Khloe Khardashian’s Good American ad via Instagram – @revolttv

Personally, I have been over the Kardashians for quite some time now.  Their “paper thin” cover for adoration for all things Black culture-related is in all honesty cultural appropriation at its finest. The entire Kardashian klan has discovered a way to use Black culture to its advantage by aligning themselves with the trendsetters in black culture and positioning themselves as the “ultimate.” They date Black men, they wear Black hairstyles and use hip-hop culture as their playground. They have realized that African Americans are loyal consumers and they have reaped the benefits from appealing to that market. There is nothing wrong with any of this on paper, in fact it speaks to the business savvy of Kris Jenner and at this point the rest of the Kardashian brood, however, this new image with Khloe Kardashian standing over an androgynous looking model who kneels at her feet adoringly has pushed the boundaries.

Last year, there was outrage when Kendall and Kylie Jenner (the little sisters to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney) superimposed their images on faces of rock and hip-hop legends for a line of T-shirts. Although people spoke out against it and social media gave them a hard time, there wasn’t any real fallout. The Kardashians are known for capitalizing on pop culture trends that are associated with African American culture, however, instead of acknowledging their admiration and or respect for the culture, the Kardashians instead seek to take the credit as the originators because of their immense popularity, much of which has been gained because of their  association with African American celebrities, athletes and influencers.

In addition to their brash approach to African American culture, the Kardashians are repeat offenders of disrespectful situations. Kylie was involved in a Pepsi commercial that trivialized imagery from the Black Lives Matter movement. Social media dragged both Pepsi and Kylie Jenner for their participation in the ad, which resulted in Pepsi apologizing and pulling the ad.

Being associated with numerous rappers, strippers and Black Hollywood A-listers has undoubtedly worked to establish the Kardashian brand, so to see Khloe standing over this Black model is beyond disrespectful. It would be nice to suggest that race doesn’t play a factor in any of this and that the picture is just a coincidence but that’s not the world that we live in. To see a privileged White woman standing over a Black model with piercings is a distinct sign that the artistic director, photographer and those involved in the imagery must take responsibility for. This image suggests the subject kneeling is inferior and the one standing is superior and is very irresponsible, especially in this political climate.

Whether or not this ad will be pulled remains to be seen, but what we do know is that the Kardashians have been warned numerous times about insensitive actions toward minorities. Perhaps they need a class on racial diversity and how to respect other cultures, etc.

Christal Jordan

The principal behind Enchanted Branding & PR, a premier entertainment agency based in Atlanta. She also is a media trainer/ consultant and pop culture analyst. Self-proclaimed feminist and equestrian-in-training. You can see more of Christal on her website

  • Gail Jackson-Chapman

    The Kardashian make my ass itch

  • Tipper3

    No self respecting African-American would worship at the feet of a Kardashian…I find this extremely offensive.

    • AndreaIFelder

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  • britishrose

    and your right , they only date black men to make a statement of i dont give a sh…t and people gravitate to people who have a public platform but do what they want , white people particularly white women love them , because they represent change. and show that they too will date a black man . i have a white friend who all of a sudden started dating black men ,, when her preference was always white , she told me that she told me watching empire made want a black man.. and she never considered it because of peer pressure from the white men in her family and circle . and she didnt know if they would accept a black man with her . but she said she dont care if they do .. cause if she gotta do without them she will ., power of the penis lol… and this is what white men dread … that white chicks will start chooseing black men instead of them .. . imagine losing your wife to a black man!~!! lol unthinkable. for them

  • britishrose

    that is one think i like about the kardashians they got guts , and if they werent play ing by their own rules due to their money they would also not date black ,, it becomes a safety issue as well , people with mix kids fear all the time when their kids are late coming home. or if they will be liked in school. or out casted , its a lot of fear and worry , when you know your neigbor could be a racist , and your kids gotta play with their kids . or your kids teacher is racist , or anyone , , racism is a disease of the mind .

  • Kimberly

    The Kardashian’s are Armenian and that’s not white! They are not prejudiced because they have black children in their family and I don’t feel any disrespect from them at all! We as black people need not be so sensitive about certain issues! Let’s try and change our thinking and just be the human race for a change. Love you!!!!