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Mike Ditka believes that Blacks in America have had it good for at least 100 years. The former coach of the Chicago Bears shared his ignorant and racist views during a radio interview with Jim Gray.

When asked about the national anthem controversy, Ditka, an avid Trump supporter, said, “I don’t see all the social injustice that some of these people see. There has been no oppression in that last 100 years that I know of. Now maybe I’m not watching it as carefully as other people.”

Ditka isn’t watching because the lives of Blacks just don’t matter unless they’re running or catching a ball. It was easy for Ditka to pay attention when NFL greats such as Walter Payton and Richard Dent were playing for him on the field. But he basically has chosen to ignore or dismiss racial injustices that have occurred in America since 1917.

Since 1917, here are some of the major brutalities that Blacks endured in this country. In 1919, over 230 Black sharecroppers were lynched in Arkansas by White racists; in 1920, Blacks in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the Black Wall Street district were lynched and bombed by White racists; more than 4K Blacks were lynched in the 20th century by White racists, according to the Department of Records and Research; Jim Crow laws and legal discrimination were still in effect until 1964; and currently the killings of unarmed Black men by police that continues today.

As stated in a previous rolling out article, Trump has created a war between White racists and Black athletes. The outcome is that racist people like Ditka believe that Blacks are not oppressed and players are simply disrespecting the flag.

A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

  • britishrose

    dont forget to add, ROSEWOOD florida 1952 160 or more blacks were killed with no true body count, when 70 white men stormed the small black town burning houses and killing many, buring the bodies and hiding dead bodies in the wood when the smoke cleared , emptying out the town , for 49 years black refuse to even talk about it , the governer of florida paid 4million to the survivors families , cause no one paid anything to the actual survivors whom all moved to other parts of florida ,and tried to recover, churches burned too. teen boys killed mistakene for adult , all this happen when a white womena claim to be rapped by a black man . .later admitting a white man attacked her . .. nobody was ever arrested for these crimes . .. but ditka said there was no oppression? since when >?> he may be smoking crack “: that is what they have taught their children,, and it has garnished a hateful evil behavior among white men . of all ages . like the old fool who shot up vegas , trust me he was a racist too… but may have changed in the last few years , he decided to take his anger out on his on race . and i believe he was just angry at the way whites think and dont take accountability .. but when traggedy hits home they all swear its a mistake . that could have easily been a black concert he shot up .. i would love to know why he choice a white audience to do that . .
    racism has caused all this hate . no matter who the target is ditka knows nothing but what trump has taught him .. i feel sorry for him , cause at his age he should know the facts about oppression , he shows he is just as dark and evil as trump… they cant wait to make blacks headline new again to take the light off 400 years of undocumented , unjustified , and unpunished crimes white men has bestowed up black americans , we are still american cause we built america you reap the benefits of my ancesters hard labor in hot fields hot kitchens and pig farms and dirt , so shut up and read your history man….

    • Mike Gee

      a black concert would have shot back…they know better, we stay strapped

  • BigDaddy Butta

    I loved him when he coached Da Bears. We all loved Coach Ditka here in Chicago. But now I’ve lost all respect for him. You couldn’t possibly be that ignorant not to have seen the social injustice that black people have endured during your life time at the very least.

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  • Mike Gee

    so this old bastard is the same age that willie lynch would be and hes playing stupid? Go die you old bat..its time for all old racists to die! #Goodbye