Racist firefighter says 1 dog is ‘more important than 1 million n—s’

Racist firefighter says 1 dog is ‘more important than 1 million n—s’
photo: Tyler Roysdon Facebook

A racist firefighter is no longer employed after making racist comments. According to reports by WHIO, the incident involved a volunteer firefighter from Franklin Township, Ohio named Tyler Roysdon.

Roysdon engaged in a Facebook discussion about race when he revealed why he was incapable of doing his job. When discussing how he would handle a situation where a Black man and his dog needed to be saved from a fire, Roysdon said he would save the dog first and take his time while going back to get the Black man. On the post, Roysdon also wrote, “one dog is more important than a million n—s.”

Police Chief Steve Bishop discovered the post and comment and told Roysdon to remove it from social media. Roysdon eventually deleted the comment, but it was soon discovered that there were other racist images on his Facebook page including memes of Confederate flags.

Roysdon was initially suspended for his comments. His wife, Joei Roysdon, said he deserved a second chance and everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, opinions can be put into action and Tyler gave a scenario where his actions would be determined by race. His words revealed why he should never be allowed to work as a firefighter again. His racist beliefs would have prevented him from doing his job when it comes to helping Blacks and other minorities. A firefighter must put his/her life on the line to help and assist others who are in danger. It’s impossible to help others when you lack empathy for another race and have hateful views.

Officials at the Warren County township were set to vote if Roysdon would be terminated on Sept. 27. But the committee will accept his letter of resignation at the meeting and he will be officially removed at that time.

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