Pastor Billy Walker (Photo Source: World Fellowship Church website)

Pastor Billy Walker (Photo source: World Fellowship Church website)

A Mississippi mother caused a stir at church this past Sunday when she put the pastor on blast. The incident occurred at Word Fellowship Baptist Church in Prentiss, Mississippi. Pastor Billy Walker, who is married, was accused by the upset mom of carrying on a three-year affair with her daughter. When her daughter found out that Williams was also dating another woman at the church, things got nasty. Walker apparently called the police on the daughter when the two lovers got into a heated argument.

The outraged mom stood up in church during service and the video, which can be seen below was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. In the background, the married pastor can be heard reporting a disturbance at his church on a cellphone. His wife was at the service during the incident. Pastor Williams is then heard telling parishioners that “We are going to still have church this morning. Is that all right?”

Mo Barnes

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  • Chuck

    People should stop playing with Jesus. If you are going to be worldly, stay in the streets and leave that mess out of the church. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.

  • Jacey Hamilton

    Praise the Lord and pass the condoms…

  • Smell The Coffee

    Mama too damn late. She was alright with him fng her daughter for three years and now she’s upset because he’s d’ng another b*tch in the “ho house” supposed to be church? BS. All them need to quit playing and go somewhere, sit down and CTHU

  • Margo Mays

    It looks like the mama mad an the daughter is laughing somebody upset they not getting that money no mo! Shame on you pastor

  • beanie

    The devil’s in this church I always say that brimstone and damnation this man need to go to hell. Having a affair with a naive young lady

  • Kenyatta Smith

    Stay the hell out of church. More sin there then the streets😂😁☺😊

  • Eric Cummings

    A Mess😕

  • Glojean ShortStuff Flannagan

    What you do in the dark shall come to light!

  • Taiasha Reese

    Is it Pastor Williams or Walker?
    Many of your (R.O.) stories contain errors and repetition that make them seem less than credible. I offer editing services for $.05/word or $10/250 word article.

    • Georgia Starr

      Taiasha as we read, “Walker” “Williams” “Walker” and “Williams”, we were thinking the exact same thing!

  • Luci Lu

    Is this the way we dressing church!

  • Gary Nicotine

    God doesn’t exist. Now stop worrying and enjoy life.

    • Orlando coombs

      Wrong. God does exist. He’s proven it to me by answering prayers. Many of prayers have answered on my behalf that I’ve prayed to God about. God is real but the shenanigans these folks are going on with is not Godly at all. The mama should’ve raised her daughter up properly and taught her not to whore up herself around with a married man. I got no respect for any woman that does that. Nor do I respect for a man that entertains them type of behaviors. It is very inappropriate behavior.

  • Mason Youngblood

    …oh, so pastor we gon just act like nothing just happened huh and just go on with service..?

    • Mary Moore

      Holy!Holy! Holy!
      God is not blind.Repent ! And receive the holyghost.Repent to those womens.Make strate pass for your feets. Pastor know man perfect but you are wrong as two left shoes.This is why the world don’t Repect the Church.
      You need stand up like a man and tell those people’s that you fail from grace,and ask them to forgive you and step down until you get it right.Hell is real!

      • Mason Youngblood

        Amen to that sister