Azealia Banks and her brigade brighten Concord Music Hall in Chicago

Azealia Banks – (Photo Credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

Fresh off of her latest internet antics, Azealia Banks came to Concord Music Hall in Chicago to show her adoring fans some love. The show opened with Chicago rapper Ric Wilson, who made it clear that intolerance would not be a theme at his show. His show is about inclusion and having fun. He jumped around stage like a ball of energy and the audience joined in, even forming a soul train line during his set.

Azealia packed the house and her army of fans, the Kunt Brigade, came in all of their bright colored regalia ready to celebrate the return of their queen. Interestingly enough, the brash Banks that so many are used to via the internet was not present. The artist Azealia Banks came prepared to give a show. Banks is so overshadowed by what she does on the interwebs that it is easily forgotten that she is a talented singer with a powerful voice and has bars to match.

Banks closed the show with her hit “212” and the Brigade was elated.

Check out a few pics from the show in the gallery.

Eddy "Precise" Lamarre
Eddy "Precise" Lamarre

Eddy Lamarre aka Precise is a father, emcee, motivational speaker, blogger and performing artist. Follow his blog at

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