang on, that’s the FBI at MY front door?!? Shut the…., well you know the deal. Shut it sista. Choking the chicken. I’m just about dying over here.

          132. Well, dang!
            If this has become an open subject in your house, make JW tell you what he thinks the young men on “Survivor” do when they want to go on a date with Handra or Palmela.
            Is this not how the whole discussion started?
            I told you how Seamy avoided my question.
            He has lots of experience avoiding my questions.
            No reason to let JW off the hook.
            The FBI is at your door? Good Night Nurse!
            Will you be going to a Federal prison?
            I don’t know that I can visit you, but I absolutely will write you hand-written letters. For most of my life my friends and I wrote hand written letters, and I have saved most of them. Will never forget the hope and excitement and joy of opening the mailbox and finding a letter. My friends and I used to make extremely original and funny envelopes. Now it is all email.
            As far as JW, laughing is great, compatibility can’t be overrated, sense of family is major. But you have to maintain the mystery. That is chapter 12 of my book, and I can’t give all my secrets away for free.
            Did you get my post about why I want to stay at the Marriott Residence Inn, if there is one in your town?
            Maintaining mystery is very important, not only in marriage, but in life.

          133. Upon reflection, I think I will change it to “arm wrestling with Henry Longfellow” or “getting in a tug of war with Henry Longfellow”. Or maybe “exchanging poetry with Henry Longfellow”. Or perhaps simply “shaking hands with Henry Longfellow”. That one is crying out for improvement. Actually, I like your “choking Henry Longfellow.” I think Henry Longfellow was from Maine, so you can rename it however you like. In other news, I deleted one of my posts. It was in very poor taste, even for me, lol.

          134. Life has lessons. Usually after the fact. What is your interest in an Insurance policy. It wouldn’t have mattered either way!! It’s a nuisance, later, but one can become more aware of fine print and move forward.
            Amount of time one spends obsessing on a loss is detrimental to well being.
            At this point in her life Oxy, Seymour, the pugs, kitties have whatever they want.
            What do you suggest? Don’t take her mother anywhere? Money isn’t the problem!!

          135. The reason that public education was mandated is so the average person could read a contract and not get ripped off. The time to learn is before you sign a contract. The time to read it is before you sign it.

            The above has nothing to do with insurance company’s habit of denying coverage you’re entitled to of course. They pull that all the time.

            I’m not suggesting she obsess over it. She’s the one who says she’ll fight it all the way and it may not be worth it.

            As for taking her mother somewhere sounds beautiful on the surface but we don’t know the details of her mother’s medical needs and required assistance do we. For all we know she might have risked her mothers health We all can’t always have what we want. I’m pointing out the purpose of buying insurance is in fact to protect assess; not lose money. With her attitude there are more possible financial loses for her in the future which include but are limited to medical insurance. This is essential in the US. Sufficient medical insurance is necessary to avoid financial ruin and the older you get the more you’re going to need it.

            She’s free to continue to make mistakes. All I’m doing is advising her to avoid it in the future.

            And no one is going to have everything they want if they’re in the habit of wasting and throwing away their money. What’s the point of paying insurance premiums than paying out of pocket? Nonsensical. Oxy is the combination of her parent’s genetics which means she may have a tougher old age than they. Both her parents have suffered from dementia which means she’s inherited from both that can be worse for her.

            I’m in a business that gets what people need done which requires knowing what that is; you are not.

          136. I don’t disagree to some parts of your discussion. Be aware of what your recourse! is.
            You and I know that the ordinary person does not have the time nor the expertise to fully understand contracts. IMO some contracts are intentionally made to distract.
            Most people don’t have time to read 15 pages of minutia let alone the capability to dissect all of the circumstances pertaining to coverage.

            Are you suggesting that Oxy is in the beginning of early onset dementia? because of family history?
            That alone displays an objective that goes beyond making contractual arguments into destroying any logical point you had to begin with.
            What it does suggest is Oxy could live mentally cognizant as does her mother.
            Give us your background.

          137. You are incorrect. People have time to do what they want to do. They can take a course or they can watch tv. One is profitable while the other is not. It’s about acquiring knowledge an learning how to read many things. It doesn’t require degrees in financial management. It requires a willingness to improve reading comprehension. There are dictionaries for different professions even for but not limited to insurance. She has time to watch tv she has time to read. We all get the same amount of time; some people use their time more profitably than others.

            I’m saying she doesn’t know what her path will be and it won’t be her parent’s if that’s what she’s expecting. No reason not to prepare because you don’t know. There too it doesn’t help to learn about biology, dna and genetics. Learning can be just as much fun. She has a huge chance of suffering from dementia. That’s why it’s important to know family medical history. Some things can even skip a generation.

            If your parent gets glaucoma then you should have your eyes checked every year. Why wait until you’re going blind?

            You can watch survivor or enjoy reading a book about genetics. Which is more profitable?

            You want to start a business learn first how to do it. Learning as you go can fiscally ruin you.

            Before you sign a contract learn how to read one or hire the appropriate lawyer to read and explain it to you.

            You should have gleaned long ago what I do but you refuse to accept it.

            The issue here is learning from one’s mistakes so that you don’t repeat them. Pride really does go before the fall.

            Here are the two choices she had. Before removing her mother she could have consulted both the owner(s) of the assisted living and the insurance company first. If she found then that the insurance company didn’t pay then she could make a choice she could live with.

            The second is what she actually did. She’s got a headache she could have avoided. There’s more but I won’t go on because no one is listening due to false pride.

            If her mother has a health care directive, oxy has moved her out of state with no directive in hand; how much would her mother unduly suffer and for how long?

          138. The issue is about learning from a mistake. I’m not sure why we had to go through such a maze of lead up. We are adults and we do know that unexpected pitfalls happen. How one deals with a bad hand is a better indicator than lamenting about a mistake.
            I won’t comment on her family medical history short of what I already briefly said. Not my business and it would be inappropriate to make some derogatory offensive conjecture in order to establish nothing!!

          139. There was nothing derogatory about it. It’s medical science. Improve your reading comprehension. She doesn’t want to learn from her mistakes nor does she want to learn anything knew. She made it the public’s business because she posted it publicly. There’s no privacy here.

            You know nothing about medical science, specifically about genetics and heredity medical problems don’t cast dispersion’s on someone who does.

            You’re just argumentative for the sake of it.

          140. My reading comprehension is fine, thank you. Who are we to conjecture as to what Oxy has learned? And why should we?
            The point of reading or watching survivor is a pointed comment.
            It’s laying tracks as telling someone how to better use their time.
            If not argumentative it;s snotty to say the least…Trumpish behaviour!!
            I don’t think you even realize how you come across.

          141. Dream on. There’s always ways to learn how to use time better. Use your time better or don’t. It’s called the boob tube for good reason. You, You are argumentative. You project.

            One of the many ways I come across is as a teacher because it’s in my skill set. Learn or don’t.

            You project. Amongst trumps list of distasteful behaviors is having your thin skin. A sign of old age is refusal to learn anything new.

            You contribute nothing useful.

          142. I guess your skill set as a teacher has been lost on all of us. Time to reinvent yourself.
            Your repetition of thin skinned, projecting is just becoming stale.
            People hear what you have to say but the problem is with your delivery and insistence that you have the chosen path. it’s obnoxious, questionable, self serving and abhorrent behaviour. People at that point turn you off. As Jessie says paying attention to you is conditional with suffering through your narcissistic manners.
            Sorry,,,I won’t go there with you.

          143. You speak for yourselves; you speak for no one else. You ignore the message to attack the messenger; not impressive. Only fools shoot messengers and ignore the message. There’s absolutely nothing self serving about my posts here.

            It’s repetitious because it’s what you are and you never change.

            Often other sets of eyes are helpful. You can take it or leave it instead of your self-serving worthless extremist attitude of what you hysterically call abominable behavior. Abdominal behavior is accusing anyone of a crime without evidence. Your rage is out of perspective.

            Your’re never ending projecting onto others has no limits. You’ve exhibited lack of concern for anyone anywhere. Jessie isn’t very bright; anything not puerile hurts her brain.

            Get a grip on your emotions and then ask the wizard for a brain.

            People don’t consist solely of yourselves narcissist. You don’t speak for billions of people.

            You’re the one looking for pseudo friendship on newsvines. That indicates you have no live person around you who wants to listen to your shiot.

          144. “One of the many ways I come across is as a teacher because it’s in my skill set. Learn or don’t.” Sally to PT LOL
            See what I get for telling Salty that you did nothing wrong.

          145. Or you can just stop spamming the boards. Somehow this is a simple concept you can’t grasp…

          146. Well I shouldn’t be surprised with a name like “OfcourseCosbyIsGuilty”. I mean the obsession never ends with you.

          147. Not an obsession. Just stating the obvious.
            Obsession is insisting that others can only talk about Cosby.

          148. Obsession is posting on a Cosby article just because it’s a Cosby article even if you aren’t talking about Cosby. I say you have a pretty big obsession there.

          149. Sally is just a classic demented little clown who is a retired/let go legal clerk. He talks critically about others and then whines when people are fed up with his BS and ignore him.
            The cabin survived and is safe from fire season. Displaced wildlife everywhere that were driven from their habitats.

            Cougars and bears on the loose. Rocky chases them off the property.
            Does Jessie post to you or does she need approval from Killer and Sally?

          150. She just posted to me. She’s put her profile on “private”. What’s up with you “private” people? Come on! Stand up like a man and take your medicine, lol!

          151. She’s been on private for a few days. She was developing a rash.
            There’s no medicine to take with Sally. Yelling at an insane person is pointless.
            Sometimes when walking Rocky I see some sort of ruckus up the street. Rocky wants to get involved. Usually it’s some person like Sally talking/ranting and waving and pointing at imaginary things. Mental health issues…It’s sad. Sally is high functioning , maybe on day passes? Lol
            I just cross the street much to Rocky’s dismay.

          152. Does the glove fit?
            I only suggested Rocky is inquisitive not smart. Lol!
            What was Trump’s wink along with his “calm before the storm” comment?

          153. Hopefully only some of his attention craving BS. Just hope Kim Jung Un or Iran don’t flip out about it. The azzhole in chief. What an embarrassment.

          154. If you need an explanation, you, Storm, Oxy, Jessie, Cosby4Prison, Wally Damron, and Katy Harrington love to spam Cosby boards because they need to spread their hate and harassment. Even if it’s talk about random things, they must do it on a Cosby board. Everything they do is about Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby is their life. It’s their whole life. It’s everything they do and think about it. Obsessed is an understatement.

            But to sound like they are not complete and utter psychos, they must:
            – Purge their account on a regular basis
            – Make their profile private
            – Get really ticked off when someone marks them as “Followed”
            – Pretend stuff they did in the past didn’t actually happen and we’re just the crazy ones

          155. All these people you list are on the boards less than you, fool. They’re not running around the posts telling posters what is acceptable and everything, like you. You’ve really gone off the deep end. Tell Burt to quit spamming the boards about Blac, Lisa etc. Oh wait, I forgot you’re a hypocrite.
            Katy Harrington is seldom on the board a-hola. She has never supported the accusers…shows what you know, dimwit.
            Shouldn’t you be working instead of posting, thief!

          156. “All these people you list are on the boards less than you, fool.”
            Based on what? Because they recreated their account and now have a low post count? I’m sure they fooled you, the dimwit. They go wherever Cosby is mentioned. They get REALLY upset when good stuff is said about Cosby. It pisses them off, that’s why they are on this board.

          157. That’s funny!! I haven’t seen any good stuff posted about Cosby? Someone stayed silent for 3 years and then made a nebulous comment that they stood by him. What did that mean? Good or bad they still like him. Didn’t mean they thought he was innocent. You go ballistic that most realize it’s too little too late.
            Take a look at the number of posts you’ve made in just say three weeks compared to them.
            It’s in court which I suspect is where the majority wanted it and they’ve moved on. Why don’t you, Adam. Or are you waiting for the comeback tour. It will never happen.
            More civil cases to come after criminal trial.

          158. I’d love to compare posts but 2 of your buddies just did a massive purge of their account. It’s also ironic about you telling me to move on but you’re still posting here. Must be afraid of Cosby making a comeback or being found innocent. Are you coming to the trial with your friends?

          159. You are the one who seems to be disturbed with us and have your balls twisted. Not our problem. You should deal with your anger issues. No one is bothering you?

          160. Your group’s hate and harassment are bothering me. You’re never ending posting about Cosby is bothering me. Find a new hobby and leave.

          161. There haven’t been hate comments from us. There have been more hateful comments towards the accusers from Cosby supporters, if anything. You happen to be the one seeking out our comments and harassing us. I’ll leave when I want and return when I want. If it bothers you too effing bad.

          162. Don’t like the comments? Too bad. They put themselves in the public spotlight with their harassment and hate. What goes around, comes around. It’s called Karma. You get treated the way you treat others. You don’t like it…like you said, too effing bad. Deal with it or don’t post. Your choice.

          163. Hate to break it to you Adumb but Cosby isn’t coming back. No ones going to laugh at his jokes and no ones going to take the advice of a hypocrite. The only friends Cosby has are paid attorneys and they don’t last long.

          164. Don’t worry Storm, Cosby is going on a comeback tour. I’ll buy ya a front row ticket so you can enjoy it! 🙂

          165. He can’t get us all. Sooner or later his employer will figure out what he’s doing on company time.

          166. I don’t trust his employer. They don’t seem to have a handle on this dude. I’d like disqus to reign him in though. What a freak show.

          167. A little obsessed right now I’ll agree.
            I don’t get the blame the victims so I can continue loving Cosby line of thinking.

          168. Because you insist on being a Cosby hater wherever you go. Do you have a problem with people disagreeing with you?

          169. Do you think its morally wrong for a married father of five to give incapacitating drugs to women in or just barely out of high school because he wanted to have sex with them?
            Cosby admitted doing this.
            The real problem is they say they weren’t aware they were being drugged and he didn’t have consent when he had sex with them while unconscious or unable to move.
            Why do you have a problem with people being friendly on a public forum that no one visits anymore? Is it your job to stalk and harass them when they aren’t saying anything negative about Cosby. Why do you ignore Burt?

          170. I know, right!!! You still talk about Cosby, and I’m really glad you do, talking about rape and rapists is important, but I see you’ve got that subject covered so I move on to the way too soon passing of Petty and woa!! Dude loses his mind and gets all trigger finger. If I was like Burt trashing blac chyna (lol, is that really her name?!) I could be endlessly on here, but mention Tom Petty and how sad it is that he left us too soon, oh no, thems fighting words! Report report report!!!

          171. For some reason Adam wants to stalk and quiet you Jessie for being the “Queen of Shill Mountain”. You should feel honored. He’s going into death throes over Cosby and wants to take someone with him. The Cosby lickers abandoned him and left him with Burt rambling on about Lisa Bloom.

          172. Lol, well I can’t wait for him to be given a clue. It’s so embarrassing to have to reach out to some poor kid to say “yeah, hi there, how’s it going? Hate to bother you with this but I’m a grown adult who happens to be posting on an eight month old article about Cosby and there’s this guy…” It sounds funny now but I was pretty upset by it, there was like 12 hours where I couldn’t post anything to anyone anywhere. JW thinks I’m a tad crazy “well, take a break then”, “no, I’ll take break when I’m wanting to take a break, not when the dude who’s madly trying to follow me says I should!!” “Jessie he’s a Cosby follower, the dude excuses rapists” “that dude just silenced me!!! What if Oxy thinks I left her again?!” “What do you mean ‘again’?” “Never mind, I’m writing an email”.

            Phew. Got that off my chest! I’m like 40 and dealing with a bully. Unbelievable.

          173. Ha!!

            I have to tell my mom that one! My pa told me she keeps post-it notes on her computer for stuff like that!! LSHIC indeed!! Hahahaha!

          174. Gloria Allred’s condemnation of her daughter Lisa Bloom’s representation of Harvery Weinstein. I have more respect for Gloria and somewhat less for Lisa. I realize that even guilty people deserve a defense, however, this mother/daughter duo has made sexual assault victims their “business” This might not work well for Bloom.

            “Had I been asked by Mr. Weinstein to represent him, I would have declined, because I do not represent individuals accused of sex harassment,” Allred’s statement read. “I only represent those who allege that they are victims of sexual harassment. While I would not represent Mr. Weinstein, I would consider representing anyone who accused Mr. Weinstein of sexual harassment, even if it meant that my daughter was the opposing counsel.”

          175. I’ve been thinking about this one. I do feel that some kind of victim’s advocate needs to work with offenders, but to make public statements that try to or appear to legitimize his behaviour, I dunno, horrible lapse in judgement to say the least.

          176. I’ll entertain him for awhile. I usually ignore him and won’t let him follow me but I didn’t hit the red x this morning. His reporting everyone is just a cry for attention and I wouldn’t want him to start cutting himself. Cosby being a rapist has been hard on him.

          177. It’s too bad he’s so affected by Cosby’s rapist ways, I guess some people have real trouble with that. Thank goodness we can’t all hit the red x every five minutes, what would the poor guy be left to do?!

          178. Cosby didn’t admit to giving incapacitating drugs nor did he admit that he didn’t have consent. These are things you are suggesting. If they were incapacitated and drugged without their knowledge, don’t you think the police would have been involved? No, you believe the grand conspiracy of Cosby buying his way out of trouble for decades and it taking 60 women to make 1 story believable.

            I have a problem with people hijacking forums about Cosby to spread their story and narrative. That’s why you are here on this article. This is a recent one. And you don’t think telling people about a serial rapist conspiracy theory isn’t negative? And what’s Burt saying? I hear he’s talking about women that Lisa Bloom is representing.

          179. “I have a problem with people hijacking forums about Cosby to spread their story and narrative”
            Cosby is to blame for this “narrative”. It is HIS story.
            If you are too dense to see this, fine. You are an aspiring pro wrester whose brain has been slammed and scrambled.
            But please stop attempting to censor other posters.

          180. It’s not HIS story as he’s not telling it. It defers from his own timeline of events. You and your friends hijack every Cosby forum so you can change the narrative. You and I both know this but you can’t admit to it.

          181. Why do you think there are Cosby forums? Why do you imagine he is a topic on conversation?
            I could say that you and your friends hijack every Cosby forum to slander and shame his victims, but I don’t try to silence or censor you.

          182. Right back atcha! If this thing with Adumb has not been resolved in a month, I’m going to post a picture of myself in Disqus Corporate Headquarters. We’ll take it to the top!

          183. I literally can’t see a post from you without thinking “pulling the pud”. I’m freak’n laughing my butt off. Oxy. Hahahahaha!

          184. Rapists don’t admit being rapists Adam and Quaaludes are incapacitating drugs.
            4 dozen women claiming they were drugged without their knowledge and raped or sexually assaulted by a man that lies to everyone isn’t suggesting.
            Times are changing Adam and people like Cosby are having trouble hiding.
            Most people believed when there were 13 women but Cosby paid to stop and cover it up.
            No ones hijacking anything. This is a public discussion forum. don’t like what’s being talked about. Leave.
            What does Lisa Bloom have to do with Cosby?

          185. It’s your opinion that Quaaludes are incapacitating drugs. You’ve been told otherwise a few thousand times otherwise but you refuse to listen. Almost 5 dozen women and their supporters who have been trying to sabotage Cosby’s career is very telling indeed that there’s far more involved than a simple rape scandal.

            And yes, you were the first hijacker of this forum. You want to continue posting, expect people to correct you. Don’t like it then leave.

            And Lisa Bloom is Gloria Allred’s daughter. She represents at least one of Cosby’s accusers. You should know this by now.

          186. It’s from first hand experience that I know how incapacitating Quaaludes are. Not my belief. Being told by people that don’t know what they are talking about to minimize what Cosby was doing isn’t going to fly. In reality he was giving them a dose meant for heavy sedation which meant he wanted these women to be zombies when he had sex with them. It doesn’t follow that he was looking for consent after giving them a dose of Quaaludes meant for heavy sedation.
            Lisa Bloom representing Blac Chyna is not a Cosby related topic knucklehead.
            I hope you aren’t at work getting paid. Get back to work.

          187. Tell us your Quaaludes story, love to hear this first hand experience. Also you tell me what the correct dosage of a Quaalude is and what you took it for.

          188. I took Quaaludes out of curiosity when I was young Adam. They were called 714’s. I didn’t like them but I have a pretty good idea what Cosby was using them for if he was passing out two pills and serving alcohol and it wasn’t consensual sex.

          189. It was all part of drug experimentation in the late sixties and seventies when I was growing up. Some were fun, some not so much. When we were kids we thought we had to do drugs to have fun.
            Giving drugs to someone without their knowledge for any reason is about as low as it gets unless of course it’s with the intention of sexually assaulting them when they are too stoned to resist. Even convicted criminals look down on men that take advantage of women and children.

          190. So under no circumstances these women were doing any part of drug experimentation like you did? Even though it’s the same time period? You don’t find anything about the time gap of reporting doesn’t look at all…weird to you? Maybe you were looking for women to rape too since you used the drug. How am I supposed to know you didn’t?

          191. Do you remember any of these women saying they asked Bill if they could try one of his pills?
            Do you think Andrea was experimenting with drugs when Bill talked her into taking pills she didn’t want or need?
            What’s wrong with you Adam that you want so badly for this to all be a conspiracy that you have to ignore everything you know to be true and throw common sense and logic out the window to defend Cosby.
            I think these women were young and confused and didn’t fully realize how wrong what Bill did to them was until they found out it wasn’t a one time mistake and he was purposely drugging women to have sex with them. They were alone and afraid of Bill and what he might do if they reported him.
            They came out in support of Andrea who was brave enough to report Bill and expose what he was doing.

          192. Because I have to throw out a lot of common sense and logic to believe this narrative.
            Here’s just some of the illogical problems:
            – Assaulted with drugs only distributed up until 1984 but there are claims of assault dating up until 2008
            – Almost 60 women were afraid of what Cosby might do to them even though he didn’t live with them, was away most of the time, and had an entire different line of work then them
            – They were young and confused….for about 40 years….till they found other women who pieced their own story together
            – This is about rape….not the total destruction of Bill Cosby even though all evidence points to them making sure Cosby doesn’t get any work

            “Do you think Andrea was experimenting with drugs when Bill talked her into taking pills she didn’t want or need?”
            Read the story again. She came over complaining about sleep issues. He gave her pills to relax and she willing took them. They weren’t slipped in a drink.

            “Do you remember any of these women saying they asked Bill if they could try one of his pills?”
            Yeah, Theresa – here’s a quote from when she came out:
            The pills, she says, were Quaaludes. “He identified what they were; that’s how I knew,” she says. “At that point I didn’t know what to do, so I just obeyed. I just did it.”
            — She willing took the pills knowing exactly what it was

          193. Harvey Weinstein is under attack and has lost his job and reputation. He needs you Adam. Go save him.

          194. Under attack by Lisa Bloom. The reason why you know about Harvey Weinstein is because he’s connected to Cosby. Showed up during your daily Google search for Cosby, didn’t it?

          195. Harvey’s name is front page everywhere. You don’t have to look up one serial sex offender to find another.
            Harvey asked women to do sexual favors that were inappropriate. Cosby didn’t ask. He stole them.

          196. That article I just sent has even included Adam in it: “Cosby and his apologists — before, during and after his sexual assault trial in Pennsylvania last June — used this ploy to trash his female accusers. This is a straw man argument if ever there was one. There is an obvious answer why, aside from fear, uncertainty and trauma, that many abuse victims say nothing.”

          197. There’s nothing that will help Adam. I think it’s time for everyone to start ignoring him like we do Burt.

          198. I agree, He is so needy for attention that he acts out by harassing Jessie and others to get it. He actually thought the FBI might notice him with that silly petition. I vote ignore.

          199. 13 accusers, 1 spoke out from 2004 – sounds a bit too familiar. Seems like a common method for the Allred family on how to attack men. You have MSN as your homepage?

          200. And as Cosby told the guy from MSNBC that it wasn’t enough women last time so this time around they upped the anty and put out a lot more. They’re trying again with many many more piled on.
            Yea Cos.

          201. Yes I have MSN for my homepage. Allred wasn’t around for the first round of accusers. What’s your problem with Jessie having a friendly conversation on a disqus site that no one goes to anymore?

          202. There’s no room for friendly conversation when it’s hijacked by haters or haven’t you noticed this yet on all the other forums you go to.

          203. Sorry, I can’t help you if you insist on visiting forums that make you unhappy.
            Go read one of your Cosby books or visit his face book page where people like yourself gather for friendly censored conversation.

          204. If Jessie and Oxy want to talk no one’s forcing you to eavesdrop on their conversation. Get a life Adam.

          205. Irony: Telling one to get a life when they have no life of their own. Get a grip Storm Junkie, there’s more to life than Cosby.

          206. The Harvey Weinstein scandal is shining a new light on Cosby and how people looked the other way and he was able to get away with drugging and raping women. Harvey says he didn’t have to drug women the way Cosby did. Look at what is happening to Harvey. Is this racism? is this a lynch mob violating Harvey’s rights until found guilty in a court of law. No, these are people that know Harvey and the women making the accusations and they believe the women.
            Bill Cosby and men like him have inspired women that have been sexually harassed, assaulted or raped to come out to say enough is enough.

          207. Yeah, all the old grandmothers have come out to talk about their decades old assault. Must make you proud.

          208. Yes it does. One of the most important rules in a civilized society is you don’t hurt other people or take their stuff. People like Cosby, Harvey and pedophile priests have opened our eyes to a layer of inappropriate behavior that has been covered up and gone on way too long. It needs to stop.
            You need to get back to work.

          209. You’re a delusional fool if you think it has stopped.
            How do you want the women in your life treated when they’re at work or looking for employment?

          210. I live in Canada. I don’t live in a place where guns are required to protect myself from my neighbours. Do you even work now or you too old for that?

          211. What does anything you just said have to do with how you want the women in your life treated?
            I don’t have any guns and I saved my money and retired early.

          212. We don’t have the same problems as the US. That’s because everybody is nice (even in the workplace). We don’t follow around 80 year old men across the country and harass them. We have better things to do.

          213. The 80 year old man is a rapist trying to avoid accountability. Maybe you should mind your own business. We don’t need you telling us how to mind ours.

          214. Like posting on Disqus all day to people you don’t like when you are supposed to be working? Dead weight.

          215. What you also don’t do is agree to the nasty propositioning; say and do nothing and let it go for years WHILE KNOWING about that person harming others along the way; carry on with your career because that was more important than your own health and dignity and anyone else; keep associating with the perp and THEN because ‘something’ pops off about the person being really bad(which you always knew) you want to join the crowd and claim victim status in the end.


          216. I can’t believe the Weinstein case hasn’t opened your eyes, not even a little. You sound like a true dinosaur.

            You’re a blind and clueless fool keke. And yes, sometimes, (often) it takes someone else, braver than another to call it out in order for the other to come forward. Don’t like it? Me neither, which is why I’d rather be part of the change instead of the status quo.

          217. Oh please you Mess. This doesn’t help women or people. Helps no one.
            You go and compromise your morals and conscious for something that is highly unnecessary in life such as fame then that is on you. You go and let it alone for DECADES as you “progress” then obviously it was a bullet worth biting, chewing and swallowing for you so keep on eating it then.

            You KNEW what that man did to you and for YEARS you have heard and KNEW of others who were terrorised the same way or worse after you yet you SAT there and tried NOTHING. Why? Cause…cause.. “My career.”

            Now “something” pops off and now you want to come out playing victim.
            Im so glad folks are calling ALL of these folks out.

            I only respect those that really did try to stop him or warn others away from him.

          218. “a common method on how to attack men.”
            You can NOT be THIS stupid.
            You are hopeless and need to be ignored.

          219. You can NOT be serious. Between you and Keke, it is hard to pick the bigger idiot, but I think it may be you.

          220. Then will you go away?
            Ok, this is the LAST idiotic question I will answer.
            First off, I already answered it.
            There is no “number 13” phenomenon.
            And there are plenty ones, twos, threes. How many does Trump have? 4? 5?
            You ask the stupidest questions. Worse than a 5 year old.
            “13”–Jeezus! What do YOU think it means?
            Some secret number the cult likes, lol?

          221. What about my answer did you not understand?
            There are currently 25 allegations against Weinstein.
            By the time this is posted it could be more.
            Now get away from me, dumbazz.

          222. Can someone please tell me where Adumb got the impression that 13 was a magic number. How many alleged victims are there of Cosby and Weinstein? There was 13 for each like there had been 12 earlier and 14 later. What does the 13 signify? Is Glo or Lisa representing 13 or have 13 around a press conference table or something? What’s this obsession with 13? LOL!


            “My brother Harvey is obviously a very sick man,” Bob Weinstein told TMZ in a statement. “I’ve urged him to seek immediate professional help because he is in dire need of it. His remorse and apologies to the victims of his abuse are hollow. He said he would go away for help and has yet to do so.”
            Bob Weinstein continued to TMZ: “He has proven himself to be a world-class liar and now, rather than seeking help, he is looking to blame others. His assertion is categorically untrue from A to Z. I pray he gets the help that he needs and I believe that it is him behind all of these stories to distract from his own failure to get help.”
            ABC News confirmed the accuracy of Bob Weinstein’s statement to TMZ with a representative from the Weinstein Company.

          224. I’ve not really followed the story but she definitely didn’t ruin her career. She got Harvey to confess, to agree for counselling, he’s been fired from his job and his wife left him. I’d call that a success.

          225. Trust me, I know Storm Junkie, he got it from a Google search for “Bill Cosby”. No news doesn’t mean he doesn’t stop searching for it. You don’t know the level of obsessed these people have.

          226. I can’t trust you because you are batshiot crazy. Everybody is talking about Weinstein.
            I just did a Google search for “Bill Cosby”, and guess what? Nothing about Weinstein came up. Stuff comes up about Jerry Seinfeld.
            You might not look so foolish if you’d tried this yourself before making stuff up about people.
            But let’s pretend–just for the heck of it–that Storm googled Cosby and Weinstein came up. So?
            You were complaining on here a few days ago that people were not talking enough about Cosby. You flipped out when Jessie wrote RIP Tom Petty.
            Darned if we do, darned if we don’t.
            You are the one with an obsession about about Cosby and a nonexistent “cult”.

          227. Just because you are not part of the cult, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist Oxy. Maybe you should wake up, register for Facebook and sign up for the cult. It’s right there. You can even figure out how to join in on their next protest.

          228. I told you I don’t like Facebook. I don’t see the point. I see a lot of people posting pictures of themselves, followed by their friends telling them they are beautiful. The only way I would attend a protest is if it happened in my town. That will never happen, but if it did, I would go.
            “Cult”. Jezuus…..

          229. GOOD NIGHT NURSE!!!!
            I see what you mean… definitely looks like a cult.
            So they travel around? How? In giant busses?
            Have you contacted law enforcement? They like to keep an eye on cults.

          230. I bet you think they travel around and just oops…land in the same venue as a Cosby thing. You are quite delusional Oxy. You’re in denial.

          231. Why would I think that, lol?
            They traveled there from different parts of the country to protest the venue. Glo and Lilli came from LA, Brandy came from Chicago, Ash from the South….
            Women travelled from all over the country to attend the Million Women Rise Rally in DC in January to protest Trump. More than attended his inauguration. I know women who went. I stayed home and marched in my town. Cosby comes to my town, I’m there. But I won’t travel to find him.

          232. I don’t know. Maybe you think cults have to travel together in busses for it to be a cult. The Trump march was only one. These accusers travelled multiple times for Cosby and there’s still more to come!

          233. I don’t think there will be “more to come” because Cosby is finished. He is not going to tour again. Not enough people want to see him, and venues don’t want to book him.
            What I think is that they are not a “cult”. They are people who feel strongly about powerless women abused by powerful men, and the people who either look the other way, or are afraid to speak up. We are now seeing this with Weinstein. Things need to change.

          234. Uh huh, I’ve heard that for like 3 years now and they are still working him over. You don’t think the accusers will travel to the courthouse like before? I expect a full circus in affect. Last one had drummers and a bubble maker – I expect more this time around. Maybe double the amount of accusers present. They must have a bigger presence since their last attempt to finish him failed.

          235. Yes, I expect the accusers to travel to the courthouse like before.
            Surely you don’t imagine the drummers and bubble makers had anything to do with the accusers, lol? They just wanted to get on tv.
            The accusers’ presence had/has nothing to do with the verdict.
            It is all about the jury, and it only takes one sexist backward-thinking dinosaur out of 12 to get another hung jury.
            Rest assured, that will happen.
            So why do you imagine the accusers want to “finish” Cosby? What could their reason/motive be? Why would 60 women lie?

          236. You tell me. You seem to be very dead set on making sure Cosby doesn’t work. I don’t think we’ll ever know the answer since all the accusers are heavily protected. And we don’t anyone investigating that right?

          237. So get someone investigating, then!
            How are the accusers “heavily protected”, lol?
            I’m not “dead set”, but if Cosby comes to my town–(he won’t)–I will protest.
            Not because I want to “oppress” Cosby, but because I know in my heart of hearts that he is guilty, and I’m tired of these powerful A-holas–whether it be Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly or Bill Cosby being able to get away with their shiot.
            Rest assured, there are many men I would protest in my town, not only Cosby.
            And it is not because I am a member of a cult. It is because I am a woman, and all women have experienced criap. Your daughter will too.

          238. Being the accuser means no one investigates you. And to make sure you’re well protected, you get even more high-priced lawyers and twice or three times more of them. This Cosby case is costing a lot of people, a lot of money.

          239. Huh?
            Andrea C had the public prosecutor.
            Being the accuser means you are heavily investigated by Cosby’s high paid lawyers.
            Rest assured, Cosby’s very high paid attorneys did, and could only come up with things like bath salts and returned phone messages to try to sway the dinosaurs on the jury.
            I can’t talk to you anymore because you are incredibly “ignorant” (kind way to state it). You open your mouth and spew out anything that comes into your head with no thought whatsoever.

          240. Rachel Maddow is doing her show about Weinstein, Cosby, O’Reilly and Trump. It’s been 3 years this week since Hannibal Burress did the joke that broke the Cosby story open. All the MSNBC shows tonight are highlighting sexual assault. The commander in chief is a serial sexual assaulter. ugh! We have come a long way, baby! Still have a ways to go. Adam is nobody, nothing.

          241. We have come a little ways, but not a long way.
            “Everyone” apparently knew about this a-hola for decades, but nobody would speak up because Weinstein was so powerful, made them so much money.
            Big time producer, studio head.
            How must it have felt to the courageous few who spoke up, like Ashley Judd, only to have the big names remain silent–Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Judy Dench, etc.–UNTIL Weinstein was fired, gone, and then suddenly they found their voices.
            But they pretended they never knew, it was a surprise, whereas many/most admit that “everyone knew”, it was an open secret. Like Cosby.
            But had Weinstein not been fired, the big name stars would have stayed silent. SHAME!
            I can understand the fear of going up against Weinstein.
            Why would any woman ever come forward?
            The story was almost exposed in 2002 by the NYT’s, but Weinstein engaged Matt Damon and Russell Crowe to help squelch the story.
            It is not just women who need to speak out against Weinstein. Men need to also. A few have, but not enough.
            The Weinsteins, O’Reilly’s. Cosbys need to be exposed for who they really are, as well as everyday men who commit s e x ual assault and get away with it.

          242. Leaps and bounds. Yes there’s obviously much more to do, but the past few years I feel like I’ve witnessed a MAJOR turning point, a watershed moment. I don’t blame anyone for not coming forward and taking on the huge battle that would have been the Weinstein machine, I don’t care how big your own name was. It’s a societal problem that contributed to the silence, not a weakness of character on the part of any of the women. It took a man to openly call Cosby a rapist to have it are-enter the public dialogue. That’s too bad, but that’s where we were. But now look at where we are. Thanks to the brave women willing to confront the shaming and blaming head on, it paved the way for others. The next step is eliminating stupid stereotypes from our court system, there is no such thing as a perfect victim. That’s going to take a looooong time, but it IMO society is over a pretty major hurdle.

          243. I’m talking about this past week. I am not encouraged.
            Major Hollywood players stayed silent, leaving Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd out to dry while they waited to see if Weinstein would weather the storm. Only after Weinstein was fired and gone, did they speak up. And then they lied and pretended to be shocked. I might respect Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Russell Crowe if they had come out and said. “I am ashamed to say I was a coward who covered up for him because I was afraid for my career.” I respect Terry Crews for admitting a Hollywood Executive, grabbed and groped his Mr Peabody, and Crews too afraid to report it. Crews said he understood why women don’t report.
            Have you heard the police 2015 tape of Weinstein clearly acknowledging to one of his victims what he had done? It was a sting operation. If it had been a normal person, the police would have burst into his house and led him off in cuffs. But the investigation was mysteriously dropped, and a few days later Weinstein’s lawyer wrote a big check to the Manhattan DA’s re-election campaign. The detectives were furious. The same DA who accepted a large check from Trump’s lawyer to drop a felony case against the Trump kids in 2012. Cy Vance Jr has to go.
            Same old, same old.
            Powerful men, powerless women, and the people who look the other way.
            You smell roses, but I’m feeling queasy from a horrible familiar stench.

          244. That DA not charging is part of what I mean about the court system – they had the evidence, but as they dug into into the victim’s past, lo and behold, imperfect. Conveniently so as you point out. I don’t “smell roses”, that’s for sure, but I’m in no way shocked by it, doesn’t surprise me in the least, I’ve seen lesser versions of this many many times. What I am very optimistic about is the attention it’s getting and the now speedy action. I really feel it’s a turning point.

          245. It does not seem like we are talking about the same case.
            It is confusing because there are so many allegations.
            It sounds as though you are talking about a rape case?
            I was talking about the young Italian actress who filed a police report because Weinstein grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt.
            Th cops wired her, and Weinstein admits it, then flips out because she does not want to go into his hotel room while he is taking a shower. Says it would be humiliating if she waited in the bar. (How is waiting in the bar humiliating?)
            Open and shut case. Evidence clearly there. Case dropped. DA gets a check from Weinstein.

          246. Right, sounds like the same case to me, evidence was there, DA decided not to prosecute. Police did their job and then some, they wanted to prosecute, problem was when power and politics was able to influence the DA’s decision. There’s only one tape that I’m aware of (she was wired), so no I’m not talking about rape, I’m talking about the boob grab and the ways abusers affect silence and create such a “what the f” moments OR “this is simply the way things happen” moments. IMO the next step is for courts (DA’s, “dinosaur” juror beliefs etc) is to weigh toward reason on acquaintance assault or s3xual harassment etc. Maybe I’m being simplistic, but I think this is a major turn, I think there’s finally so many voices, even if they could have been stronger or spoken up earlier, I see the way society is reacting as a pretty major step.

          247. Evidence was not there. Law enforcement often gets it wrong because they’re not lawyers. She said “touched” which could have been an accident she got upset about and can happen without intent. Had she said “grabbed” then that’s intent and prosecutors would have had a case,

          248. It’s absolutely why the DA didn’t charge. Word’s are important and you’re held to them in a court of law.

            I listened to that tape. There was no intent proven.

            Intent has to be proven and it was not. FYI: cops are the most dangerous people for other cops and prosecutor’s to investigate and charge. Their lives are at stake yet NYC has been investigating and charging cops with sexual crimes long before the complaint against Weinstein existed. Charging wealthy men is easy compared to that.

            She thereafter signed a letter stating it never happened, settled with a NDA.

          249. Well maybe I missed an article or something, there were many reasons the DA gave not to prosecute but that one, if true, is about the dumbest I’ve heard! Sure it’s something the defense could have used but gee whiz, let a jury decide. Sexual assault cases involving an acquaintances are never cut and dry.

          250. The prosecutor gave only one reason; no intent. His response to law enforcement is that they screwed up which they did. Instead of obtaining evidence of a crime what they actually accomplished is no proof of a and that the accusing victim is inconsistent in her accusations.

            That’s not how it works jessie. If it were your way they’d charge and try every mere accusation and there can’t be enough prosecutors nor courthouses nor anything else in the world that would be involved. . Jurors have laws they have to follow. And while you would waste valuable resources on mere accusations you would effectually deflect away from true crimes that can be proven and/or prevented.

            You can’t charge in NY without intent. She changed her story to touch, not grab, and touching can be accidental and not intentional while grabbing is intentional and would be a crime. And begging someone to come to their room is not a crime. There are also some words that require action like the word “no”. Say no more than once and you render the word meaningless, you don’t mean. Say the word “no” no more than twice followed by walking away then the word has meaning.

            Sexual harassment is a legal term involving an applicant for employment or an employee. There has to be a nexus between sexual harassment and loss of employment. And sometimes jessie, it’s actually women who cause a sexual harassment atmosphere.

            Take Rachel Carlson and Roger Ailes. What precipitated Carlson’s sexual harassment complaint was Fox news terminating her contract for poor ratings and she made alot of money out of it. It wasn’t true. NBC hired her and its ratings have gone down to the lowest its ever been. So Fox news didn’t terminate her contract because she wouldn’t have sex with Roger Ailes; her contract was legitimately terminated.

            The Weinstein case is complicated. His is where the power lay because he was a studio head in contrast to Bill Cosby who only had power to hire and fire only on shows he produced or owned. He’s been accused of sexual harassment and he’s been accused of being coarse in requesting sex. If what Gwyneth Paltrow says is true then that’s sexual harassment. If he calls a model and requests she come to his room to discuss her career then that’s a euphemism for come and have sex with me because she didn’t apply for a job.

            The filming and model industries are dirty business and unlike any other business. The casting couch has been publicaly known throughout my lifetime. You have those that yield power sexually harassing and those in which there’s no shortage of people willing to use sex to obtain jobs in the industry. They’re visual mediums that include but a not limited to appearance, sexuality and sex. Industries that aren’t reliant solely on skill sets but also on such things as personality, beauty etc.

            Now you can explain how females claim to lack communication skills by not not knowing what a “euphemism” is.

          251. Regarding the situation with Weinstein and the DA’s decision not to prosecute, there was certainly enough evidence for a good and socially responsible DA to press charges. A great number of all kinds crimes of crimes that are successfully prosecuted have no proof of intent, it’s left up to the prosecutor to provide compelling arguments and evidence to the jury or judge that proves intent if that’s required. That’s his/her job. If a judge won’t sign an arrest warrant because he/she doesn’t think there’s enough evidence to support the argument, that’s different. The tape was only one piece of evidence, if there wasn’t any more at first, a couple of weeks worth of good detective work would clearly have revealed a treasure trove, and if the DA decided not to prosecute without that basic investigation, shame on him!! But I’m sure there was more than just the wire and report that was filed within hours of the incident (this is where Duhfenders will ask “why did she wait hours? Why didn’t she do “x”?”) There’s no doubt, zero, that other victims would be willing to testify to similar experiences and demonstrate they told others. All kinds of things we know now would have been revealed or possibly were already known by the investigators and DA.

            She reported acquaintance related sexual assault. There is much evidence to support her claim. I’m going to have to dig deeper into dates, when she reported, when she stopped being in the loop of what was going on, when the DA decided not to press charges, when she reached a settlement. From everything I’ve read it seems as though the DA decided not to press charges because he couldn’t prove intent. Shameful, he had enough or could have easily acquired enough to support a strong and compelling argument for a jury to consider. If even all that wasn’t enough for a competent and determined DA to bring charges against (maybe not a conviction, but that’s up to a jury), then we’re in a sad place as a country. It should have been up to a jury to decide Weinstein’s culpability based on the best admissible arguments and evidence from both sides. This is a he said she said case. There is no smoking gun. A great number of folks that heard the tape considers it to be compelling evidence that the guy did not easily take a “no”. A great number of folks can see why someone in a similar situation wouldn’t fight or scream or stomp off or otherwise make a scene that angered or provoked retaliation. Society is ready for this stuff to go to jury. And no laws have to be changed in order to make it happen.

            This issue is not limited to “dirty businesses” like modeling or filming. This kind of thing happens in every single industry. A single mom of a child with special needs might not fight or risk her job at a convenience store because she finally has healthcare. Surely as a society we know that? You don’t have to make a million bucks to benefit s3xually at the expense of another.

            And yes, I know women are capable of s3xual harassment in the workplace. It’s exceedingly rare, I’ve never encountered it and I’ve fielded probably more than a hundred complaints of s3xual harassment. But I know it exists because every year the law firm I work with has an annual week long conference for HR clients that investigate all kinds of complaints. Plus it’s reported in newsletters and monthly mags dedicated to the profession. Same standards should apply either way. If Weinstein was a gal with that kind of history and evidence I’d be singing a very similar tune.

          252. You wrote a whole bunch of nothing of non expertise. The DA (lawyer( decides if there’s evidence of a crime) You’re not going to win a case when your witness is caught on audio claiming something else happened, then subsequently writes that it never happened. It’s not going to happen. There was a sting operation because there was no evidence. There must be intent to prove the “touching” is a crime. It isn’t a crime to not easily accept a no without force. All she had to do was say no and walk out. She wasn’t forced to go anywhere and she called him.

            You’re conflating. Other industries require actual skills. The modeling industry requires looks, the ability to walk a certain way, look good nude, be photogenic; no skills or education required. The film industry has all of the above, acting skills any one person has do not fit all acting roles and some so called actors are strictly what’s called personality actors wherein the actor’s personality is likable to the public and can project it threw the screen.

            Most other industries are not reliant on appearance. You won’t find people commonly choosing to consensual sleep with the hiring personelle often but you will find women/men who choose to have relationships with the boss to get ahead.

            You don’t work with a law firm; you work at night. And if you did work for a law firm you’re not the attorney.

          253. I’m not an attorney so I retain one when the company I’m working for needs one. Most companies I’ve worked for have a single law firm on retainer already and I simply go to them and spend a couple k for their research and opinion when it comes to HR matters. Do I need a labour rights lawyer? Assign me to that one. Do I need a human rights lawyer? Assign me to that one. Who knows. Maybe just get me a jr to put together a list of case law. Mostly I sign the cheque for advice and research, the lawyers work behind the scenes, their researchers are even further removed.

            And yeah Sally, abuse of power is something that happens in every industry, people may rush to think “she’s sleeping with him to get ahead”, when it’s actually a case of “did she have any good choice to preserve her livelihood?” And many more scenarios.

            But in situations like this, with Weinstein, it’s pretty clear. It should have been up to a jury to decide his guilt.

          254. Except those people don’t work at night as you do so you’re not believable.

            You’re incapable of distinguishing between industries. What part of the modeling and film industry above all others involves a lot of sexual images and sex don’t you understand? The subject matter is the film industry. You’re conflating and incapable of noting the differences. Please, women can get other jobs; even higher paying jobs. There are other movie studios. There’s the movie industry and there’s the tv industry.

            You are not a legal expert and you’re wrong. Furthermore there are excessive examples of women sleeping with the boss to get ahead. Open relationships usually precipitated by office behavior. If you don’t have FU skills then you have bigger problems. It’s getting out of hand. One women tweeted she was sexually harassed at the airport because a man asked for her phone number. Perhaps American men should avoid marrying American and Canadian women and return to mail order brides. The truth never changes but lies do.

          255. Oh the dramatics lol, a return to mail order brides as you say, sure lol, that’ll fix the problem! Get gals who expect a lot less than what this country is supposed to deliver and then “hey!! Jackpot!”

            Women shouldn’t need to get away from a legal industry in order to leave with their dignity intact, especially once it’s been stolen. It’s their fault for getting involved. How avant-garde of you! Cutting edge! Isn’t that like a 1800s argument? Don’t we know better? Being asked for a phone number by a stranger at the airport is NOT what we’re talking about,what’s wrong with you?

          256. What the F are you posting about. You keep up with nothing. You didn’t even know McGowen lied about why twitter suspended her.

            If you want to be equal to men then be equal to men. Acquire backbones, learn how to defend yourself, learn how to be just as powerful, be accountable, take responsibility of your own actions and lives. If not that than you can choose trumps return to traditional values which included but was not limited to staying in the kitchen pregnant.

            I’m grateful I don’t have any weak whiney irresponsible unaccountable women that can’t defend themselves and are truly equal to any man in my life

          257. Well good for you I guess, maybe some guys aspire to have no women with questionable aspirations around them. Obviously that’s where we’re headed. But we have to get there first I guess. It’s currently different for a smaller younger female Sally. Sorry but it’s true. Power inequities are used everywhere. It’s good that no female perceived themselves as less than you (I could have guessed that but thanks for confirming). Still, when it comes to power of any kind, medical insurance, getting 40 hours a week instead of 30, whatever, it factors in. Weinstein is a predator. So was that guy named Cosby. You seem to defend predators.

          258. When unimpeachable evidence is produced I’ll believe they’re predators. I believe due to Weinstein’s words that he sexually harassed applicants and employees but that’s not a criminal crime. It’s not a perception; it’s a reality. These women have knowledge and shill sets that allow them to move form industry to industry, obtain jobs during recessions, can stand up to any man, beat men and don’t allow men to intimidate them. People respect strong people; they don’t respect weak people. If every many knew that all women would immediately report to law enforcement there’d be less sexual assault.

            There are elderly women whom young man tried to raped and get knocked out with the cast iron skillet. That’s what women need to be.

            Meanwhile while women are demand equal pay for less work and taking off from work more often that men and crying about less pay they’re losing access to birth control, paid birth control, have been set back to arbitrating sexual harassment which favors the employer. You’r winning battles but losing the war.

            In addition to that ACA via EO is increasing premiums for those in need of the ACA with less medical benefits. Don’t be surprised that if women have to start paying more for medical insurance than men. And they have to learn that being “nice” doesn’t work in negotiating salaries. Improve their communication and listening skills. They to stop depending on the largess of men and learn that if they don’t care to do for themselves than no one will care for then. Stop accusing men of objectify men when in fact there’s no shortage of women objecting themselves, dress near naked, have slut walk parades, have vagina monologues, talk about yeast infection; there’s no stigma anymore or mysteries anymore. Improve their communication and listening skills And most of all work on valuing integrity. And learn euphemisms.

          259. Hahahahaha! I watch very little TV and even I sit through like 20 commercials a week about enlarged prostates and erektile dysfunction . Lol!! But Sally draws the line at hearing about yeast infections! Hahahahaha!

            Most of the accusations levied against Harvey involve assault, even exposing your peenoose is a crime. But yes, sometimes he simply harassed. Which can also be a crime depending on how he did it.

            If you need unquestionable evidence of acquaintance related s3xual assault before agreeing a charge should be filed, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait a very long time. In 99.9% of cases it comes down to he said she said. And neither individual is ever perfect, any testimony can be impeached, and it should be up to a jury to decide what happened and whether or not the accused is culpable.

            But I’m way more interested in the employment related discussion anyway, so I’m only too happy to go there!

            Someone like me can move between industries with relative ease. I might take a pay cut due to lack of experience with their type of operation but I can quickly make up for it. Someone who’s chosen a set iundustry, like acting and entertainment might not have such an option. I can’t be blacklisted, but I can see how many can and have to take on a totally new profession if they speak up. Why should that be left as their only good option? Sure a secretary being hit on by her boss may have to consider loosing her 3 weeks vacation and vetting in the employer’s 401k match, and all the other things earned over time because she’s not confident enough, or articulate enough, or experienced enough, or whatever enough to make staying a good option. But I’m not okay with that, are you?

            This is one place where I think the US has really dropped the ball. I spent years of monthly calls with the US and Britain. You wouldn’t believe what US employers can get away with. Head Office HR (US) would be all super enthusiastic about some new initiative, and we’d listen, and then it was Canada’s turn, and I’d say, “yeah, that sounds great, but it’s not really exactly “legal” here” and the Britain would jump in and say “yeah! Not legal here either!” On soooo many things! I could spend hours on just two examples.

            Anyway. Point is, no one likes to hear about yeast infections.

            And I will end with a quote that ends all quotes, this here is the best you’ll ever see folks!

            “ They to stop depending on the largess of men and learn that if they don’t care to do for themselves than no one will care for then. Stop accusing men of objectify men when in fact there’s no shortage of women objecting themselves, dress near naked, have slut walk parades, have vagina monologues, talk about yeast infection; there’s no stigma anymore or mysteries anymore. ”
            Sally Sue

          260. McGowan had her twitter account frozen last night because she called out Ben Affleck the day before. Yep. She used the “f” word. So. Twitter can’t stop a POSPOTUS from using the platform as a tool to spread hate and misinformation, but they can stop the gal who calls out a guy for being complicit and lying about the sexual abuse of others. Well. Guess what company is now on my radar? Unbelievable. Yes, so much worse to tell a guy pretending not to know what was going on to eff off than it is to make North Korea think you’re on the brink of declaring war. The feigning ignorance is troubling, best to say you’re upset by it all instead of adding you had no idea when you clearly did. I still don’t think any of the actresses or actors had to be heroes, I don’t feel they had any duty of any kind to take on a monster and his empire (HR and colleagues/ partners is another story). But good grief, to silence someone, I’m now going to picture Affleck’s mug every time I see an Adumb post.

          261. Well that was a stupid move on her part, it must have been removed within seconds. Still can’t believe they don’t have a stand on using their platform to threaten nuclear war….

          262. You are 100% right about Mcgowan vs Trump, but it is not all about power?
            McGowan is powerless, Trump is POTUS.
            Twitter is too stupid to understand the harm Trump is doing with his tweets.
            (Which person at Twitter would make that decision?)
            I will join you in bringing down Twitter, if you tell me how to do it.
            That being said, picture what you like, but I would never cast Affleck as Adumb in my Disqus movie.
            Affleck looks nothing like Adumb, plus Affleck is smart and funny. I don’t think Affleck had anything to do with getting McGowan kicked off Twitter.
            Yes, I am mad at him for pretending he never knew about Weinstein. Ben needs to come out right now, and admit that he knew all along, and say he is sorry for his BS statement.
            Ben: Just say you were not thinking, you rushed to put out a statement because the issue is important to you, admit to being a coward/a-hola, apologize, end of story.
            As for Damon, I now think he was used by Weinstein, and did not understand what he was doing when he called Mcgowan.
            The thing about both Damon and Affleck is that while I don’t love them, I kind of like them.
            I really like the movie, ” The Talented Mr Ripley”, with Matt Damon.
            And they are both funny, have great senses of humor.

          263. Please tell me you are not citing Breitbart, Ash.
            I don’t know about Casey Affleck.
            But at least Ben has apologized. It was a quick grope, and he was not in a position of power. You can see it on the video.
            This is somewhat detailed in Chapter 15 of my book, the chapter directed at clueless male readers.
            My attitude about quick gropes is that if you are prepared to receive a punch, or a slap, or a hard push accompanied by a “WTF ARE YOU DOING!” then go for it. Because that is how I usually react. It is an instinctual reaction. Probably not the smartest, but I lash out like a dog. If the groping is more subtle….if they disguise it, like pretending to want to give me a hug so that they can press my bosoms against their chest and hold them there, then I will squirm out and make a note to never hug that person again. If they attempt to hug me at a later date, I will hold out my hand for a shake or a high five, If they protest, I will explain that I did not like the last hug. And should they question me in front of others, others will hear the explanation. This summer I didn’t exactly get groped, but a married Trump supporting acquaintance at an outdoor barbecue restaurant put his arm around my shoulders, pulled me to his side and said, “C’mhere. Let me hug that lucsious body”. Only our sides touched, but I didn’t like the lucious body comment. If he had simply said, give me a hug, he could have gotten away with it because it would have been in a gray area. He is also obese and repulsive. And he gave no indication that he planned to release me from his grasp soon. So I sloshed my IPA which was in a big plastic cup on the front of his shirt and said, very annoyed, “Jesus! You made me spill my beer! I paid $4 for that beer!” The arm holding the beer was the one pressed up against his bulk and I made it look like an accident. People witnessed it, and probably thought I was a biotch, but that tub of lard had been working my nerves for awhile. His wife was not at the restaurant, and he did not offer to replace my spilled beer. Nor did I ask him to, of course. But you can’t do that with the Cosbys and the Weinsteins and the Steven Seagulls, the powerful guys. Even a powerless Joe Schmoe might not appreciate my punches, and could hit me back. Don’t get me wrong. When I was younger I was more acquiescent and “polite”. It took decades for me to become spitfire Oxy. Young self conscious Oxy would have been humiliated and silently stewing. It’s the current Oxy, the one who goes to the grocery store dressed like a “clown” (Sally, lol!) who throws punches when called for.

          264. I know!!! Oxy. I googled afflict and saw that story. I didn’t notice it was Breitbart til I posted it. Can’t stand Bannon or Breutbart. FYI. I knew once I hit post id be hearing about it.

          265. I don’t particularly like Ben Affleck and I don’t find him remotely attractive, but since he wasn’t responsible for shutting down McGowan I won’t cast him as Adumb (I would have required him to put on weight and wear a spandex unitard). I think a lot of people are saying they are shocked when they aren’t. Cowards, but I don’t hold them responsible in any way for failing to prevent what Weinstein did. Except of course for HR and his powerful business partners who looked the other way, they had a duty to do something, even it was simply quitting. As for Damon, I always doubted he would knowingly try and squelch Waxman’s story if he knew the full scope of it.

            Jane Fonda says she feels ashamed for not speaking out sooner. But it wasn’t her place to out a confidence of that kind, no matter how horrific. It’s up to the victim to speak out, if and when they choose. And it’s up to all of us to make that a reasonable and best choice. This case has totally piqued my interest in finding out what kind of cases Maine prosecutors have decided not to pursue.

            On a positive note, Susan Collins has decided NOT to run for governor. Maine has wanted her to for a long time, but this year she’s been inundated by people (one was me lol) begging her to stay in the senate. We might get another idiot governor but that’s better than an idiot president allowed to run amok!! Thank you Susan!

          266. I don’t know if Ben would have agreed to put on the extra poundage, but you can rest assured, he would have put on the leotard and given an Academy Award worthy performance as Adumb.
            I reread his statement, and Ben did not pretend to be surprised, or that he didn’t know. He just said that the “additional” allegations of assault that he read about in the paper that day made him sick. I now think Rose M should have had a measured public response than “ef you Ben A” on Twitter. She could have revealed that Ben knew about the behavior, and said something like, “The fact that you continued to kiss Harvey’s azz for the sake of your career made me sick.”
            I like funny people, and when they move into the realm of very funny or hilarious, I start finding them attractive. Jimmy Fallon is my ideal man. Note that I’m the one who has to find them hilarious. Can’t be someone like a Cosby, who I never found funny, only annoying (The reason I find “House of Cosbys” clever and somewhat amusing). Or a Bob Hope. Yawn.
            Do you have any idea how funny Ben Affleck can be?

          267. I guess I’m sensitive to “should haves”. McGowan certainly shouldn’t have posted a private phone number, that’s a no brainer for me. But I will not say how I think she “should” have reacted to Affleck’s public response. I don’t know what went down between their private conversations, but if she indeed told him of a personal experience and years later saw him tweet that it was the “additional” stuff that made him sick, well, I can understand how an “eff you” might be the first or fifth thing you type. She “could” have said so many things, she reacted emotionally, and I’m not going to judge that. Nor am I going to blame Affleck for taking it the way he did. Maybe she recounted her experience to him in a way that made him think it wasn’t traumatizing or sickening. Maybe she laughed while recounting a “can you believe he did this?” story. Maybe he didn’t believe her because he experienced a lot of actresses trying to seduce him. Who knows. Don’t care. It’s about Weinstein’s actions and not the actresses’ or their confidants failures. These things are never clear cut. I don’t blame or judge (I hope) any of the ways any of the players responded. Except Weinstein, HR, and his equals in his companies.

            I’ve seen Ben Affleck be funny. He’s simply not my cup of tea. Jimmy Fallon is though! Did you see him when Nicole Kidman talked about a “date” they were on just after (during?) his SNL stint? He had no idea he had a chance so he really wanted to get home to play video games and she was all like “what’s wrong with my hair or my outfit? Why isn’t this guy interested?” Such a funny exchange! They were both married by the time they talked about it but you could see Fallon blush, he was a bumbling sweetie pie fool, he had no idea he had a chance with Kidman. He’s in the realm of ideal man for me too. Better to preemptively expect a “no” than preemptively expect a “yes”.

          268. McGowan tweeted what Affleck’s words to her in the same tweet where she told him about Weinstein. (In the same tweet where she told him to eff off). Affleck allegedly yelled to her (about Weinstein) “GODDAMMIT! I TOLD HIM TO STOP DOING THAT!!”
            I think she is upset that Affleck claimed to be “disturbed” by the “additional” allegations.
            I believe she was saying, “oh, so you got over ‘my’ allegations enough to be friendly with Harvey again, but these new ones disturb you?” Legitimate point.
            Kind of like when I posted to you, “wait! you made out with SYPHILLIS, but you won’t make out with ME?”,( lol.) It’s a way of protesting, “And what am I? Chopped liver? ” when one feels insulted. That is how I interpret it.
            Was not aware jane Fonda had spoken up on the matter, but found the CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour where she is asked about it. If you really believe things are changing for the better, read the comments. Part of it can be attributed to the 1/3 of the country who are John Waynes and will never forgive “Hanoi Jane”, but most of it is the same old sexist, ageist criap.
            Will have to address comedy in a different post. Too upset with the idiots in this country again.
            I will just say that the thing that made me fall in love with Fallon was his “Real Housewives of Late Night” skits, where he and the guys dress up and play their own biotchy “wives”. Comedy Gold. So well written.

          269. I fell in love with Fallon when he played a college stoner with a web cam on SNL back in the 90’s or something. Loved watching him live in Indy (during the hours before taping lol), but still found his “Real Housewives” of the NHL super funny. His Bob Costa moments were even funnier, but suffice it to say JW and I left that theatre holding our bellies in laughter and I for one really had to pee as a result. So. If my kidneys fail anytime soon I may have to sue him for being too funny.

            I think McGowan is upset over not being taken seriously by who she thought was a friend. Even if he didn’t do anything I think she wouldn’t have minded except that he later seemed to forget. I can totally understand her anger. No, it’s not like anything I did with Beano on an anonymous post it board. At all. Not even close. Are you even Oxy?!?

          270. Of course, I am Oxy.
            I am not claiming making out with Syph (revolting, vile person–one of the worst Duhfenders!) is of the same degree of importance as celebs speaking out about serious issues–it is not!–which is why I wrote LOL, lol.
            My point was Rose M felt insulted.
            I think Ben took her seriously at the time.
            It is that he “forgot” or “moved on”, and then pretended to get outraged anew.
            Whatever Jane Fonda might have said only would have “harmed” the cause because she, like Hillary, is so hated by a large segment of the population.
            Jane is polarizing, and she knows it. She will answer questions if posed to her, but anyone can see she is uncomfortable.
            But someone like a Meryl Streep or a George Clooney speaking up? And I am talking about AFTER the allegations by Rose M and Ashley Judd, and BEFORE Weinstein was fired. Instead of waiting to see how it played out.
            You said you have seen Affleck be funny.
            His Keith Olbermann imitation on SNL? That was funny, but….
            I am talking about the whole thing with Sarah Silverman/Jimmy Kimmel (who I also have a crush on), Matt Damon /Ben Affleck.
            Did you see Sarah Silverman, after she broke up with Kimmel, go on his show and perform her song about Matt Damon?
            Song is about one minute in.
            What is really funny is that Kimmel eventually came back with a response that included many celebs: Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Cameron Diaz, Don Cheadle, Harrison Ford, too many to name.
            But the funniest of all in the video, after Kimmel, is Ben Affleck. Hilarious performance. This is when my respect/admiration for Affleck began.

          271. Ha! First I have to comment on those vids, super funny! Haven’t seen them in what, 10 years? But yeah, Affleck can be funny, love how he’s able to poke fun at himself (that’s the American in me, the Canadian part of me doesn’t understand self deprecating humour). But I’d rather be Sara Silverman than Jimmy Kimmel if you know what I’m saying! I don’t know what it is, he’s never really offended me (Gigli aside lol), it’s just a combination of his face, his voice, his mannerisms, I don’t know, he’s just one of those really rare people that I immediately dislike for no good reason. I’m trying to think of someone else I’ve felt that way toward… I can think of several politicians, Steven Harper etc… trying to think of another actor… I know there was an actress back in the day who immediately bugged me but I can’t for the life of me remember who she was or why, it was something about her face, voice, and mannerisms. Idk. I’m just not an Affleck fan. And that he might have “forgot” being told about a s3xual assault makes me think “yeah, figures, meh, what do you expect, it’s Ben Affleck”.

            I STILL, to this day and probably forever will NEVER fault a person, Streep or Clooney included, for not going public or not working on films he produced. HR and peers in his field and companies is another matter as far as I’m concerned. While I’m not a fan of folks who state they didn’t know when yeah, they actually did but somehow “forgot”, I’m not as bothered by them as say the Oliver Stones who say “let’s not rush to judgment, the courts should decide what we think, let’s wait for that”. Creep. As soon as I heard him say that a couple days ago in Korea I thought “hmm, wonder what you did, Oliver”, and sure enough, I just googled him to make sure I was referring to the right dude (thought for a minute it might have been Scorsese), and what do I find? Yep. When it comes to Weinstein and you’re also a powerful man who says we shouldn’t judge because 12 random people haven’t told us what to believe, what kind of skeletons are in your closet mister!!

            Polarizing or not, I think Jane made an appropriate and understandable decision in not trying to out Weinstein. She takes on a lot of good causes, her voice is one that supports women, and sometimes supporting another woman means protecting a confidence. I actually have more respect now for her, she’s struggling with her choice and I get that now that we know the magnitude of what that guy did. But I really hope she doesn’t beat herself up too much over it, I think she did the right thing. As for the haters, those folks are always going to be more vocal in their online postings, I don’t think they’re an accurate gauge on society.

          272. Did you forget about the other 57 accusers? You seem to hitch to the one accuser who makes your point seem valid. Of course, the accuser’s history with the accused is going to be under investigation with the criminal case. It’s obvious. You can’t just take someone’s word for it.

          273. No, I have not forgotten about the other 59 accusers.
            Most of their stories ring true to me.
            There, but for fortune, go I.
            I hitch to the one accuser because she is the only one with an actual case.
            I can’t take “someone’s word for it”?
            You are taking Cosby’s word (which he has actually never given/he hides behind expensive lawyers) against 60 women.
            One man–a confirmed liar–against 60 women.

          274. Cosby can’t talk. He’s being silenced. When has he ever been a confirmed liar? Because he was hanging out with other women?

            What do you understand about can’t take someone’s word for it? There are 2 sides of the story and both need to be told. If you are scared of your own side of the story, I’d be concerned.

          275. And what is Cosby’s side? What has he said, and when did he say it?
            Nobody has silenced him, unless it his his lawyers. Talk away, Cosby.
            A married father of five out with other women, trying to have s e x with them and doing it by hook or crook, instead of being home with his wife and kids? Admitting under oath that he did not want Camomile finding out? I call such a person a liar, and worse.
            Is that kind of behavior ok with you?

          276. Katherine McKee disagrees with you. She’s appealing her defamation case because she didn’t like that Cosby spoke out and defended himself. Certainly he should be allowed to talk, right? Cosby hasn’t talked about any of his relationships with these women. He barely even talked about the relationship with Constand. Are you more concerned with his infidelity?

          277. Of course I’m not more concerned with his infidelity. We were discussing the fact that he is a liar. Infidelity and lying go hand in hand.
            He hasn’t talked about his “relationships” because they weren’t relationships. They were crimes.
            Look, you are just too clueless. I can’t spend any more time talking to you.

          278. We’ve been down this road many times before. There is no point in explaining anything to you because you can’t retain it. I can’t spend my life repeating the same things over and over because you are too dense to understand simple things. You should have worn some kind of head protection during your hours of wrestling. Now your brain is scrambled.
            Storm provided you a link that I think you would enjoy.
            It’s recent and there are many cult memebers posting there. They don’t know you, so you can begin anew.

          279. Do you understand how a forum works? Use an instant messaging client like Skype if you want to talk about dogs, food, and Survivor. Geesh.

          280. Gosh. He is such an illogical imbecile. You can’t reason with an unreasonable person. He doesn’t get that it’s rapists who rape.

          281. He really doesn’t. There’s this mentality that comes with being a Cosby defender that if women would be more careful, men couldn’t be rapists.
            In their minds when Andrea reluctantly let Bill talk her into taking the pills she was somehow responsible for what happened and Cosby is the victim.

            Bill was able to set these women up and talk them into doing things they otherwise wouldn’t have because of the public image he paid people to maintain and these women trusted him not to hurt them. Taking a pill for a headache or cold or accepting a drink isn’t anything out of the ordinary.
            Mentors are supposed to do things in your best interest. Bill only cared about what Bill wanted and found a way to steal it.

          282. No, you do. You are trying to get Jessie kicked off Disqus because you don’t like her opinion about Cosby.
            I have a problem with people who think it is their job to censor the free speech of others. I personally don’t “hate” Cosby. (Trump, on the other hand, I do hate.) However Cosby is a serial s e x ual predator, and it needs to be addressed.
            Most people know Cosby is guilty. You have a different opinion which requires you to slander his victims. I don’t like your opinion, but I wouldn’t try to censor you, get you kicked off.

          283. Jessie needs to learn a lesson about how to treat others. She feels like only her opinion matters and forces it onto other people. For example, she doesn’t want Cosby on the radio – nobody can have Cosby on the radio. She’s the one censoring people for her own opinions. So yes, I have valid reasons to attack her beliefs. She doesn’t like it, she can leave. I will not have her forcing her opinions on others.

          284. Oh for heavens sake. So dramatic! I don’t have as much power as you fantasize me to, I’m just one gal. Hundreds, nay, thousands got the dude off LaughUSA, it was simple economics. Users didn’t want him on a station they were listening to. There were enough users who felt that way, so bing bang boom, dude was removed. I’m only one of many Adumb. What’s up with you stalking one instead of the issue?

          285. Jessie has never censored anyone, nor have I.
            Do you even know what it means to censor, how bad censorship is?
            Lord knows, I have engaged in knockdown drag out fights with people like Sally, Fibbs, Craig….
            I don’t like what they write, but I wouldn’t dream of trying to censor them.
            Free Speech is the number #1 right in the US.
            Best you take a break, leave Disqus, if you can’t handle it.

          286. Does this guy actually think I had Cosby removed from a comedy channel?! Hello, earth to Adumb!! My gosh. One of many. That’s what I was. I was fine with cancelling Serius, so were thousands of others. That’s probably why they called me back and gave me half a year for free, I dunno, I just don’t have to listen to Cosby’s voice when I’m driving.

          287. It appears he thinks the Hate Group is a cult, and that you are one of the leaders, lol.
            He thinks I am a member of the cult, and that we (the cult) travel around recruiting people.

          288. That’s Brandy’s job – she was or still is recruitment leader. How do you think she got 3000 people in her cult? Advertising.

          289. Everywhere. Just like all you guys – every Cosby video/article on the internet that you can find she was posting and advertising her group.

          290. Job title…uhhhh…General pain in the butt? Kinda like Storm Junkie and Wally Damron. Post monkey.

          291. LOL!
            So why would you waste your time going after a “general pain in the butt”, a mere drone instead of going after one of the Cult’s kingpins?

          292. Nothing. That is the point.
            You are going after a Canadian woman in her 40’s married to an American, living in Maine…why?
            Because you think she is one of the 3,000?
            I know this might sound sexist, but I have always been appalled by men who pick on women.
            Yes, you can say, if women want to be equal, they need to be able to take it. And perhaps you are correct.
            Maybe it is my generation.
            I grew up in the 60’s/70’s and can understand Weinstein’s and Cosby’s (disgusting) attitude towards women. I know what the culture was (and still is), and can understand why they felt entitled.
            But men who bully and pick on women?
            What is that about? What kind of “man” does that?
            Back in the day we would say, “Go pick on someone your own size!”
            Admittedly that may be a double standard, but Good Gawd!
            I know for a fact that if I were a man, I would never go after a woman like you are doing with Jessie.

          293. What about women who pick on men? Is that ok? If you want to try to ruin someone, you better expect backlash no matter if you are man or woman. I’m also not going after Jessie, I merely followed her on Disqus. She’s been stalking me not the other way around.

          294. How is she “stalking” you, lol?
            You are doing more than “following” her.
            You are flagging her all comments and trying to get het kicked off Disqus because you don’t like her and her comments. You are trying to censor her.

          295. Like she’s censoring Cosby? She doesn’t like getting a taste of her own medicine? Maybe she should realize that not everyone agrees with her views and it’s not just about her view that matters. If she doesn’t want Cosby on the radio, turn it off or change the channel.

            Also, you should probably ask her how much she knows about me. It’s a lot more than I know about her.

          296. You don’t get the late night infomercials? Not even the radio campaigns? Lol, I think he’s probably referring to Facebook posts. Hahaha!

          297. I don’t listen to the radio often, and am asleep at night.
            Might it be the robocalls?
            ADumb apparently believes that any time Brandy goes online and talks about Cosby, it is “advertising”, and as a result she has managed to recruit/brainwash 3,000 people.

            “Everywhere. Just like all you guys – every Cosby video/article on the internet that you can find she was posting and advertising her group.”

            Yes, he is referring to the Facebook follows, lol.

          298. Lol!!!!!!! That’s awesome!! What a loser. He can’t possibly be THAT stupid. Do you think he’s truly dumbfounded that so many people think Cosby is guilty all on their own?

          299. You wouldn’t be here if people could figure out Cosby was guilty on their own. You know it’s true J-say!

          300. No one’s changing anyone’s mind at this point and there’s no action left to take with regards to Cosby. He did his part for the social change.

          301. No, she censored Bill Cosby the second she approved the idea to get Cosby off the air. That’s censorship. What else do you call it?

          302. I call it giving a station you subscribe to and pay for your opinion.
            Station does not need to giveJessie’s complaint any attention, but if she is one of hundreds/thousands, and there are no opposing views voiced, or very few, then what is the station going to do?
            It is a business decision, plus they no doubt have their own opinion on the matter.
            If you could for (only) one minute consider that Cosby is guilty, then you would understand where “we” are coming from. All odds point to his guilt.
            “We” consider you blind. That is the kindest way of stating it.
            “We” truly believe you are slandering/shaming victims of s e xu al assault.
            You make us sick.
            Yet we don’t try to silence/censor you.
            (Plus, I thought Cosby Show was back on the air? No?)

          303. I make you sick? You should look in the mirror. I am here only giving my opinion. I have never tried to publicly or behind anyone’s back tried to attack anyone, their associations, or their family like you and the thousands of friends in your group. How many people are you going to harass publicly when Cosby goes to court again because you disagree with Cosby’s views?

          304. I don’t disagree with Cosby’s views because I don’t know what his “views” are.
            I suspect he may be anti-Trump, as I am, and I might agree with his views.
            Heck, I might even rather Cosby be our president than Trump.
            It is Cosby’s behavior I have a beef with.
            I disagree with your views, and I should have made it clear that your views make me sick, not you personally.
            I don’t have a group, do not belong to any.
            I am just one person sitting in a chair at home.
            If “thousands” agree with me and attend the trial (I won’t be there), then why don’t you rally thousands to attend who share your view? Better than the 12–mostly obese–people who showed up last time to support Cosby. What’s up with that?
            If you believe the anti Cosby people are racist, then why not organize “the blacks”? Why did “the blacks” not show up for Cosby last time?
            I will answer my last 3 questions: because it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense that Cosby is guilty.

          305. Did you not witness what happened outside of the trial? Lili Bernard went knee deep against the blacks in front of the courthouse:
            Or maybe you mean the “Black Lives Matter” movement didn’t show up at the courthouse. And why are you insisting that only obese people support Cosby? What kind of sicko are you?

            And I’ll be honest I don’t believe you that you are not part of Jessie’s group. They have 3000 followers and you’re not one of them? You just found them on the internet and joined in?

          306. LB didn’t go knee deep against “the blacks”.
            She got into it with one black guy, an idiot who was trying to lecture her on rape kits.
            I was being facetious when I spoke about “the blacks”. There is no such group.
            I was certainly not talking about the “BLM” movement, a movement that I respect and support, btw.
            I did make a comment about obese people supporting Cosby, but it was because I noticed that the 12 or 15 people wearing pro Cosby t-shirts supporting him outside the courthouse were all overweight. Not necessarily obese. And I found that odd. 60% of Americans are overweight. Yet it seems like almost 90% of Cosby supporters are overweight. Would could that mean?
            I am a lone wolf, as is Jessie. Neither of us belongs to a group. No, I am not one of the 3000 followers, but only because I don’t do Facebook. I don’t believe in Facebook. If I did Facebook, I would follow them. Yes, I found “them” (Brandy, Deebs, Jessie) on Disqus, and have no contact with them outside of what you can read in my open history. I have never spoken to any of them. I don’t know Jessie’s real name.

          307. If you look at the video, it’s far more than just 1 guy. It’s a group of people. She got into it with many black people, some trying to be converted to their side. And I also have no idea why you are obsessed with obese people. What does that say about you?

          308. There is a group of people standing around watching listening, most of them reporters with tv cameras. Then there are regular looky loos filming with their phones who are not talking. She got into it with ONE black idiot. She was not trying to “convert” him (Do you think it is some sort of cult, lol?). She was telling him that she stayed silent for so long because of people with attitudes like his. People who call her a liar, and try to shame her.
            I am obsessed with obese people because of the staggering cost of health care in this country. Obese people have far greater levels of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and everybody ends up paying for it. They drive up our healthcare costs because they don’t know how to eat. Or they know, but don’t care.

          309. It sure sounds like a cult with 2 of the accusers trying to convert people in from the courthouse. I’m not making it up either, it actually happened so you tell me. Oh wait, you can’t, you aren’t officially part of their cult since you aren’t in the group.
            The “black idiot” was actually trying to get some sense out of this situation. She was ranting and raving about how she understood the struggle of the black people and about Martin Luther King. Sounds like she was trying to convince people it wasn’t racist when everything she did was to oppress Cosby.

          310. You must have some super sense of hearing, or I am deaf because I can make out very little of what either she or the black idiot are saying.
            Exposing your rapist is not “oppressing” them.
            Race has nothing to do with the Cosby case. Cosby was an equal opportunity rapist, and, in case you haven’t noticed, Lili is black.
            Anyway, it is pointless to talk with someone like yourself who actually believes such crazy, absurd things.
            Do you even know what a cult is?

          311. Removing their star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an example of oppression and that’s just one of the things Lili has done. That had nothing to do with “exposing your rapist”.

            Cult: a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.
            In this case, Cosby.
            Yes, it’s a cult.

          312. You’d better learn what oppression means.
            The star is still there, Adumb.
            It is YOU who has a misplaced and excessive admiration for Cosby.
            I can’t talk to you anymore right now. It is too wearisome. You are just too wacky.

          313. It doesn’t mean she didn’t TRY! So it’s only oppression if the oppression actually works…good one. I know what oppression is and I can see it being done to Cosby. I’m not blind to it.

          314. Not buying it, KD.
            The author of that article lives in England, a country that pays all healthcare costs for their citizens. UK even pays for nursing homes. Can’t compare their healthcare costs to ours.
            Yes, I am aware that it is not only the obese, smokers, and alcoholics who run up healthcare costs. The elderly also. Yet, we can’t control aging. Whereas the other “groups” are making a choice.

          315. “Changes in the health status of the population–for example, aging and trends in smoking and obesity–are frequently mentioned as causes of cost increases, but so far their effect has been modest.19 Aging has a much greater effect on the split between public and private spending than on total spending,20,21 as we discuss below. The increasing prevalence of obesity has been associated with increases in spending over time, but again the effect is small and is offset by the reduced spending growth associated with reductions in smoking.22-24”


          316. What’s taking Bill Cosby off the radio have to do with the dealing with the issue? Nothing so why you being a hypocrite?

          317. I didn’t “take” Cosby off the radio fool, I was just one of thousands who didn’t want him on the station we’re paying to listen to. I wish my corner store would devote more space to water products instead of Moxy, but meh, people like their Moxy I guess. Consumerism. Who knew. Stop being the token stupid guy. You had a Canadian education, quit pretending you didn’t.

          318. So why aren’t you petitioning, emailing, and phoning that corner store to devote more space to water products like you did with Cosby? Sounds like you are full of hypocrisy.

          319. Stating your opinion is not forcing it upon others.
            Jessie is just one person. One person can’t keep someone off the radio.
            If you want Cosby on the radio, let Howard Stern, Doctor Laura, whomever you listen to, know.
            Unfortunately for you, most people truly believe that Cosby is guilty. They don’t want him around. They don’t want to listen to his self serving pompous bs.
            So when you write that you “will not have her forcing her opinions on others”, what do you mean?
            You are saying that you will try to keep her from being heard, because no one can force their opinion on someone else. An opinion is an opinion. What you are doing is playing Censor.

          320. “They don’t want to listen to his self serving pompous bs.” Keep your opinion to yourself and don’t project it upon others. This is exactly what you do on every forum. Make people believe what you want them to. I’m sick of it so I will censor you just like you censored Cosby. Don’t like it, then leave. Your choice.

          321. Keep my opinion to myself?
            This is a public forum for people to express their opinions.
            I haven’t “made” anyone believe anything.
            In 2 years, not one Duhfender has changed their opinion because of anything I have written.
            Not you, not Fibbs, not Craig, not Burt, not Piece and Freedumb, not Keke, not KD, not Sally Sue, not getonmynerva, no one! And it ain’t gonna happen!
            Cosby is not censored. He is not gagged. He can give a news conference any time he likes.
            But you say you will censor me? You are going to censor me? That is a whole other kettle of fish. I don’t know what has made you snap. You used to be easy-going, but rest assured, this thing is going to backfire on you. You may win in the short run, but in the long run this thing is going to come back and bite you in your leotard covered azz. For your own sake, stop now.

          322. Cosby has always been censored. Everything from his TV shows to his radio broadcasts. He can’t even say “I didn’t do” because they’ll threaten to sue him for defamation. Everybody who thinks he’s a rapist doesn’t want Cosby to talk. Come on, you know this Oxy. You approve the censorship.

          323. It is not censorship.
            Cosby can come out at any time and say he didn’ t do it, he is innocent, this is a all a vast conspiracy.
            Lord knows if someone were accusing me of a crime/crimes I did not commit, I would be out there every dam day denying it.
            I would be outraged.
            I wouldn’t worry about defamation suits because my false accusers would need to prove defamation. I would counter sue. I would insist on taking a lie detector test.
            I would not hide behind high paid defense lawyers and refuse to talk.
            And if I went to criminal trial, I would have a long line of character witnesses, as many as allowed. Family and friends who would swear under oath that they know Oxy and never would she do such a thing. My husband and children would attend every day of the trial, not sit at home.
            And I would absolutely testify at my trial and face cross examination.
            Would like nothing better.
            Sorry, but Cosby has always behaved like a guilty man.
            And you are harassing Jessie.
            And don’t understand what censorship is.

          324. “Cosby can come out at any time and say he didn’ t do it.”
            Can he? The reality is he can’t because he has to face consequences to do so. He has to get those “high-powered” lawyers of his to defend his fundamental rights as a US citizen or force losing them. You make it sound so easy but it’s not.

            Censorship is using lawyers to file civil suits when a person tries to openly defend themselves. Censorship is when accusations are used to remove that person from TV and radio. Force TV specials off the air. Maybe it’s you….who doesn’t understand what censorship is. You are so blinded by your views, you can’t even see what’s in front of you.

          325. Lmbo @”licker”
            Eeevery time you all say this it makes me crack. up. Hahaha.
            I’ve heard brown noser and butt kisser but a “licker”? Hahahaha. Funny to me.

          326. It’s so personal for Adam, it makes one wonder if he is defending Cosby and blaming victims to somehow exonerate himself. Wonder what he has done that makes him so drawn to defend rapists, his interest in “debunking rape culture”, and his addiction to pornography. He acts like he has unresolved feelings of some kind, possibly a guilty conscience that gets triggered by these women everytime one finds her voice and strength to tell what happened to them. He is definitely getting triggered and more intense feelings the longer this stretches out. He focuses on one person at the time to try and oppress, like what he did to Jessie. He is mistaken if he thinks his behaviors are being overlooked, ignored, or avoided. Trying to bury Jessie or whoever else, he is at the same time digging his own hole. If he can, he will get scared enough to stop, if not, it’s going to get much worse for him.

          327. Not sure what Adam’s deal is. Maybe he’s still upset with his failed petition and the fact that accusers were also signing it wanting an investigation.
            Stalking and trying to silence Jessie is Adam’s way of striking out because he’s been left here all alone with Burt.
            It’s not like everyone doesn’t know where he works and who’s paying him to be here.

          328. You need to learn when to reign it in Jessie. Time and time again I’ve told you to stop harassing people and you keep going. Keep it up and it’ll help you get removed from Disqus faster. I can file a report for each of you.

          329. I read the cosby boards and you’re not invisible imbecile. Once and for comprehend that you’re posting on a public board for the world to read. I’ve posted a great deal about cosby; I posted today about cosby. You’re all so self absorbed you don’t know what’s going on. All you’ve done for day’s is primarily talk about other posters on this board, you, PTwhiney, junkie, and jessie.

            Vapid small minded comments without the guts to face who you’re talking about.

            Go hide somewhere else.

            Look the word P U B L I C you dolt. You’re posting to the world to read and; you’re telling the world you’re business. It’s not your private newsvine you simple minded lowlife. You want privacy you’re going to have to use email.

          330. So what?
            And it is your business?….how?….what I post in a day?
            If you want to only post about Cosby, then post about Cosby.
            You are posting to me because I am the only person left who has not blocked you.
            You have no one else to talk to because you are insufferable.
            If you had any other kind of life, you would be doing it.
            Stay away from me, from us, you sick self important bag of noxious wind.
            None of us like you, nobody want to hear from you, get the EF away.

          331. Jeeezus you’re one stupid biotch. Everything you post publicly becomes everyone else’s businesses. You’re not the only one. And I don’t care if I’m block; my posts are for others to see and enjoy. Everything isn’t about you. I’m not seeing you where it matters. You’re not there because you’re nothing. WTF! If you had anyone else in life you wouldn’t be doing it. See how you project? You people have small imaginations, limited world views and stuck with 20th century thinking.

            Get off the newsvine and stay out of the public. Guarantee you, my comments will be here making fools of you without anyone of you knowing it for the entertainment of others. You’re a group of low lives.

            You never get out of the school yard. I don’t care. You’re nobody. You’re nothing. You’re free to leave the cosby newsvine and find somewhere else if they accept. Leave the cosby newsvine for those who want to discuss the case.

          332. You took all that jabber to tell me you wear granny panties. LMAO
            My mom always instilled in me to have clean underwear on in case you are sent to Emergency.

            The only person I see enter the Church of Sally is Keke who cautiously creeps in, bows, places a bag of Doritos at his feet does a curtsy and leaves.

          333. You’re seriously delusional. No such conversation took place.

            lifestyle – how people live. Everyone has a lifestyle moron. You have an exceedingly low lexicon.

          334. How on earth are you able to enjoy all your newspapers when you can’t understand the simplest phrasings.

            Read my post again. Am I saying that such a conversation took place or am I saying that your whole bathroom announcement would be “like” you having announced changing your underwear everyday?

          335. You don’t communicate well. I talk about adult things and you talk nonsense. You don’t understand words either.

          336. I don’t wast time with childish shiot that you do. You need to ask yourself why it’s so odd to you when in fact there are people who read more newspapers than I do. I accomplice many things all day long. I’m multitasking while I do this. Catch up to the 21st century.

          337. Of course, each room has their own sheets assigned. What quest want’s to sleep on a bare mattress. Stupid question.

          338. I want the First Amendment room with the mendacious squirrel sheet set.
            You get the POS sheet set in the Crack room. Haha

          339. You ever heard of instant messaging software? You should take your off comment conversations there.

          340. Don’t start your sh1t with me adumb. And I suggest you stop following Jessie as well unless you want to unleash some serious backlash on yourself. If you want to push me on this, keep on.

          341. Oh I understand clearly how deranged you individuals are. I assure you police activity will be called in if you attempt any serious backlash. Your call. You are not welcome on this forum or any of them for that matter. Please take your “No” and respect it.

          342. I’ve highlighted it as a problem, im not looking to get him kicked off or anything, I just don’t want him to follow me without having to monitor my account thirty times a day! We’ll see what happens!

          343. He has tried to follow me a few times too. Considering his unwillingness to accept your “no” ,wanted to make clear that I’m not so tolerant. I don’t have the same tolerance for him that you do. You are much kinder and patient than me with all the duhfenders.

          344. Well I don’t feel like I have much of a choice with him, he’s going to keep doing it whether I tolerate it or not. I just want to be in control of my followers list without having to check it dozens of times a day!

          345. She needs to keep off topic conversations out of the Cosby field. This isn’t her social media group. She’s crashing a party she’s not invited to.

          346. But you are the one seeking her out. If you didn’t read her posts, you wouldn’t know what, if anything, she was posting. Wouldn’t it be better if you were hanging out with your daughter, instead of Jessie? Or are you doing this while you are at work?

          347. So you think if I just ignore her, she’ll just stop? Because she won’t. People who spread hate and harassment will never be stopped until they are arrested. They don’t know when to stop.

          348. First of all, she is not spreading hate and harassment. She believes, as most people do, that Cosby is a serial s e x u al predator and rapist. She is exercising her first amendment right by discussing it…..occasionally. Whether you ignore her, or follow her, nothing will change. How many people read this thread? Ten? If you are truly concerned about hate, why not focus on white supremacists or people who are truly spreading a message of hate.

          349. A person who takes their beliefs into actions of hate and harassment is not exercising her first amendment rights. She’s simply choosing to ignore the last 3 years of actions and pretending they didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. She’s pretending that its just a discussion. This is her false narrative because she can’t own up to her own actions. She lacks the ability to take ownership and responsibility over her hate and harassment.

          350. What actions of hate and harassment has she taken?
            She doesn’t take “ownership” of it because it never happened.
            It’s all in your imagination.
            You are the one who put the bee in your own bonnet.
            Relax. Nothing to see here. Move along.

          351. You are delusional. She has been seeking out things associated with Cosby and attacks them – TV shows, radio broadcasts, sponsors of Cosby’s shows, etc. and tries to sabotage them. She pretends as if this never happened. The proof is why she is here to begin with.

          352. Sabotage, lol? Attacks? Does she dress up in camouflage with her military husband and go lurking around the corporate headquarters of the “sponsors” with hand grenades at night?
            I don’t believe she pretends that she has not called or written them. I think she openly posted it.
            So? That is her right. Nothing you can do about it.

          353. Cute. She doesn’t have rights to harass those who support Cosby. There is no right written anywhere that says she has the right to harass people. Free speech is limited.

          354. Free speech is not limited, unless it is something like deliberately yelling “Fire” in a crowded space when there is not one. Freedom of speech is a right here. Jessie is not harassing anyone. Again, if she bothers you so much, stay away from her.

          355. She’s the one that needs to stay away. Again, lost concept on you. I’ll use my freedom of speech to stay connected with her if she continues as is. Again, her choice to continue her hate speech when she has been given the opportunity time and time again to cease.

          356. And let’s be clear, by “hate speech” you’re referring to me commenting on the rapey rape rapist ways of Cosby. On an article that invites such discussion. I dunno killerkoala, you may be getting all worked up over nothing. As you’ve noted and complained about, I rarely post about the dude, I don’t “hate” Cosby, I’m just pleased he’s where he is circumstances wise. That’s it. A few letters, a few phone calls, meh, my part is done. I don’t have him on my radio, he’ll never again perform in a state near me. Sure he lives blocks away from a relative I frequently visit, but who cares, he’s not chopping down trees, he’s not changing the landscape, he’s a responsible land owner and that’s all that matters as far as where he lives. If he was the kind of rapist to go door to door looking for victims it’d be another discussion. But that’s not his thing. He seems to be finished in the whole rapey field.

            Does that bother you?

          357. Hate speech also refers to actions done to attack someone without proof of guilt. It’s illegal as I have mentioned against human rights. You have no morals, you have no set of rules, and you think everything falls under Free Speech.

          358. You don’t understand the term. You’re yelling “bomb” in an airport.

            I believe Cosby’s a rapist. Period. He raped. Done. Maybe he’ll be found guilty, maybe he won’t, who cares, I certainly don’t, I’m cool with where things are. If he ever performs again maybe I’ll protest, but that’s a big what if and there’s more pressing issues in the world. How about making the world a better place for our children? How about focusing on that instead of harassing me?

          359. I’m trying to make the world a better place by removing a-holes who spread hate and harassment. You just don’t get it. You don’t take NO for an answer. You continue as is. If he’s done, why aren’t you??? You and I both know you can’t drop it because it’s far from over. You’re scared he’ll be free.

          360. Yes I have written letters and even made phone calls back when there was reason to do so. I even let seriusxm know I was cancelling my subscription solely based on the fact that I frequently listened to their “radio friendly” comedy LaughUSA channel when driving, only to hear a rapest (sic) pop up unexpectedly. It’s not like I didn’t pay my bill or anything horrible like that, I cancelled my subscription, politely told the CSR why, and then I got a call back a couple months later saying he was no longer being aired and would I like to come back? Sure! Sign me up! That’s simply how consumer driven services work. It’s hardly sabotage or harassment.

          361. I hope he gets called out by disqus for abusing their reporting system! He feels that the odd time I comment on Cosby I’m harassing the dude.

          362. I hope you get a brain one day and hope you learn what the words “Stop spamming Cosby boards” means. Why is it that you can’t leave a Cosby forum alone??

          363. Where are you?
            I love your new avatar and “biography”, but this “private” stuff is for the birds.
            Come Back Little Sheba!

          364. I hope I can soon, I can’t stand being on private! I don’t know how he has so much free time to spend on me, but not only does he attempt to follow me a minimum of 60 times in a day, the guy has literally gone into my history and marked every one of my posts as spam, multiple times. I still have a bunch that haven’t been released yet (my commenting on the much too early passing of Tom Petty seems to have been his tipping point). He’s even reported me for abuse! Apparently he doesn’t agree with the very clear definition of what spam is, he thinks it should include any post he doesn’t agree with. The squeaky wheel gets some grease I guess. I’m hoping I don’t have to stay private for too long and that he can no longer target me the way he is.

          365. Wait…so you went on private so that Adumb won’t mark your posts?
            He told me he was marking mine, lol!
            I had no idea he was so petty. I thought he was just some big, nice, dumb guy.
            He actually believes you are harming Cosby, lol! If only we had such power!
            We are the least of Cosby’s problems.

          366. I wouldn’t care except that he’s impacting my disqus experience. He was able to bully his way into preventing you from getting my super clever and awesome posts. Seriously, there’s still posts to you that are awaiting moderation. They’re probably all about bumper dumpers. How embarrassing to get an email about that? Thanks Adumb!

          367. An email from Disqus about bumper dumpers, lol!
            So wait…the little wrestler with the giant head is preventing me from getting my bumper dumper posts?!?
            Better back off while you still can, Adumb……

          368. Yes Oxy, the bumper dumper stumper has figured out a way to silence my brilliant posts. I know right??!!! So weird!! If he flags enough (targets) he can force a post to be put in an a review que, and it takes days for the hourly paid folks who have better things to do to review his stupid complaint. He’s doing it to alll if my posts. You aren’t able to see half my replies because he’s currently objecting. You might not even see this one! Don’t like it? Complain. It’s the only recourse.

          369. Who do I complain to? How do I do it?
            What he is doing is harassment , because your posts are not SPAM.
            I don’t believe anyone is actually reading your posts. I don’t believe they pay hourly people to read posts.
            Disqus is headquartered in downtown San Francisco. I will be visiting SF in November. Seymour is attending a conference and our hotel is near their office. I’m not good on the phone, but a visit from someone as charismatic as Oxy, lol, might get some results.

          370. I emailed rolling out, the author of this article because it’s this article that KK is able to flag. But here at the bottom of the page are a few support people that you can contact. I prefer to tattle on Adam to his wife, and if he continues to harass Jessie, might make the lazy azz’s bosses know that he is harassing people on their dime.

          371. I’m not going anywhere near ADumb’s wife. The poor woman has enough problems.
            We are supposed to contact the site’s moderator. But who is that? And how do we contact them? Personal email?

          372. Adumb is a little worriesome with his, off the grid, posting. He is taking the Cosby stuff personal. Hope he gets some professional help. If you see something, say something. I might need to say something for our own safety. He appears to be losing it, going rogue for bc. stupid arse.

          373. I’m leaving tomorrow for a while. Look after Dumb a$$ Killer for us. He’s gone beyond logic, even for him. he must have personal issues to be so antagonistic.

          374. I missed this!! Yet another reason why I like open histories!!

            Yes, what he’s doing is now harassment. And it’s taking several minutes out of my day to deal with it. At first I reached out to lawnewz, director of marketing or something who passed my comment down the ladder, but then I realized I was being marked as spam on multiple sites, which clued me in to it being a disqus problem. I already had an open “case number” because I was trying to get them to help me figure out how to get get the dude to stop following me without having to hit “x” every five minutes, so when my comments started disappearing as a result of being marked as spam I just used the email address they had used to get back to me on the first issue. I don’t know if it’ll be successful. Higher than normal call volumes and such. Lol. No trubbs I said today, take as long as you need, in the meantime I’ll be reaching out to your customers (individual sites) to see if they can help stop this harassment that’s happening as a result of your system.

          375. Yes and I chatted about Survivor, that must me one of my pending posts! Don’t like the redhead. He’s annoying but more importantly his word is no good. That’s the nutshell. Hope this makes it to you!

          376. Oh dear, I’m all discombobulated by that really pretty smile, it’s very distracting, I’m all thumbs, hang on, I’m gonna find whatever it is we’re talking about and I’ll get back on track cutie pie pretty smiler!

          377. I forgot to say that an Oxy smile could probably open any door! I could be guarding Fort Knox and if you flashed me that smile I’d probably lead you to the safe!

          378. Awwww….
            I am so sorry you are going through this BS with Adumb.
            What I have done to cheer you up is post a temporary avatar of ONLY my smile, encouraging you to stay positive and tough.
            This issue will get resolved.
            Ash is using some strong armed tactics that have me a little concerned, but who knows? Could work….
            Can’t go after our Queen without repercussions.

          379. Oh my goodness I really like your smile!!! Without a doubt you have the best smile ever. I just look at it and then I’m smiling without realizing I’m doing it. I’d love to be sitting beside you.

          380. And I’m probably hugging you and kissing your super cute cheek while we get through this! Boy oh boy I like your smile Oxy! I don’t want to be creepy but that mug is totally infectious. I see it, I smile, sue me!

          381. Your original post no longer exists because of Adumb, but I absolutely think you have awesome skin! Look at that mug!! Come on! So pretty! Who doesn’t have crazy pores after puberty? You’re beautiful. And if you’re looking for good products I can tell you the Reversa line out of Montreal is fabulous, and luminous air (lol!!!! Total infomercial) is great! I got my first bout of acne at 24. Seriously, I was pretty much perfect until then!!! Hahaha! I don’t think it was food related, my dermatologist told me it was hormonal, I could go on the pill. Which I did for two months but then I was all “what’s up with my clothes no longer fitting?!” Anyway, I just let nature and Proactive take its course after that.

            I wonder how many comments the dude was able to have removed. I know you talked about your skin, I’m pretty certain you did, but I can’t find that comment now anywhere.

          382. I removed it because I thought it was in poor taste.
            I went to Sephora and spent a ridiculous amount of money on some Bare Minerals powder and a brush. This was because the salesgirl spent so much time with me, I would have felt bad not buying anything. She sent me home with some minuscule free samples of foundation and a cleanser. Then I did an experiment. Their extremely expensive foundation was no better than a $6 bottle of Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse.

          383. So interesting, this is 18 hours old and I’m seeing it for the first time. Or I’m responding to it a seventh time and don’t remember the previous six. Either or. First, I’ll start off by saying you are absolutely beautiful. I might have said that before. “A thousand times”. Anyway. Super pretty. I used to like makeup because it accentuated things, like my lovely eyes and cheekbones hahaha! Now I’m all “make this and that less noticeable!” I mostly wear moisturizer now, but on special occasions I break open the air brush and become an artist. A couple of drops, way less than what fingertips need, and me and my horrible pores are concealed. The key though and I can’t stress this enough, is fat puffy skin. Reversa products and Udo’s oil. I’ll probably never look as lovely as you, you’re pretty gorgeous, but I know how to sort of get there.

          384. Fat puffy skin that you want makeup to sit prettily on. Well hydrated skin is fat and puffy. Like my butt that I think you should kiss!!! Lol, I’m only sort of kidding, you’re like my nephew right now with all the questions! Love him dearly but omg, I sometimes wish he was more like his brother and used his mouth exclusively to make fart noises!

          385. No if you’re on the upper floor. The TV is would be in the “rec room”, beside your bedroom, you’d have access to an alarm clock though, it’s right there on the nightstand table, what kind if freak’n reading chair do you need for reading ?? Yes there’s a chair, but there’s a sunroom you might prefer. No TV in the guest rooms is what I’m attempting to say.

          386. I’m afraid I got a little spoiled after my stay at Sally Lago. Is you house at a popular location?
            Just to clarify: I’d be sharing a bathroom with Ash and two men, PT and Storm?

          387. Gosh you’re complicated! I’m not sure how people divy up the bathrooms lol. There’s three bedrooms upstairs and one bathroom. There’s one spare room down here and one bathroom that doubles as the place where all of us (JW and I included) pee and poo during the day. Our bathroom is out of sight, you’d have to go through our bedroom to get to it. I put people’s towels in their bedrooms, I have hotel like accessories in each bath, and that’s about all the thought I’d give. If you and Ash were to stay upstairs with PT and Storm, you could take your towels and shower down here in the morning if you like, I don’t care. Or I could set up the “sun shower” in the backyard if you’re being trouble!!

            Yes, this is a popular location. During the balloon festival. I’d like to see you try and get a hotel room during that!

          388. I’m just giving you shiot, you know that, lol.
            Seriously, you are extremely generous to open your home to imaginary people.
            And it’s not impossible that I would sleep there. If I became intoxicated from taking gulps of wine to get down the moose meatloaf, for example.
            But familiarity breeds contempt and Oxy needs to maintain her sense of mystery.
            How do you think Seymour and I have managed to stay married so long? Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
            Do you are a Marriott Residence Inn near your town?
            I couldn’t reveal the name of my hotel when I was in So Cal with my mom last March, but that was it, and I grew to love the place. Not because of the free hot breakfast. That is nothing special. No, it is because of their complimentary 3 evenings a week Happy Hour with complimentary wine, beer and hors d’oeuvres. The wine is nothing to write home about–I won’t drink bad wine, but the beer is good! It’s in a keg and they had an IPA and a regular beer and the regular beer was good quality. Stella Artois, I believe. And the rooms! Every room is a suite, with a full kitchen–stove, microwave, big fridge. So you guys could come over for Happy Hour at “my” place, and then I could have steaming globe artichokes waiting, and we could have an artichoke party.

          389. Lol, I know you’re giving me pretend shiot, what would I expect a pretend friend to do?! I would actually very much like my Oxy and Ash and PT and Storm to stay over for a party. I’m a rather awesome hostess when it comes to bedding and towels and toiletries. I suck at the meals part. Lol. JW has me covered for the breakfast bit, everything else though we’d be eating out or ordering in. You’d have ironed sheets and a super clean bath but it’s possible you’d starve while enjoying the luxury.

            We’re Hilton diamond members. When we can, except for backwoods places in Utah and Nevada, we stay at those hotels. The bagged breakfast is nice when you’re working, if for nothing else but the bottled water. But when I got married in Chicago they went over the top, they weren’t asked to or expected to but they treated me and mine like royalty. My mom was so impressed lol, she thought JW bought everyone a suite. Nope. Diamond status and the key phrase “I’m getting married!!” We only paid 99 bucks a night for each of those rooms!!!! No one will ever know, they totally expected it cost us thousands, but nope, hundreds. My chain of choice. Don’t get me started on the Waldorfs. Oh em gee my mom loved that.

          390. I’d like to say no, but the only reason I’m in the private setting, which is totally not where I’d prefer to be, is because this guy is hard core targeting me. He’s marking my posts as spam even though they don’t meet the criteria, he’s calling things harassment that clearly don’t meet the definition of “harassment”, all while he’s fervently trying to follow me. End result is that his tenacity gets me flagged until a live person can look at this silliness. Dude has totally added several extra minutes to my “to do” list for the week and frankly I’m a little resentful! So no, I’m not obeying the guy, but until disqus researches this and gets back to me, Adumb may very well be calling the shots.

          391. What happens when you’re supposedly flagged?
            You haven’t spammed. That’s repetitive posting of same comment?
            Harassment? You haven’t harassed Killer. It’s the other way around.
            What a little jerk!!

          392. It’s a total pain in the backside PT, that’s what happens! So some dude who doesn’t know or care what the definition of spam is relentlessly marks your posts as spam because he’s looking to make you shut up and maybe he’s mad that you went on private and he can no longer follow you, who knows, he’s ticked at something and he’s not gonna take it anymore. So he spends days going through your history, reports everything you post as spam and that eventually triggers a system “hold” because of how many times the dude highlighted your username as fake (spam). So your posts are placed on hold, none of them actually get posted, and you don’t see that unless you go into your own history and see the “detected as spam, we’re working to rectify this” message. So anything I posted in like a 12 hour time frame yesterday, never made it to anyone because this dude through his diligence and obsessive compulsion to abuse rules and harass users forced others into that cue.

            So to your question of “what happens”? the answer is a lot of extra time I’d rather not be spending. Dude found a loophole though, flag someone 50 times in one day (even if it’s seven flags to one post), and you can silence them for 12 hours even if they’ve never violated a thing.

          393. Take the time to reflect on where you went wrong in life, Jessie!! Lol
            You get to spend more time with Fred and JW.
            Have you posted bail or a performance bond. JK

            I hope they straighten it out and kick him off disqus for false harassment reporting.

          394. When I first started reaching out to them to figure out a way to keep him from following me without either having to remove him a hundred times a day or going private I was very clear in stating I recognized he wasn’t breaking any rules, I wasn’t asking for him to be removed from the platform, I simply wanted to be public and not have to monitor my list for his presence. I’m afraid his behaviour now falls under harassment, he’s targeting me and absolutely is impacting my disqus experience. Half my comments to you folks today have been removed pending review even though they’ve all been responded to. If there’s no safeguards against a user impacting another by simply hitting spam and harassment over and over and over then yes, the best option is to remove the abuser. His behaviour costs them time and money too, they should have an interest in stopping him from using their resources when they’ve so clearly outlined what spamming or harassment is. Long story short lol, yep, if they can’t stop him from targeting me and ruining my communication with the board then yes, to the curb!

            JW is hunting up north. I really hope he’s again unsuccessful. I know I eat chicken that’s been wrapped on styrofoam and that’s not as natural and free range as bagging a partridge but oh well I have faults and if I’m going to eat a bird for whatever reason I like it to come from a farm that raises them to be killed and allotted to a grocery store. I might be a horrible person. Anyway, point is I have a lot of free time this weekend and the stalker dude pushing my comments into pending is totally impacting my experience.

          395. He’s always seemed like your meek and mild unassuming type guy. Kind of unimaginative! Lives his bravado existence through fake wrestling.
            Totally a nutter starting a petition. From there he’s trying to dictate the rules of web behaviour on an eight month old article? He’s gone from simmering to boiling point like some wanna be story book avenger.

            Target him back…his history is open. Dump your account and start a new name under private. He should be working instead his employer is unaware of his work performance.

          396. You crashed a party you weren’t invited to – this is the point of the discussion. You have your own party to attend to on Facebook. Go there.

          397. How am I crashing a party if I don’t seek any of you out? I leave you alone. You are the one lurking about, peeking in the windows at our party. Creepy.

          398. You are posting on a Cosby article posting derogatory comments, are you not? Then you seek comments in return. Nobody invited you to the Cosby article. Therefore you are crashing the party.

          399. I first came on here over 2 years ago. No need to be invited. It’s an open forum.
            At that time, and for a long time, I talked almost exclusively about Cosby. There is not much more I have to say about him at this time. Nothing that has not already been said. I get tired of the constant repetition on here. Pointless. Groundhog day.
            I don’t seek comments from Duhfenders. If none of you ever spoke another word to me, I would be happy.
            A pariah like Cosby will always attract what you consider “derogatory” comments.
            It is you who should start a FB fan page praising Cosby and limiting who can post on it, as it seems you can neither tolerate
            “derogatory” comments about Cosby or chatty comments that have nothing to do with Cosby.

          400. Forums are designed to discuss the topic at hand. This isn’t your personal site to discuss your outside activities. You clearly don’t respect the rules of this forum. Everything for you is a right because you don’t know any better. If you nothing to say about Cosby, please leave. If you stay, please note your continued harassment is noted and will be responded to.

          401. “House of Cosbys” may be something you and Cosby don’t like but it had significant social value as Bill’s attempts to control!! You need to learn rules. You have not only been incredibly stupid in your earlier years but have now become increasingly aggressive towards the values of posting.
            You need to disappear and settle down.

          402. Attempts to control what? It was a series based on him that used without his permission. He has a right to control that. And please don’t preach about rules, you are the one crashing every Cosby article. Not the other way around. You need to learn when you are not invited.

          403. I’m seldom on different Cosby articles. In fact I speak very little on actual Cosby issues. I don’t wait for or need your invite, A-hola.
            There will be a backlash against you for trying to dictate parameters .
            Now eff off you two bit leotard wearing maggot!!

          404. A-hole, you don’t dictate parameters. This is a public forum, if you don’t like it then leave. We’ve had enough of your hate. Bring it back to your Facebook group. You have a “Solidarity march” (i.e. a hate march) coming up you need to prepare for. So all of your a-hole friends can show your true colors.

          405. It’s quite evident as to you dictating parameters. House of Cosby is relevant to another aspect of Bill trying to control. Just like you.
            I don’t belong to any FB, I don’t have stupid petitions going, like you.
            Grow up, Adam!!!!

          406. You don’t get it! House of Cosbys is just like you and your friends – trying to control someone you have no permission to do so! He simply took his life and his likeness back. Learn from House of Cosbys and cease!

          407. House of Cosby’s wasn’t trying to control anything? They simply put a lampoon on and Cosby in his usual controlling way, objected. Just like you do if things don’t fit your narrative.
            You should learn. Cosby is ruined, totalled. Only thing left is whether he gets another hung, not acquittal. Accept and move on.

          408. Right, and what happens if the Cosby narrative doesn’t fit yours? You change it so it does. Your obsessed and can’t move on because you know it’s not done. It’s you that needs to move on but you know you can’t. You’re too scared it’s not over and Cosby goes free. Get over it!

          409. Hey Idiot…Cosby has always been free as you keep bringing up.
            Probably another hung as we predicted. It won’t bring back his social status…He’s gone!! Seclusion, social pariah!! Get over it!!

          410. Out on bail is not free. People attacking his family, friends, associations, etc. is not being free. When he’s acquitted, he’ll be free of all you a-holes! Get out while you can if you are so over it!

          411. Didn’t change anything? I didn’t produce the show. You need to quit with trying to suppress others opinions with whining and lying to moderators. What a wimp!!

          412. I’m not talking about the show. I’m talking about you and your cronies trying to change Cosby’s narrative. I’ll suppress you all day and all night. Don’t like it, then leave!

          413. What is Cosby’ s narrative dimwit. At best,a miserable cheating; lying husband whose comic behaviour and pompous attitude sucked.
            At worst he is a washed up has been pathetic serial predator with numerous trials facing his future.
            You can leave if you don’t like things.

          414. Like I said, that’s your narrative and you’re sticking around to make sure it sticks. You are one bonafide A-hole. You can leave anytime.

          415. Yep. But he’s actually winning right now. Days and days of comments of mine are pending human paid eyes because this guy targeted me enough. Psycho wins right now because of software parameters. I’m flipp’n livid, but because I’m not a psycho, I have to wait days for this poop to be fixed.

          416. Your post to me has been removed!

            So I’m posting my response here.

            Master batting!!! Hahahaha!!!!! I truly laughed out loud at that, Fred lifted his head to look at me (irritation written all over his face, sorry Fred!). I doubt I’ll ever see Probst again, my invite to that gathering was work and location related. But TP DID come up!! As did periods! And several oral hygiene questions. Not by me, I was too cool for school lol. They use leaves. No TP. I already knew that answer but I was interested in the no trace part (do you dig up their poo and carry it out at the end of filming? Yes.) As for periods, medications aren’t allowed so you can’t use the pill to stop it, pretty much every gal gets a shot beforehand to stop the cycle. That’s not fail safe though, so if you start bleeding you pack your undies with leaves and lichen. No tampons or pads on Survivor. Toothbrushes are the most commonly asked for luxury item. I think they’re allowed now. But mostly they use sticks to get plaque off their teeth. As for master batting, hahahaha! Oh! Sorry Fred! He’s getting annoyed! I’ll giggle more quietly! That never “came up”. I imagine you just do it when you need to and where you can. Hahaha! Snort laugh! Go in the other room if I’m bugging you that much Fred!! Oxy asked a… he’s gone now, I’m free to snicker. What a cranky goofball. I don’t really know about the master batting lol. When JW comes home today (can’t hunt on Sundays in Maine), I’ll ask him too. I suspect it’s a desire more than a need but who knows, I never thought about it! Where do the master batters go to get their master batting on? Hahahaha!!

          417. I think it’s a need with the young men, and being around a lot of shapely girls in bikinis probably makes it hard. (pun intended)
            I don’t believe they dig up their “poo” and carry it away. Whose job would it be to do that, and how would they know where to find it? They probably don’t go very often because they aren’t eating much, and what they eat–white rice–is constipating. I bet they get explosive diarrhea after some of the food rewards though.
            I don’t know why they would be allowed toothbrushes if they can’t have tp. You can brush your teeth with salt water and sand. It would drive me nuts not to floss. I might try to sneak in a long single strand of floss and floss my teeth while I was squatting over a hole pretending I had to go.

          418. Did I respond to this?! I feel like I just found this! If I already responded please ignore me, I’m either gonna say the same thing or go on a totally new tangent!

            They do dig up poo. I know this because I hike in places that require you to carry your poo and I was super interested in that kind of logistics. They have agreements with governments and more often than not there’s a zero impact type clause and a crew stays there after filming to make it like they were never there and yep, part of that involves digging up poo. These are the things I asked Probst. Lol. There’s designated poo spots. You can’t prevent folks from pooping all willy nilly, but in the spots you’ve agreed to designate as poo sites the show absolutely has to dig that up as a hazardous waste and get rid of it. I asked. Lol. I was very concerned about the poo.

          419. I’m not sure I would want to use the designated spot. Don’t you imagine that there would be big flies buzzing around?
            So they must have a shovel there, right? Surely you are not expected to dig with your hands? What prevents people from taking the shovel and using it back at camp for stuff? Does it have a big chain on it like a bathroom key at the gas station?
            If they have a zero impact clause how come when the final survivors leave they are allowed to torch the place,
            I have many questions about many things. If I’d been at that picnic, Probst would have pulled you aside and told you to keep Oxy away from him.
            When told about the designated spot in orientation, were they not told not to use the Ocean for Numero Dos? Did Useless Gal not get the memo? Was she in the restroom when it was discussed? If I were on the show, I would be talking about Useless Gal’s ocean dump in my private on camera interview.

          420. Holy crap. Lol.

            Do you not go hiking and camping or something? Is pooping in the woods new to you? Sticks can dig holes. Oh my gosh, you’re totally the gal who can’t figure it out so goes in the water. I’m sorry Oxy, as much as I like you, and I really really like you, I’m afraid I’ll be voting you off first.

            My bro and I got this book in our stockings at Christmas back in the 80s when Santa still signed things in my mom’s handwriting. Go purchase it and then we can talk. Unbelievable.

          421. I want to be voted off first. I want to go to Ponderosa. That being said, rest assured, I would never, ever poop in the water. I’ve never even peed in a swimming pool.
            I grew up in a Kennedyesque family, and these things were not talked about. We were busy talking about current events. I went to camp when I was an adolescent and there were some camping trips, but it was never discussed. We just went off into the woods with a roll of toilet paper.
            I do hike occasionally, but as I only poop once a day in the morning, it has never been an issue.
            I am going to buy this book and read it though. I really want to talk books with your mom.

          422. Two of the rules are:

            The following are not allowed anywhere on Disqus:

            Targeted harassment or encouraging others to do so
            Hate speech and other forms of targeted and systematic harassment of people have no place on Disqus, nor do we tolerate communities dedicated to fostering harassing behavior.

            Examples include 1) comments posted in large quantities to promote a product or service, 2) the exact same comment posted repeatedly to disrupt a thread. 3) following users multiple times.

            It seems that you are guilty of spamming and harassment. Please stop.

          423. The “House of Cosby’s” is quite entertaining Adam. You might want to watch it. Here I’ll help you,
            It’s better than fake wrestling and it’s all about Cosby’s and lots of them so you don’t have to worry about being off topic.

          424. Cosby had a very annoying unique way of speech that he found charming and endearing. Cosby was/is truly enamored with himself.
            This show–at least episode one–perfectly captures his annoying way of talking.
            It is more than gutsy. It is very original.

          425. Original yes, and I’m cool with the show existing, nothing wrong with it, I just don’t personally get more than a smirk, but I’m glad it exists and dates back to Constand.

          426. I’m happy with a smirk.
            And not being bored. (So many popular culture things bore me.)
            And being impressed with originality/ creativity.
            Will we discussing “Survivor” soon?

          427. I’m not sure if this comment will make it to you because the one you responded to is now pending review and removed, but YES!!! I hope we can discuss Survivor soon! It’s so early it’s tough to have an opinion, but…. I’m full of them lol! I don’t think anything can beat last season for me, “game changers” was a HUGE success in terms of entertaining me, but so far I’ve stayed awake for the first two shows this season so that’s a really good sign. Want the redhead gone though. He bugs me. But strategy, I guess he’s better than the useless gal?

          428. Yes, the Redhead is better than the “useless” gal, also known as “Simone”. (Seymour dubbed her “shape the narrative” because she said it a lot). Useless Gal pissed me off when she came back to camp and announced that she had taken a dump in the ocean! Is that what they typically do on that show? And then they go catch some fish, while dodging each others’ floating turds? No, she had to go. (pun intended)
            Other Oxy observations:
            I don’t think Black Guy is playing a very smart game.
            I guess I like “older mom” , the one who now has a useless idol that she is going to try and pass off as a good one somehow. I am glad she has teamed up with the Cowboy Marine.
            How about the guy who couldn’t read the map, and thought the idol was hidden in the Ocean, lol?

          429. I found this!! Lol, in your history, not mine, and I totally ignored your gorgeous smiling face to get here! It was tough but I’m a trooper! You have really nice skin too. Anyway. Survivor! Yes! I agree with all you say and I also question the whole poop in the water thing! That gal I was avoiding phoning, “Cuz”, she fosters dogs, and that’s awesome, but don’t let them go in the water before they do the business every reasonable person knows they need to do! He poops, I hold back my vomit and say “you have to pick that up”. “It’s in the lake” she says. “Yep. And you and I go swimming in the lake so get your dog’s poo out of the lake and start paying attention to him after meals!!!” It’s not rocket science. I have no tolerance for that. I actually started an ordinance that I had to back out of, no pets in the water, but she’s the only masshole who doesn’t pay attention to what she’s caring for. Maybe you don’t mind swimming in poo ‘Cuz, but all of us do! If you’re gonna foster a dog WALK IT!! And if you’re on Survivor, poo in a hole in the woods like everyone else!!! No tolerance for that, none.

          430. Truth be told, I don’t have great skin, never have.
            As a teen and young adult I had acne (odd that I never see kids with acne anymore… “They” must have come up with some sort of cure for pimples?) Not super bad acne, but enough to make me self-conscious.
            In retrospect, I attribute the acne to my fussy eating/bad diet,
            That acne may have kept my skin oily, younger looking–I do look younger than my years– but I have “large pores”, esp on my nose. Not craters, but enough that whenever I have to get dressed up I put on foundation + powder. As long as you guys stay 5/6 feet from me, my skin looks fine. My skin used to be my biggest beauty concern. Now, I don’t really care. My current beauty concern is my “turkey neck.”
            I wonder if they are given toilet paper on Survivor?
            That is something you might want to ask Probst, although I doubt he will reveal.
            I could do the ground squatting, butt exposed to mosquitos, but what if you chose some leaves to wipe with that were irritating to the skin?
            I imagine they are provided with TP, as well as tampax/pads, stuff like that.
            And then what about all the young guys who are used to master batting at least 1X per day? Are they able to just give that up, and what effect does it have on them?
            Or do they disappear deep into nature, and then everyone imagines they are searching for the idol? Or maybe they do it in the Ocean?
            I’m going to ask Seymour what he thinks they do.

          431. Welcome back to your billionth account. Grandkids visiting? Had to delete the trash you were talking?

          432. Is there a problem with cleaning the slate and starting over? I thought you would be happy that I was getting rid of all the Cosby is a rapist comments.

          433. Is there a problem with your comments? I can see why someone might start over if they didn’t want people to really see who they really are. Are you ashamed of your posts?

          434. His and hers matching robes, a paper at the door in the morning, the bed turned down at night with complimentary chocolates. Sally is a marvelous host.

          435. Here’a to blowing you mind. The on qet guest towols the ge of the amenities of toiletries, cable TV, a reading chair, book, alarm clock and desk. It’s lose things that someone a good hosts.

          436. There you go invoking my name. LOL! There you go listening to a know nothing internet studsnt troubled bounderyless woman.

            Turnabout is fair play oxy. You get what you shovel out. You’re small people who are narcissists that believe you know better than the experts.

          437. So you agree with oxy that you’re the queen of shill mountain and that you owe her? It’s not a compliment.

          438. She’s got some splaining to do too.

            Re: Edmonton Canadian Terrorist Attack
            Canada has only itself to blame because of their history of imperialistic behavior in the ME, Asia and Africa, wait, what? Well that is what people say when the U.S or U.K. are attacked so it must be true in Canada as well. I have no doubt trump is saying that’s what stupid Canadians get when they accept refugees.

            How did Canadians not see the refugee terrorist coming with an ISIS flag on his car and;

            where the heck does a terrorist purchase an ISIS flag in Canada, Walmart?

          439. I’m on top of the news, and we have far more serious things to worry about than Canadian attitudes about Americans.

          440. No, you’re not on top of the news much less understand the importance of it. Canadian’s attitudes matter because they’re over our border wherein there was a terrorist attack under the ISIS flag. The ability for refugees to have ISIS flags across the our borders must be confronted. Canadian attitudes are so important that we are there now working on the matter.

          441. What an odd “look over there” given what just happened in Vegas. I’d like to know of any country that hasn’t faced something nationally heartbreaking. I’m all for discussing other things in times like this, but “which country has worse crazies” is a bit desperate!

          442. Sally didn’t know about Las Vegas when he posted this crap. Now, he’s having his usual meal of crow. LOL
            I received three posts in a row for my short repose to his original BS.

          443. Yeah I’ve been getting quite a few too, none too pleased with who I choose to associate with or the way we joke with each other. Oh well, he doesn’t have to join in if he doesn’t like it!

          444. Sally is a relentless nut case. Seven posts to two of mine and the guy doesn’t get that I don’t give an eff what he has to say. You don’t actually want him to join in do you. See him dissing Storm and his parents and their lives.

          445. He’s tipping at windmills, needs conflict for some reason. Probably can’t fight his real demons (neurological problem like he mentioned before? Early Alzheimer’s?) so he creates a crazy stage for his pretend drama. Even when he’s trying to be kind it’s conditional upon him having control. Weird.

          446. You ingrate queen of shills. I’m not the one who tried to control you. She’ll give you more after you forget dimwit. I need conflict. Explain why you got involved in other people’s conflict while I’m only interested in the legal aspects.

            What you are is confronted ahola.

          447. Do I ago after his wife, no. Do I care about what he’s doing, no. Do I care about due process, yes. Do I care about fair play, yes. This isn’t a self-pity party that you, KD, Oxy PT and junkie play.

          448. You don’t get smarter by mimicking someone who isn’t smart and using what they called you. You’re not very bright.

          449. I’ll give you that Craig isn’t very smart (sounds like you missed how this all started a couple years ago), but finding humour in someone’s attempted insult is certainly healthier getting all fibbles over it. Some people enjoy lighthearted teasing with people they like. Maybe you should avoid reading us if you don’t?

          450. Maybe you should leave the newsvine and find a more suitable place for your garbage. What’ you post reveals somethine about yourself and people go beyond that by bullhorn your person business to the public.

            Where I come from it’s the norm. The lifestyle is chosen. Only people like yourselves would think, in your works, something to “tease about”. The only people who do that are those that don’t know or have experience in different chosen lifestyles.

            Therefore, I laugh at your ignorance.

          451. I posted it before Las Vegas dumarse. Improve your reading comprehension For over have a century you Canadians have accused American’s of causing terrorism against us; blaming the victim. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander mother-f-er.

            Edmonton attack suspect had ‘genocidal beliefs,’ says former co-worker who reported him to police
            ‘He had major issues with polytheists. He said they need to die’
            CBC News Posted: Oct 01, 2017 10:18 PM MT Last Updated: Oct 02, 2017 9:37 AM MT

            Heavily armed police tactical officers approaching the apartment building afternoon that was home to Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, the man CBC has identified as being the suspect in Saturday’s attacks in Edmonton.
            Heavily armed police tactical officers approaching the apartment building afternoon that was home to Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, the man CBC has identified as being the suspect in Saturday’s attacks in Edmonton. (Travis McEwan/CBC)







            Related Stories

            Questions surround Edmonton ‘acts of terrorism’: security expert
            Edmonton police investigate ‘acts of terrorism’ after officer stabbed, pedestrians run down
            Hundreds attend vigil for victims of suspected Edmonton terror attacks
            A former co-worker of the Somali refugee CBC News has identified as the man arrested in a weekend attack in Edmonton says Abdulahi Hasan Sharif was an ISIS sympathizer years before Saturday’s violent events, and that he had reported him to police.

            Terrorism charges are pending against the suspect, who is in custody. Police haven’t released Sharif’s name, but multiple sources have identified him to CBC.

            Sharif’s former co-worker, who didn’t want to be identified out of concern for his safety, said: “He would rant.

            “It was very incoherent. He would just bounce from idea to idea, tangent to tangent, just about what he believed in and he definitely had genocidal beliefs, you could say.

            “He had major issues with polytheists. He said they need to die. That sort of thing. I only had a handful of conversations with him about it; those only occurred when there were just two of us in the work room.”

            ​’We will not be divided’: Hundreds show support for victims of suspected terrorist attack
            Terrorism charges pending in Edmonton attacks
            Edmonton police investigate ‘acts of terrorism’ after officer stabbed, pedestrians run down
            Around 8:15 p.m. local time Saturday near Commonwealth Stadium, an Edmonton officer was struck by a Chevrolet Malibu while working crowd control for a CFL game.

            Const. Mike Chernyk, standing behind a barricade when he was hit, was sent flying into the air. A man got out of the Malibu and attacked Chernyk with a knife before fleeing on foot.

            More than three hours later, a white U-Haul van was pulled over at a checkstop on the city’s north side. A police officer recognized the driver’s name as similar to the name of the registered owner of the car that had struck the officer earlier.

            The U-Haul then sped off toward downtown Edmonton, where streets were filled with Saturday night bar crowds and football fans. Pursued by police, the van struck and injured four pedestrians.

            The van tipped over on its side and a suspect was arrested at the scene.

            The officer, who sufffered stab wounds to his head and face, has been released from hospital.

            One person who was listed in critical condition has been upgraded to stable. Two others have been released from hospital. The fourth victim suffered a fractured skull but has regained consciousness, police said.

            Edmonton attack
            The suspect remains in custody, and terror charges are pending, police said. (CBC)

            Edmonton police Chief Rod Knecht confirmed a black ISIS flag was seized from a car where the police officer was attacked.

            RCMP said Sunday a 30-year-old Somali refugee was interviewed by the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) in 2015.

            But there was “insufficient evidence” to make an arrest and the suspect was deemed “not a threat.”

            Suspect ‘strange,’ says former co-worker

            The former co-worker said he immediately recognized Sharif’s name when it began to circulate in the news media.

            He worked with a “very strange” Sharif at a construction site in the summer of 2015, he said.

            The co-worker said Sharif would play broadcasts in Arabic while they worked at the construction site.

            When Sharif started talking to him about his hatred of Shia Muslims and support for well-known leaders of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the co-worker decided he needed to do something, he said.

            He said he reported Sharif to Edmonton police, who passed him onto the RCMP. He was later interviewed by RCMP at K Division headquarters near downtown Edmonton, he said.

            “They definitely didn’t laugh it off … they took it very seriously and very professionally,” he said.

            Sharif kept a low profile in the city’s Somali community.

            CBC News conducted numerous interviews with members of Edmonton’s Somali and broader Muslim communities, but no one appeared to know Sharif.

            The 30-year-old’s name triggered no recognition, but Saturday’s violence was unanimously condemned.

            “This individual has no place in our community,” Ahmed (Knowmadic) Ali wrote in a statement Sunday on behalf of the Edmonton Somali community.

            “We are your neighbours, co-workers and police officers and we stand strongly beside you in condemning this violence and mourning its effect on the community.”

            Tactical officers check suspect’s apartment

            While religious and cultural organizations on Sunday condemned the actions of a man they didn’t know, a dozen heavily armed tactical-unit officers used battering rams to enter the rear of an apartment building at 113th Avenue and 117th Street. It’s believed Sharif lived in one of the building’s suites.

            A resident told CBC News that police showed him a picture of a man and that he recognized him as someone he had seen around the building. He didn’t know if it was a picture of Sharif.

            The officers left about 45 minutes later. Police did not evacuate the building while conducting the search.

            Police are expected to provide another update on the case on Monday.”

            WTF! Canada law enforcement knew for over 2 years that terrorist refugee was an ISIS sympathizer.

            That’s why we’re in Canada now because you Canadians aren’t properly vetting refugees,

            Your little lord Fauntleroy needs to keep out of US labor laws he knows nothing about and concentrate on vetting refugees properly and learn about indoctrination.

            We haven’t we haven’t had a foreign national terrorist attack since 911 because we went to war.

          452. What do you think I said. Sally didn’t know about Vegas. Minor things like this happen in Canada because terrorists don’t like the western world.
            Now beat it you p r i c k. I don’t read your rants past one or two lines.

          453. Shove it up your arse you worthless Canadian. There are different time zones Ahole. You need to be confined to a cabin in the middle of nowhere you bottomless pit of whining and complaining. You’ve lost your ability to read past 2 or 3 lines slow wit.

          454. Feeling down today. I’m so weary of these shootings.
            I won’t even watch the coverage because all it talks about is this brave person who did that in order to help another, ignoring the elephant in the room. (“He ran into the street to pull a little girl to safety among a barrage of bullets!! With no thought for his own–“)
            When I was growing up we saw many leaders and important people murdered by guns over a short period of time. President Kennedy, his brother Robert, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John Lennon. I can’t remember them all. I think perhaps because of that the public was more open to gun control legislation. It felt like the country was falling apart. There was the Brady bill after Reagan was shot. Diane Feinstein managed to get an assault weapon ban in the early 90’s for awhile. But these days, no way. The NRA is so powerful, backed by–imo, idiots. (Sorry, I know that will get me booted from the VFA again, but too bad.) First graders can be slaughtered in their classroom, and the Republicans refuse to even pass basic background checks? (Shame on you Kelly Ayotte. You knew what you were doing, you coward. ) The reason I think these people are idiots is because all they worry about is their 2nd amendment rights being potentially taken away, which will never happen because it would take a 2/3 vote of Congress. What about my right to go to the movies and not be mowed down by some psycho with 50 guns in his house?

          455. It is numbing. There’s a lot we can do without changing the 2nd amendment. Getting real with what’s going on would be a good start – we’re not living in the 1700s anymore.

          456. Well, yeah, but you will never be able to explain that to “them”.
            50 years ago you were either a Jane Fonda or a John Wayne. No middle ground. Now there is an equal divide, except that the Jane Fonda’s had to move towards the center, while the John Waynes moved to the right.
            Another issue that disgusts me with the John Waynes–besides gun control–is Black Lives Matter. This is a very legitimate group–black people ARE murdered by bad cops with no price to pay/cover-ups. BLM is a peaceful informative group. But the John Wayne’s label them as extremist troublemakers, people who want to bring down the police. The black people must have been acting up, causing trouble, they got what they deserved. They can’t see what is right in front of their eyes in countless videos because they are racist, whether they know it or not.
            Do not read my posts right now. I am in a tizzy because of the latest mass shooting. Brings out my disgust with the John Waynes. The same people I ran into 50 years ago, except now most of them are younger than I. Same stupid ignorance though.

          457. I figured today was impacting you, but I was off on how. I wish we could talk about it together but you’re right, it’s not a good idea because of where it leads. I’m giving you an extra big hug and I’m thinking about you even if we don’t talk for a bit. You’re good people Oxy.

          458. Incorrect. The Constitution can only be amended when three-fourths of the States (38 of 50 States) ratify ratify it. Congress has not authority to amend the US constitution.

          459. Yes, I know the “good” reasons, Sally.
            The citizens need arms in case the government or a foreign power tries to take over, blah blah blah.
            But knowing it won’t be repealed, I would like some protection against crazy people.

          460. Then fight for mental health treatment and against stigma. It’s a dangerous world.

            “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

          461. Fight for mental health treatment?
            The Repubs don’t want to pay one penny more in taxes unless it is for military. They don’t want to pay for education, they don’t care about the environment. Mental Health?
            And who is to say the mentally ill people will seek out the help, if available?
            I would prefer to make it more difficult for them to get the guns.
            I’ll give up my liberty to own an assault weapon in exchange for not being mowed down by one.
            Why does an ordinary citizen need an assault weapon?

          462. “No one cares what you believe because you’re worthless. Who died and
            left you god? You have delusions of omniscience. You know nothing.
            You’re just wasting space on the planet.”

            Sally to Storm earlier above part of post. Sally has it right about fighting for mental health treatment. Start with getting Sally treatment. LOL

          463. Exactly.
            Except that Sally would not go for treatment because he does not realize he has a problem. (Do you think he is bipolar? I kind of do…)
            I am fine with paying more taxes to have the treatment available, but what do you do when the mentally ill won’t go?
            I’d rather make it very hard for them to get guns.
            I am on a rampage/rant tonight.
            So upset about the latest massacre and all the bone-head idiots in this country, starting with Trump.
            Hope I don’t drive Jessie away again.
            Storm is an amazingly calm voice of reason, who is able to state complicated things very succinctly. I truly believe AC’s prosecution team should hire him as a consultant.

          464. Bipolar and delusional. Or just an extreme a$$hole might be more like it.
            Is there not a database that tracks who is building an arsenal?
            Speaking of oldtimers, I’m watching “Our Souls At Night” 2017.
            Redford and Jane Fonda.

          465. Dementia runs in your family not mine. It’s a psychiatric illness. Only a moron would believe junkie.

          466. LOL! Who cares. You’re not everyone in any case. People lurk and read my posts. At present I’m making people laugh with just one post. To avoid you people they wait months then then let me know they approve. You people think you’re the only people in the world. You’re in the school yard. You’re false accusers, you’ve decomped to behaving like children, you’re having pity parties, you whine and complain, and you don’t know much about what you should know. You’re petty and small minded. What’s amusing is you all talk tough but the moment you’re confronted you’re about to have a stroke. Cognitive dissonance. If you don’t like it find disqus club for stupid people where the moderator is just like you.

          467. We don’t think we are the only people in the world.
            We simply enjoy hanging out together, instead of with a-holas like you.
            Nobody lurks and reads your posts because you are on private, although I admit I read every one of your posts I am able to see because of the “Sallyisms”.
            As much as an a-hola as you are, you are so effing funny, Sally.
            That is why I don’t block you. I never know what crazy bat shiot thing you will come up with next.
            Once again: if you find us stupid, why are you reading our posts? Makes no sense. I maintain that “we” are the only people who will respond to you, and that is why you read and insult us.

          468. Sure you do. And you’re a dumfuk for not understanding what lurking entails. You don’t have to sign in to read the newsvine because its public. Lurking entails reading the newsvine without posting.

            Why are on a Cosby newsvine behaving childishly?

            I’m amused at how you all have a breakdown when anyone mirrors you. You can dish it out but you can’t take.

            There you go narcissist thinking you’re the only people who responds to me. You’re not. You don’t fit in with the witty knowledgeable sophisticated people.

            As to your last question; asked and answered.

          469. cruel, irritable, aggressive, initiates fights just right off the top. constantly belittling others, lies often, shows no remorse. People with these characteristics many times are the very ones who mistreat/assault/rape women. Who are the ones who would be drawn to defend a serial rapist and enjoy being cruel to those who support victims? He is an extremely sick individual. He lies about being an attorney, and prob. that he is a widow. No woman would be attracted to this type of man long term. The momentary pleasure of seeing the freak expose himself on here isn’t worth it. He needs to be deprived of attention, blocked. He doesn’t need the pleasure it brings him when he berates you, trying his best to locate his tiny peen between the rolls of blubber. Thanks, Oxy, I try

          470. You are absolutely right, Ash.
            Could not have been better stated.
            None of us should respond to him.
            I think what I will do, because I do enjoy the wacky “Sallyisms”, is rather than block him, I will simply not respond.
            He just wrote me a long one, and I will not respond to the FOS POS.
            No more responding to Sally Sue for me!

          471. How long are you gonna be private? I’m slightly (highly) irritated with it! I don’t like being private but I have to wait on a fix for my disqus stalker problem and it may never happen! I may end up having to let the creep follow me or delete him 97 times a day (literal count in a 24 hour time period). I’m giving 2 more days before I give up. So what’s your story? Lol.

          472. Time to mix it up with these asses. Just like Storm did. They live in our comments. Adumb has gone over the edge on making threats and telling posters what they can do.
            I got sick of him and Sally so I made it harder for them to track me.

          473. You can’t use anyone’s lack of action as an excuse for your lack of action. Are there only “repubs” in your state? Eliminate the stigma and they’ll seek help. There’s no stigma against the elderly with dementia/Alzheimer that are both psychiatric disorders and they can be violent. You also have to have been already diagnosed with a particular mental illness before denying guns (law). States can ban assault weapons. Congress can ban assault weapons. You cannot however ban cars; a weapon increasingly being used. No state can place barriers against purchasing guns.

            The federal government does in fact subsidize education. What you mean is that the federal government should pay for tuition for higher education. Have you any idea what our deficit is since George W and took us into a outspent the surplus and took us into a recession?