Kijuana Nige (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Kijuana Nige says she once dated Chris Foerster, the Miami Dolphins offensive line coach, who has a scandalous 56-second video circulating around Facebook. Twitter and other social sites. A source tells a reporter for Cover 32 that the video was taken inside the Dolphins’ offices.

In the clip, he says, “It’ll be a while before we can do this again. Because I know you have to keep that baby. But I think about you when I do it. I think about how much I miss you. How we got high together, how much fun it was … I wish I was licking this off your p****.”

Nige is reportedly a 33-year-old model who is a native of Kansas City, Missouri and presently a North Las Vegas, Nevada resident.

An entertainer at Most Wanted Entertainment, she writes on Facebook: “I really don’t do this often but… since it’s NFL Sunday let’s talk about these coaches folks.

“Those are his habits and he recorded himself and sent it to me professing his love.”

The NFL coach’s wife is Michelle Massey Foerster. They’ve reportedly been married since 1985 and have three children together.

Kijuana Nige Facebook 3

Kijuana Nige (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Kijuana Nige Facebook

Kijuana Nige (Photo Credit: Facebook)

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  • Jacqueline Perkins

    Why ?😕

    • SpiceGirl

      that’s what I want to know….

    • GabeM69

      he didn’t duke her enough money. Shes a whore

      • Joyce Thompson

        He is too

      • mamidearest50

        She’s a man with a sex change. I bet you that used to be a boy. I’m not judging but my point is how men are so greedy they jump on anything and any kind of woman with out giving a second thought.

  • Ariell Kaulitz

    Wifey won’t be happy, Stupid man, he and his wife have 3 kids, found Mrs. Foerster here

  • sirpatrick

    Lay down with dogs….end up with fleas.

    • daniellejudith

      Do we have the same mother?😂😂😂

    • Martin Hutchison

      Chlamydia. And an expensive divorce.

    • Joyce Thompson

      Yes and she got a dog and fleas he’s the dog,who cheated on his wife

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  • GabeM69

    Cant a man just get laid without all this bullshit? What’s happening to our world?

    • Martin Hutchison

      Not as long as so many women consider slut-fame a career move. Worked for Kim Kardashian.

    • Joyce Thompson

      Not a married one

      • Ben

        Says the dirtball I’m sure was saying it’s no one else’s buisiness when Billybob Clinton did the same thing!

    • Public_Programming

      Should of thought about this before his dumb ass got married and decided to cheat.

      • mamidearest50

        She looks like a man like that chick Bill Maher was with. Sad anybody with an eye could see that was a man.but men are so greedy they’ll fk anybody without paying attention

  • Martin Hutchison

    Seriously, Trump got into trouble for saying if you are rich and famous some women will let you do anything. Of course, if you are rich and/or famous some women will destroy you with dishonesty and betrayal in order to get rich/famous/validated themselves. This coach is an example of an unethical code of conduct by the people in charge of the NFL. Coke and black hookers- don’t these guys show up on normal people’s radar as creepy and fast and loose with the rules?

    • Public_Programming

      Ha- if anything Trump won you and the rest of the deplorables over for saying that dumb ish.. This coach is like any other white male with money who loves women of color and exploiting black men. This is the true America.

      • Jason

        AMEN AMEN

    • William Long

      Black whores? Really?

      • Alton Jones

        Lol a Russian whore for the first lady now this!

  • Mr Good Taste

    WHY did the writer of this article write “Black side chick?” If she was WHITE, would the writer had written “White side chick?” We see the photos of her included in the article, so we CLEARLY see her race. “Black” was written in the title as a SALACIOUS PUT DOWN of the mistress. Despicable writer!!!!

    • josh simmons

      Or just facts

    • Public_Programming

      There’s no put down about calling her black. He’s white so using the word “black” gets more attention quickly since people seem to think for some stupid reason that white men and black women don’t hook up.

    • Milinda Jenkins

      you are right they always put race in everything. they are all sleazes and looking for easy money. just laying with anything that has 2 holes between their legs and 2 humps on their chest. what is the purpose of marriage if you gonna do all this foolishness. you cant tell me the wife didn’t know he was getting high

  • LaWanda Perkins Johnson

    This is hilarious. So she is a whore and what is he? A coke-snorting adulterer he performs oral sex on whores and goes home and kisses his sweet wife. Wow, seems like he really does need help, huh?

    • Jason

      Exactly. You meant oral sex while licking cocaine off her cooch.

  • Likewaterforchoc

    Just as the Dolphins are invoking a rule mandating that all players stand for the anthem and if not, they would have to stay on the locker room. Glad to see their priorities are in order. Expose em’, sis. Doing the work of the Lawd on this day.

    • Dallas

      How can she be doing the work of the Lord and doing devilish sh!t herself?

      • Likewaterforchoc

        Lol! It’s an expression. I take it you are not fluent in sarcasm?

  • nastinupe

    Men need to start realizing that we need to cut these women off. Learn from the first story in the Bible. They aren’t worth our downfall. Let them go. If we remove sex from the equation they have no power over us. Stop giving these worthless chicks all of this power over our lives.

    • Likewaterforchoc

      Been happening since the “Bible” and it will continue. She is not the only one who is “worthless.” He has “chosen” to serve his lower self. He recorded this himself. Water seeks its own level.

      • nastinupe

        I disagree. The only place where they are equal is when it comes to their sexual interaction. Him having sex doesn’t dictate his value and take away his value, however, he’s the one that actually has something to lose, she doesn’t. Which is why he has value and she doesn’t.

        One thing I learned is to never deal with folks on any level that have less to lose than you.

        Society wants to put these whores on the same level as everyone else… but at the end of the day they are just whores. They are worthless and the gutter of society. Now that the internet has given them a voice and a presence all they are doing is dragging everyone that they seduce down into the gutter with them and along with that they are causing society to devalue the men caught up in their mess.

        Thank God MLK didn’t live during these times. I’m pretty sure that he would have gotten caught up as well, been exposed and been ostracized by the black community and never been able to accomplish what he did.

        You truly don’t see how this is destroying our community and our male leaders. Keep taking the side of these whores and see where it gets us. Misery loves company and they are all miserable.

        • Jason

          Agreed. Men who can keep sex out of the equation are able to make big moves .

  • Dallas

    This dumb B!%@h done cashed her last check and made herself a target. Silly heffer.

  • MistaO

    While I seriously detest whores…I do find it funny how most “media” left out what she says is the reason she released this. 🤔 She was drawing a parallel between how Black men are treated in the NFL and what happens with white malezs whem they screw up.

    • Likewaterforchoc

      This! Someone who gets it! Someone who sees the biggest pictures. The Dolphins organization just released a statement that it would be mandatory for players to stand for the anthem. While they are wrapping themselves in the flag, they have coaching staff bumping rails in their building. And to add insult, he is not fired, he resigns!

  • Pamela

    I hope she got paid enough, (she is hooker)
    I hope his wife take every penny he got and will ever he might get……in the furure

    Why do these dogs cheat first, why do these stank chicks have to let everyone know they are hookers……

  • Jason

    Confused by the 2 pictures above. Is this the same woman? Now what is this about licking cocaine off her cooch…….

  • Thee BossLadi

    I find it amusing that none of YOU PEOPLE commented on the 2 articles about the WHITE coach. None of you had anything to say about his part in this story, yet you came on the article about the ‘black side chick’ to unleash your narrative. Hummmm….racist much???

  • Maia Totti

    Stupid man, he has a beautiful family, wife and three kids, found them here

  • Regina Parrish

    Why, is what I ask? They both were wrong. Him moreso because he is married. She is just what makes our black women look bad. What you do behind closed door could have stayed behind closed doors but, she is trying to get famous but, all she is going to get is remembered as the “Black Side Chick” and just for the record, if she was white. She would have been called a “MISTRESS!!!” Dumb [email protected]&’s!



  • Bell

    I think she intentionally set out from start to do what she did, why is she so concerned about Kapernick. Did this one Man alone fire him, no. What’s her point? That she knows all the Coach’s are not living by the rules they enforce. Well there’s alot more here than this triffling ass women getting more shame put on the black female as a women and her rootless path to destroy this man at his very root, I am a black female and it’s not right or fair what has happened or been happening. She seems to have a vendita of a sort to guide this unfortunate ugly situation to act like she has Kapernick and the black people interest, seems like she part of some sort of mission to uncover filth on this man, shes a dog bitch. Why would she reduce this man or any man in this manner. She thinks it’s going to get her some recognition and money, I wouldn’t lay my eyes on a demonic bitch like this. And they come in all size ans colors, she does not represent a real women of Morals or standards. She is quite repulsive in fact. I hope no one with a brain or sense puts any time in with this tramp.

  • mamidearest50

    She looks a man who had surgery . But men get caught up in this stuff because they don’t think. That’s a man with a sex change

  • Margo Mays

    he got what he ask for a hoodrat with crack power

  • jack braddell

    A hot bodied Linda Tripp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jack braddell

    In America being a tell all whore ranks just slightly below having real talent. (Kardashians) I guess we should be expecting a porn video to follow. Maybe Kris Jenner could help guide and market her career !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Power Broker

    Side chicks ain’t what they used to be… Lol