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Atlanta: Houston’s restaurant chain gets dragged for mistreating Blacks

If you don’t STAND for something you will FALL for anything. Period! Yesterday we set an example of what it looks like when we UNIFY. When we REMIND people how much POWER we possess and how OUR dollars keep this city’s establishments in business. . You have to TEACH people how to TREAT you. Disrespect, disregard and discrimination of ANY form will not be tolerated in this city! If you don’t understand the message SEEK the KNOWLEDGE! . . Super big thank you to my fam @troubleman31 for answering the call to action and always representing & standing up for the city! @debra4mizay @yandysmith @richforever @majorgirl @jennysdrake and everyone else who let their voice be heard yesterday and answered our call we salute you! My man @mrjaymorrison is a true leader and we will continue to lead by EXAMPLE. . . This is bigger than us! @houstonslenox never tried to contact any of us to apologize or speak about the issue like any other civilized business would have! Nor have they addressed any of the other COUNTLESS of tasteless occurrences that have taken place. We are not finished at all. #HoustonsWeStillHaveAProblem

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Celebrities T.I., Tiny, Rick Ross, Deb Antney, Yandy Smith and more have joined the movement.

“OK, so I’ve heard four different stories from four different sources about discrimination against us at two separate Houston’s Steakhouse locations in my city,”T.I. said in an initial post on Instagram. “Tomorrow we get answers. #HoustonsWeHaveAProblem.”

He also wrote, “This is nothing new. Just wanna show support to all the people who’ve ever felt profiled or discriminated against at this establishment.”

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