Floyd Mayweather makes himself at home in new $26M ‘Beverly Hills castle’

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Floyd Mayweather is “relaxing in the 90210.”

Livin' life in Beverly Hills.

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The undefeated boxing champion, 40, shared a series of videos via Instagram, flaunting his Beverly Hills “castle,” priced at a cool $26M. According to the photos, the crib is complete with a rather large wine cellar, snack bar, a massive 50-seat home theater and a home gym decked out with “3 flat screen TVs, a state of the art sauna /steam-room/ shower, a bike, and a treadmill,” the boxer shared via social media.

The grass ain't greener on the other side. #Beverly Hills #90210 #TBE #TMT

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Outside, Mayweather and his guests can lounge by the pool (or hot tub) underneath a cabana. “The grass ain’t greener on the other side. #Beverly Hills#90210#TBE#TMT.” he penned alongside a snap showcasing his poolside setup.

Mayweather, who won the highly-anticipated boxing match against MMA champion Conor McGregor in August, also laid his championship belts out for display, along with two Emmy awards visible to the far right behind him.


For a closer inside look at Mayweather’s chic new “palace,” check out the gallery below.

R. Hawkins
R. Hawkins

Humble with a hint of Muhammad Ali...

  1. im not sure bout this kind of wealthy all he did is knock out a lil guy hulk hoggin could have smashed them both, i dont get it , why do they give them so much money? anyway football players start with just 3 million while he get 200million or more ? sports is weird , YOU SEE how broke HOLLIFIELD IS NOW . AND TYSON . they both doing corney jobs to keep bills paid , i love mayweather hes a dedicated to the game type cool , type fun type guy . . but does he go to church and thank god he doing good? does he donate to any school or poor organizations food banks etc? or does he flaunt his money kind of remind me of jack johnson .THE FIRST BLACK CHAMP IN THE 1930 s he beat eveybody he fought .. tall dark and powerful , first black heavy weight before jo louis ,mohammad ali any of them JACK JOHNSON . there is a documentary on him call UNFORGIVEABLE BLACKNESS its so good .. it tells how he only dated whte women in a day when a brother couldnt even look at white girls without a lynching .. he defyed the white man laws , and had a white wife and withe girlfriend .. he was arrest on a bogus charge they made a new law that a black man couldnt sleep with a white woman unless married . so he was jailed for 3 years losing everything , he came out prison fought won his championship back .. but at age 40 he was too old to keep fighting he retired , his white wife whom he beat , so bad she left him moved out of state .. by then blacks and whites had turned on him . for marrying white .. .he is from galveston texas born . 1921 his family was small a mom and siter , when he won he bought his moma a nice home in a time blacks owned nothing .. he wore fox fur coats and expensive suites he was a trip … blacks could not see any his fights or face killings … he lived in hotels never bought a home . he said he didnt love white women he love pissing off white men more . he was a man our men today should be proud and do what you want in life . not let whites dictate who you are . his family was slaves .. he was never a slave . nor slave mind. he was intelligent . i really like this man go to YOU TUBE.
    THERE IS NO HONOR OR STATUE OR STREET DEDICATED TO HIM BECAUSE WHITES FEAR OTHER WHITES WOULD NOT COME THERE AS A VACATION SPOT IF A BLACK MAN WAS HONORED .. NO ONE EVEN BLACKS HONOR THIS MAN ….THAT IS WHY WE SO BEHIND ON HISTORY AND AS A PEOPLE WE WILL NEVER RISE ABOVE WHITES . we all act like a bunch of bafoon slaves this is why donald trump disrepecting our athletes cause 70 percent of NBA is black men he would not say anything about hocky team i bet you he wouldnt . BUT WE NEED TO HONOR JACK JOHNSON JAMES R JONES .. MADE A MOVIE CALLED THE GREAT WHITE HOPE .. this was about jack johnson…. american black need to honor this man , all teh other boxers get their honors accept him SHAME ON THE ESSPY AWARDS PEOPLE TOO . MADE UP OF WHITES WHO DARE TO TELL THIS STORY HOW A BLACK MEN HAD WHITE WOMEN ALL OVER HIM … but to me that was not the story , he was more then that, he took control of his life amazing brother … just simply amazing

    1. Haha you don’t need God to be rich unless you are a scam artist pastor. He makes 200 million bc people pay to see him and only him. He is his own boss where as the NFL owns the players rights and pays them because the are employees. The NFL makes billions. Tyson and holifield never were their own bosses like Floyd is that’s why they are broke

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