The Secret Society promotes ‘Sophisticated Sex,’ highlights G-spot and yoni

The Secret Society promotes 'Sophisticated Sex,' highlights G-spot and yoni
Asha and Christine, founders, La Societe Secrete (photo provided)

Asha and Christine are the founders of La Société Secrète (The Secret Society), LSS for short. Collectively, they have more than 40 years between them as businesswomen. Asha has more than 25 years in the health care, entertainment and fashion industry at a senior executive level. Christine has led several successful businesses in the fashion industry.

“This is a natural next step for us and we trust each other to do this together,” says Asha of LSS.

Here, Asha shares LSS’ mission and upcoming seminars and workshops.

What’s the name of your business and mission?
Our mission is to support sexual wellness for people of color through out the world via media, education, advocacy, outreach, products and services that are affirming, safe and community minded. “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby” through a lens of color.

Sex has been around forever, why aren’t we as a society more comfortable with it in the African American community?
Historically, as Africans brought to America, we have been sexualized through slavery. We don’t speak freely with each other about sex. That trauma is an indelible mark on our psyche and spirits. Sex is a taboo matter. LSS wants to create a forum to break free from that stigma so that we information share and have safe, fun sex.

Why is there so much shame and secrets around the topic of sex?
There is liberation in the act of sex, if you do it right. You can have a spiritual moment having sex. The covenant of sex is a divine thing. There is liberation and freedom in sex, but true freedom threatens, you gonna make me get really deep here. Sometimes freedom is equated with chaos by those who want to control. Freedom is not predictable, so order must be imposed. With sex, a tool of “order” is judgement, the tool of order is to debase that which actually frees us. It’s a control mechanism.

What are the benefits of having a healthy sex life?
Sex does the heart good, this is not just a sound bite, it really does. Research shows that if you have sex at least three times a week that you decrease your risk of a heart attack. Further research has shown that sex keeps you looking young with blood circulation encouraging skin cell renewal, as well as the release of hormones that are known to combat wrinkles. I am speaking from personal experience, but I have never slept so well than after a good session, but there are scientific studies that prove this as well.

Who are your workshops created for and why?
We want to work with women of color, because we are women of color and we are familiar with and have experienced the stigma that surrounds the topic of sex. Freedom comes through communication and we want to facilitate those conversations so that we can bring health, fun, and more sex back to our bedrooms. Once we get a handle on that we’d love to move into couples work, and eventually world domination!

What can someone expect to walk away with by attending one of your workshops?
Being enlightened, we touch upon all types of subject matter…masturbation, anal sex, using toys, watching porn solo or with your partner, making suggestions in the bedroom, role-play. Someone that attends our workshop will leave knowing more than she did when she came. If she decides to utilize any of the information it’s on her. She doesn’t have to, but at least she has it in her bag of tricks. You might not do a particular thing, but sister-girl next to you has and she can share a tip or two. We create a comfortable environment for attendees to have free, fun, frank dialogue about things that we are collectively doing, but don’t necessarily talk about. No judgements, probably some laughs, maybe some wine and what’s shared in the room, stays in the room.

At this point, it is clear that you are an expert in the area of sex. What is the most asked question from people who’ve crossed your path?
The questions really do vary, you’d be surprised what comes up, we’ve had women on the plus side of 50 ask where the “G-spot” is, or what is a yoni? That’s your womb and sacred space, just in case [you don’t know]. We plan to do a “Sophisticated Sex” session to embrace our wise women who are still having sex and are interested in injecting a little spice into their sex lives and to just talk out that fact that we don’t talk.

What have you found to be the most challenging thing about having a business that focuses on sex?
Challenges have been getting folk to have a comfort level to support what it is that we do. Even though it is 2017, a lot of people have a lot hangups when it comes to talking about what they like, what they are interested in and just sex in general. We are excited about breaking down the barriers.

How can people find out more about your business and workshops?
You can find us and our events at

Where would you like to see your business in the next five years?
We want to bring you cultural sex information from a global standpoint. There are so many intricacies when we get into geography, we want to explore that, and take you for the ride.

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